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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My iPhone is now more tactical than your iPhone…

Thanks to Magpul!!


Yep, the same folks that brought me all of the add ons and tacticool stuff for my AR also make a case for the iPhone.  I guess Chris or Travis or someone else there had an iPhone and wanted a matching case for it to go with all the stuff they make and we get to benefit as well.  In addition to being made by a rock solid outfit, the case works.  It is not something that I would trust to protect my iPhone4 if it fell off the side of 2 story building, but for day to day protection against abrasions and scratches it is spot on.  The case is made of the same material as the original magazine pullers that made Magpul famous and is thin, flexible and strong all at the same time.  It fits the phone like a glove and allows access to all buttons and ports either through properly placed cutouts in the material or via a push button type rubber section on the side.  The phone just simply snaps into the case in a few seconds and is firmly held in place by the case holding on around the rim of the screen. The original iPhone4 cases had issues with the Verizon model of the iPhone4 because the mute button is slightly different than the AT&T version.  That has been fixed, mine fits like a glove although I do have to dig a little deeper with my finger to get to the button, no biggie.  The design on the outer edges not only mimics the ribs on a Pmag but also provide you with a secure grip as well.  `The cases are available in the normal tactical colors such as black, flat dark earth and foilage green. They are also available in a few other colors such as orange and pink (which I got for my wife).  I would think that they should make a case in white for the Mac purists that insist on buying the white version of the iPhone.  I wouldn’t doubt if the boys in Colorado aren’t working on that as I type (well, probably not, it is Sunday after all).  Maybe best of all its only $9.99! Nothing at Verizon was even close to that price and none I doubt would have the quality of this product.

Now, far from being a status symbol of latte’ sipping liberals in Starbucks driving VW bugs, the iPhone is actually a pretty cool piece of gear.  In addition to just being a great multimedia phone there are some awesome firearm related apps for it.  Maybe the most famous use of it in shooting is an attachment on the M110 sniper rifle utilizing it as a ballistics calculator, now that is geeky-shooty cool! ipod-touch-m110_1

There are some cool shooter type games for it as well.  My current favorite is a unique aircraft shooter called AC-130 that puts you in the seat of a AC-130 Specter gunship (“Puff the magic dragon”) shooting at targets on the ground in green and white thermal imaging.  It looks eerily similar to many of the videos released from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan….

From the game…


And from real life…spooky


Anyway, my iPhone is now more tactical than your iPhone so deal with it….or just go buy a Magpul Tactical Field Case….Huey tested and very much Huey approved!!

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