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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Otto helps school me on my M1 Bayonet

You probably don't remember me mentioning an old friend of mine named Otto from my military days that came to the last Posse shoot and brought a Schmidt-Rubin rifle that I found very interesting. Well, Otto has a little militaria web site of his own at www.ebayonet.com, and man does he know alot about stabby stuff!!! Matter of fact he has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about the subject!

Artist rendition of Otto, not my friend Otto, but an Otto none the less...

Well, since I just got myself a M1 Bayonet for my Garand I had to send him a link to my post about it for his opinion. The information he returned to me was very interesting...

  • Your UFH from CMP is a Greek issued just like your rifle. The SN on the crossguard is Greek.
  • You're scabbard is a US issue M7 scabbard (Purpose made, not a shortened M3 scabbard fro the M1905 bayonet) and the metal tip is a Greek repair for a damaged tip. The US never bothered repairing these, it was considered a wear out item.
  • Poor fit and rattling- Not a wear issue, it's just typical and was considered perfectly acceptable per the specs. This condition went back to the original M1905s and has been US standard all this time. If it doesn't fall off it's acceptable.
  • Sharp edge- They are not supposed to be TOO sharp. Just sharp enough for utility purposes. Most countries up through WWII had NON sharpened bayonets and they were not intended to double as a knife. Strictly to be used as a bayonet. The US, Britain and Japan were the only major powers who specified sharpened bayonets as standard. In most other armies sharpening one's bayonet was a punishable offense.
  • Marine bayonet training- Not only do they continue this training but they have their own bayonet which is very different from the M9. It was designed to fit their martial arts program and is intended to defeat low level body armor.

Like I said, he has probably forgotten more about the subject than I will ever know to begin with. If you want to know more go check out his site from the link above. He is a good guy and you should not have any worries about doing any business with him. Also check out his Airborne stuff he has for sale...he is Mr. Paratrooper...got married under a canopy and went to the 82nd Airborne reunion for his honeymoon...true story..

Thanks Otto!
Update from Otto: Otto kindly asks that you please do not send him requests for evaluating your stuff without considering his knowledge is worth the small fee he charges for it. Again, he knows this stuff and knows it well. I don't know what your time is worth to you, but the amount of time it would take me to do all the research he has done on the subject over the years is well in excess of $20...

and he also says although he likes Otto the Simpson's bus driver, this Otto cartoon character is more to his liking...

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