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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Appleseed number 3 on the horizon….


The “Ninja Mag” is just for show for the most part, only use it in one part of Appleseed for a fun shoot type event for a voucher to free training later, I got one last time!

Ah, another year another shot at Appleseed.  Been to two so far, had a good time each go around but have failed to shoot a 210 needed to qualify as a “Rifleman” by their standards.  Yes, I know that it doesn’t mean squat to anyone outside of the organization, but then again a lot of my life has been like that.  Does anybody give a rats patootie about a overseas service ribbon or the like that isn’t in the military?  And no, I do not hang out on the Appleseed forums (although I have posted there) and don’t really consider the people that do it year round my “peers” so to speak.  Lets just say I want to accomplish this goal to chalk one up in the win column for “Team Personal Pride”.

They say that excuses are like butts, everyone has one and they all stink.  I guess I am a two butted guy because I got two excuses, both my own fault for not qualifying the past two times.

  1. First Appleseed, eyesight.  I didn’t take into consideration how bad my eyesight has gotten.  Part of its from age (mine is getting progressively worse) and part is from some corneal scarring that I have in my eyes from only Lord knows what.  the first time out I set up a trainer rifle with the excellent Tech-Sights 10/22 setup that puts GI style sights on your .22.  I figured that since I was a former GI I was in like Flint. Wrong.  My eyes couldn’t not focus on the front sights and still keep a decent enough image of the target in the background…hell, I couldn’t see the smallest targets at all.  Damn.  Since scopes are allowed I decided to go that route the next time.
  2. Second Appleseed, equipment.  You know, putting a scope on your rifle isn’t hard.  Sighting it in at 25 meters isn’t hard.  Going to Appleseed and finding out that your eye relief is totally different when locked in a sling behind the rifle compared to sitting comfortably behind it on a bench, finding out your scope will not move forward enough to adjust and then trying to qualify….very hard.  I had not taken into account how close my eye would be to the eyepiece when I was properly snugged in with a sling.  It was like trying to sight down the inside of a drinking straw.  Total fail.  The fact that I could not adjust my gear, total fail and frustration.  CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO GOING!!  We called it PMCS in the military, preventive maintenance checks and services. 

Now I think I am ready.  Got a new barrel on it courtesy of a deal I made with a friend.  It’s the barrel off of a new 10/22 tactical and has the threaded barrel with a flash hiders on it (like the .22 needs it!) but I am thinking of maybe putting on a can (suppressor) later.  The scope has been replaced with one that Kev had lying around and gives more eye relief on the same rail space.  Most of all, I took it to the Posse shoot in April and it worked like a charm when I put the sling on with it.  Now just to do a little zero verification and a clean and lube before the shoot and I think I am good to go…of course I said that the LAST two times as well.

Anyone in Ohio interested in attending one with me let me know.  I am just now getting around to looking at the dates but would like to go in July to September as a time frame.


Kevin Delaney said...

You can count me in!!

Mark said...

They're doing one here in IL in September that I'm hoping to attend. Good luck, hope you get Rifleman.

Huey said...

Same to you Mark...its not impossible or really that hard when it comes down to it, you just need to be prepared and do things the way they are supposed to be done...tell you what, its a great value in Marksmanship training and now they have this deal where if you join the RWVA at the same time you register for a shoot you get to go back for free the rest of the year until you qualify.