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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recycling…a transformation from warhorse to art form…

Found this at at the Delaware Arts Festival in Delaware, Ohio today…

kpot turtle


Its an old M1 helmet (aka a “steel pot”) that has been transformed by a local artist into a turtle, of all things.  So an iconic piece of American military history has been relegated to some modern artwork.  I am actually pretty cool with this.  I mean. there is a certain “karma” quotient being fulfilled here…something that might have been used directly in the participation of a war is now being used for the enjoyment of others visual senses.  Its silly, really if you think about it.  The juxtapositioning of war and peace like that.  Either way, for $49 it wasn’t THAT interesting to put in my garden.

Believe it or not the M1 was the first helmet I ever wore. Back in 1987 the Infantry School at Ft. Benning was still using the steel pot for OSUT trainees.  You wore the plastic liner in lieu of a soft cap or other headgear in the “basic training” portion of OSUT with a piece of duct tape (aka 100mph tape or “high speed” tape) with your name and roster number on it.  After Benning it was the PASGT helmet, more commonly known a the “kevlar’ or “k-pot”, until 2006. Then when mobilizing  I was issued the latest and greatest (at the time) ACH, short for Advance Combat Helmet.  Of the three, the ACH was far the most comfortable to wear even if the chinstrap system is a complex mess compared to the simple snaps of the k-pot.


battleground holly

I really don’t have any pics of me in a steel pot from basic..we didn’t have camera phones back then…hell, we didn’t have cell phones period.  This is actor Van Johnson in the outstanding MGM movie Battleground about the 101st Airborne at Bastogne.  He is seen wearing the helmet liner and trying to cook in the steel helmet itself.  There was a running gag in the movie that his character, Holly, scored some fresh eggs and keeps trying to cook them in his helmet..only to have to put it off for another duty.



Me in a K-pot next to “my” vehicle…OK, it was my commanders but I got to drive it and get other people to do PMCS on it…so who really owned it, eh?  Anyway, circa 1995 or so when my unit was attached to the 28th Infantry Division of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.



Sporting an ACH, some sweet prescription eye armor, ACU uniform and body armor at Ft. McCoy, WI in 2006 during mobilization training.  I kept my IBA in the “minimalist” theme on purpose…hell, I wasn’t going to be kicking in doors and such overseas…

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