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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Glock works for me...you're mileage may vary....

Over at Hellinahandbasket.net, fellow Central Ohio blogger James tells of a fellow named Mike who told him of his low opinion of the Glock platform based upon the opinions passed onto him by others. James did probably the smartest thing he could of done in that situation...he took the guy to shoot a Glock rental pistol at a range. His opinion was changed after finding out that the Glock did not have the worst trigger in the world...

I am hardly surprised.

Yes, I am a fan of the Glock design...otherwise I would not own multiple pistols by the company.

  • The pistols are simple, only 37 parts, even a person with minimal technical prowess can understand how it works with minimal instruction.
  • The basic design sacrifices some aesthetics for functional form. It may not be the most pretty pistol in the case but the design has been tested in real life scenarios for 30 years to be durable and trustworthy. It was designed as a military service pistol where the individual conformed to the weapon, and not the other way around.
  • Despite its naysayers, the pistol does have 3 safeties on it (although the trigger safety is not what I would solely rely on in and of itself), all deactivated when the trigger is pulled and reactivated when it is reset. Try pushing firing pin through a piece of steel 3/16" thick and you get an idea of the force that it would require to defeat the plunger safety on this pistol. The lack of external safeties was also a design consideration to keep the overall part count lower on the pistol to ease manufacturing and maintenance.
  • The majority of glocks are accurate enough, if not more so, for their intended purpose. Although some have been tuned to be fine "race guns" for competition, the pistol was designed as a service sidearm and in this regard it is well withing the normally expected accuracy for that type of weapon. The hexagonal or octagonal (depending on caliber) profile barrels not only provide for tighter spiraling to increase accuracy but also a better gas seal behind the bullet for better overall ballistic performance.
  • The Tenifer finish on the slides is known for its durability. Matter of fact the entire pistols durability is almost a standard which other pistols are compared to. I have posted links and vids before of Glock pistols being subjected to ruthless torture but still being able to fire afterwards.
  • For me, and any other .Mil, LEO or Fire/EMS type, they are economical. Basic models will run you about $400 with the Glock First Responder discount...base prices for the general public are higher but still competitive with most other similar pistols in the case.

Of course not all that glitters is gold and Glocks are not without their drawbacks....

  • They are not perfect, despite the self imposed "Glock Perfection" label that is used with the company. I think this is some of the beef that the "anti-fanboys" level at Glock, and it is justified to me. I mean, if "Glock Perfection" was in the 3rd Gen pistols, why go to a 4th? It is a mechanical device and is subject to failures, as is any mechanical design. The use of ISO 9001 manufacturing methods, CNC machining and skilled labor greatly reduces the risk for failure, but it will happen eventually to any design.
  • The sights, while functional, are still plastic and are known to be fragile under harsh use. Many people make replacing the sights a priority on a new pistol.
  • They are THICK! Carrying one IWB takes some getting used to, but that is the price you pay for those large capacity magazines.
  • The grip (and overall look) is blockish. Some people simply do not like the feel of the grip.
  • And, as I have stated before, Glocks web site needs some serious updating...

Getting back to the lack of external safety issue, people carried DAO revolvers for years that did not have a safety lever a la 1911 on it and everyone was fine with that due to the long DA trigger pull. Since replacing parts is relatively easy, you can install a NY-1 trigger spring in it to recreate that double action trigger goodness to your Glock and be "safe" all you want...that and choose a holster that has sufficient coverage of the trigger guard area, as any good holster should.

The best piece of advice I can give about Glocks though is this...do like James and go rent one or borrow one and try it yourself. They are not perfect, but for me they work and I will continue to own them for the foreseeable future.

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