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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wow, that was fast….NC Star reflex site…

Remember last week that I told you that a company called Mounting Solution Plus was offering free swag to any established blogger that posted some advertising for them? I normally have stated that I would refrain from such advertising activities, but since this would be a one time type deal I went ahead and posted their coded add on the page last Wednesday and emailed them….

Well, Friday I had a package waiting for me….can you say FAST!!

I still have to do some field testing and review the sight, it’s a NC Star reflex style, 4 reticle sight.  NC Star makes some of the lower end optics gear available.  I find their quality and price point to generally match up.  The scope I have on my 10/22 is a NC Star model and it works well.  For a hobby shooter or casual weekend warrior type, the NC Star brand is generally a safe bet when you want a sight that won’t break the bank. 

Thanks to MSP for getting this to me so quickly.  If this is any indication of your customer service level we just might do some more business in the future…..



2 day shipping time from Florida to Ohio via USPS…not too shabby…


On the outside the sight appears to be fairly solid, I will have to do some field trials before I can say for sure about its build.


About all the “field work” I have had time to do with it so far…


I really didn’t know what I would put this on…have an EOTech on the AR and another NC Star optic on the 10/22….then I had an idea…..

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