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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poll results - Compact 9mm choices..

Well, 428 of you took the time to register your votes, much obliged.

The winner is.....tada...the Kimber Solo with 95 votes (22%)!!

The LC9 got 88(20%), The Sig P290 got 57(13%), The Kahr CW9 got 50(11%) and the Kel-Tec Pf-9 got 43(10%). Just as many people who picked the Kimber (95/22%) also told me to look elsewhere. I wonder how many of you were thinking of the CM9 from Kahr that I didn't discover until after I posted the poll?

Of course by now you know I chose the Ruger LC9 and have not been disappointed as of yet by the pistol. I shot a bunch more ammo through it at the Posse shoot and it performed flawlessly.

Again, thanks to all that took the time to vote!

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