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Monday, May 9, 2011

New poll...carrying loaded..yes or no?

New Poll up until my birthday on June 12th - when I will also be drawing the winner of the Slipstream ST-1 package for the EBR contest.

Do you carry your CCW pistol with a round in the chamber or not? Carrying with a round in the chamber and safety on (if equipped) is commonly referred to as Condition 1 in many gun talk circles. Carrying with a loaded magazine inserted and chamber empty is known as Condition 3, or sometimes the "Israeli Carry". Why Israel? Well for many years the young Israeli forces were making due with pistols from different nations and types. They needed a standardize method for training all recruits that may be using different weapons that was safe. Carrying with nothing in the chamber and training to draw and then rack the slide was just the easiest and most uniform method they came up with. It should be noted that pistols with manual safeties were carried with the safety "OFF" in this method, so all the shooter had to retain in "muscle memory" was to draw, rack and aim.

I think I may have posted this before, but here is a sample of the method..

Anyway, a couple of dialogs I have had in the past week have brought this subject to mind. First Kev got a new S&W M&P40c pistol for CCW use. It is much like the one I used to have but it has the manual safety on it. He stated that he does not feel safe carrying with one in the chamber with no external safety and is worried about having a ND when holstering. The other is a dialog in the comments section of a post on the Firearm Blog between myself and another person where they seem to assert that carrying with one in the pipe is paramount to conducting armed assaults on buildings (WTH?).

Personally, I like to think that I am squared away enough to carry with one in the chamber when I CCW, even with my GLOCKs which have no external safety. On my LC9 I have been carrying with one in the chamber as well and lately, with the external safety "ON". I have been practicing in my basement (with an EMPTY WEAPON, empty mag inserted just to defeat the mag safety and squeeze the trigger) to draw and disengage the safety in one motion. I figure since the majority of pistols I would be interested in owning have frame mounted safeties that operate the same way - 1911 style in the same location, up safe, down fire - that making it second nature would be valuable. Sure, I may end up swiping the "ghost safety" on my GLOCK, but its better to have done and not needed, then have needed done and not done in that situation.

So, getting back to the poll...one in or one out of the pipe for you?

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JesseL said...

I still say that even carrying in condition zero should be no big deal, provided one has a modern pistol in good condition and an appropriate holster.