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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big kudos to Rockyourglock.com

I have looked at RockYourGlock.Com online before and have been impressed that they carry all of my "must have" Glock accessories and add-ons in one place. At lunch on Thursday I placed an order with them for a few items...got a response that they had been shipped 30 minutes later!! Wow! I placed the order on Thursday at lunch and the items were at my door by lunch on Saturday with the USPS truck dropped them off...man, that is great customer service!!

And what did I get?

Well, I decided having the G26 stock had gone on long enough, so I ordered...

  • A Ghost 4.5# "Ranger" trigger connector
  • A Lone Wolf extended slide stop and magazine release
  • A pack of those rubber stick on grip panels.
  • A Lone Wolf grip space plug.

Here is the "after" pick...

I like the Ghost connectors, the 4.5# model has a nice clean break and is supposedly more reliable than the Glock stock one (if that is possible). The extended controls are a personal preference and the grip panels as well. I just put the panels on the right side of the grip (away from my body) and on the rear of the slide to aid in racking in reloading from a slide lock if my hands get wet or sweaty. The grip plug is one of those things that I think Glock should just add ad the factory, I like them for aesthetic reasons as well as helping in inserting mags as well.

Soon to be ordered is a set of XS big dots sights like I have on the G19. Couldn't get them this time because I have the ST-1 treatment to buy from Crusader for the winner of my EBR contest (submit pics folks hint...hint)

Thanks again to RockYourGlock.com for their great service. Kudos to you!

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