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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More SR1911 fluff...a video

OK, from all the early reviews I am reading, I am really starting to like this new SR1911 Ruger has in its lineup. The best part seems to be superior American craftsmanship for a relatively reasonable price.

Yesterday Kev accused me of being a Ruger whore...can't really argue the point. I am really liking the direction that the company seems to be heading. Some people are going to hold the entire assault weapons ban thing against them for a long time, but they seem to be moving towards a more mainstream approach to their customers these days.

I guess maybe I really started to appreciated them after getting my 10/22 and buying a used Security-Six revolver (that I wish I still had), both quality firearms. Next I "upgraded" the fit and finish of my P3AT with Kev's LCP. Then I got the LC9...now maybe I am eying a 1911 again...

Downrange TV has an excellent video with host Michael Bane that not only goes over the pistol, but also offers a behind the scene look at how its manufactured. Good watch and worth your time.

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