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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Career Suicide by PowerPoint

Powerpoint...that oh so ubiquitous PITA that has become a mainstay of military staff pukes for more than a decade claims yet another victim...

Apparently the misuse of Powerpoint cost the jobs and probably the carrers of Lt. Col. Frank Jenio and Command Sgt. Maj. Herbert Puckett, Commander and Command Sergeant Major for the 2/508th PIR, 4th Brigade Combat Team. While in Afghanistan, the unit used "Demotivational" slides in their daily briefings to try and alleviate some of the stress and depression of casualty news and other types of info.

From Army Times

PowerPoint slides spur ouster of CO, CSM

Unfortunately, the material chosen was not necessarily used in the correct context or at the right moment to have the required affect. Slides of a sexist or racist nature will not garner you laughs in mixed company and generally are not what is expected of leaders at that level. It was not so much that they themselves inserted that material, but that their subordinate staff inserted the slides and they did nothing to stop the practice.

For my part, I have been the victim of forced Powerpoint labor for the better part of a year. Daily slides and briefing were a part of my job as the Info Management Officer for the Kuwait CAC. Yes, I did use an occasional humorous slide or graphic from time to time, but it was always with the approval of my OIC.

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