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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flamethrowing goodness here...

Thanks to the guys over at the We The Armed forums for getting this going here....

The Flamethrower...what's up with that? George?

I am sure it was kind of like that...

Anyway, in all the ways to get possibly messed up on the battlefield I think being burned alive has got to be at the top of the worst ways list. Being sprayed down with burning fuel just does not seem to be that fun to me any way you may look at it. Take a look here at its use in the Pacific in WW2 where it was sometimes vital in the removal of fanatic Japanese troops from fortifications that refused to surrender...and check out how far those tanks could throw flame!

I guess maybe "fun" is a relative term. Here FRSRussia has some fun with one...at least until he burns his hands and loses his eyebrows!

Admittedly, I never did see a flamethrower in the military. I did get to fire a Flash once. What's a Flash? A M202 Flash was a weapons system that was basically 4 66mm rockets packed together (same rockets used in the M72 LAW, different flavor) with White Phosphorus (AKA "WP" or "Willie Pete") used to set stuff on fire. WP is nasty stuff, it will burn immediately in the presence of oxygen and is very sticky...bits of burning material that get on you will burn right into you until plucked off or submerged in water, and once in you are toxic to boot. It produces a thick, white cloud of smoke and is also used in signaling and target marking.

It never saw much use outside of the movie Commando staring "The Governator" from what I have been able to research. Matter of fact, I think Commando may of been its high water mark.

I got to fire one as a reward for being my battalion's M47 Dragon Trainer. They ran out of live Dragons to fire so I got to shoot a Flash. Got to say, kind of underwhelming shooting firey rockets on a hot summer day in the blazing sun...I am sure at night they would of looked awesome!

Huh...whats a Dragon? Oh brother..here we go again...


Mad Ogre said...

OMG... the Dragon. Worst weapon the US Army ever had. It was the first MOS that I was assigned... 11BC2. Dragon Gunner. Sounded awesome. In fact, it was suicidal. After they killed the Dragons, my MOS was re-designated simply 11B.

Huey said...

I too carried a C2 for a while at the end of my MOS