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Saturday, July 9, 2011

CETME Goodies…

Picked up some stuff for the new CETME from Cheaper Than Dirt the other day and it was delivered yesterday.  They have aluminum G3 “waffle” mags (used) for an unbelievably 99 cents each!  Got 20 of them.  Like it was mentioned in the reviews for them, some showed some normal field wear and a few were actually new in paper wrappings.   It was also mentioned that they do not always work in the CETME as well…slight differences in specs between the two models depending on the receiver type.   It looks like slightly less than half of the ones I got will actually lock in the mag well.  The others either will not fit or need to be slapped hard to stay in the well in which case they are hard to get out.  Hell, I figured on this anyway.  I ordered 20 hoping to get 6 to 10 that would work.  I also bought 6 mags and a white (winter?) hand guard off of someone on gunlistings  (actually the same guy I had originally planned on buying a CETME from).  I think with a little dremmel magic I can get the rest to work (gunsmiths cringe at this point…don’t worry, only working on the cheap mags, not the rifle).

Other than the mags I got a genuine G3 cleaning kit, issue sling (good condition and it came with a bonus shoot through muzzle cap as well) and some Tula starter ammo. 

cetme stuff

I was hoping to shoot this rifle with my friend Woody when he comes back into town from Minnesota next week but I am waiting for some parts from another place to get here to get my “bolt gap” (more on that later) into good specs.  

Guys with guns are like girls with Barbi dolls…its all about the accessories.

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