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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bad employment picture for female vets? looks like it...

Generally, when people think of veterans they think of men. Sorry, thats just my opinion and I may be wrong but just google "veteran", click on the pictures tab and take a look. There are way more folks with a "Y" chromosome on there than folks that wear bras out of biological necessity. That is sad because the advent of the female veteran is not upon us....its behind us.

From days of Molly Pitcher , the WACs and WAVES of WWII to women serving today on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, women have always been veterans in our armed forces. I will be the first to admit that in my early beginnings being an infantryman that we generally saw women in uniform as objects of disdain and sometimes lust. Gotta roll with the truth even when its hard to admit it. Later, after I went to the "pogue" side of the house in the AG corps I was fortunate enough to have some women to work for that were not just fantastic soldiers but leaders as well. Eventually I came to the realization that women not only have the same rights as men to serve but damn well were an important part of my military. Sure sometimes I put pictures of females in a bikini or such on this blog, but that in no way indicates any lack of (well deserved) respect that I have for the women serving in our armed forces.

Fox news did a report on the unemployment numbers for female veterans against the general female population and found that veterans have about a +3% higher chance of not finding work than the rest of America. Not surprising in my mind. Many are coming home to possibly the same economic picture they joined the military to escape. We are still trying to rebound from a recession and unemployment is high to begin with, many of the veterans coming into the workforce have job skills that do not fit cleanly into the civilian workforce and many that have skills that do are in competitive fields to begin with (medical techs for example). Its the same story that happens with a lot of vets. Not to take away from the plight of women vets, but to me its the same story being played out over a slightly different demographic than we are used to hearing about.

What is interesting about the story is that the person that they profile is actually somebody I kind of know. (LT) Donna Bachler was assigned to the 3rd Personnel Command (3PC) when I was attached to it at Camp Arifjan. She has also been a fried of mine on FaceBook previously. She was always cool with me but other people I know saw her in a different light I guess based on their comments on FB about the article. I know she was discharged from active duty before we returned as a unit, maybe something to do with the PTSD. God knows I would have nightmares after removing bodies from rubble and stuff. Her husband was a stand up guy over there and a LTC to boot so I am willing to give her my benefit of the doubt. She did something I wanted to do but couldn't, she called out another officer in 3PC for being a bag of poo, . Seriously, check out his blog, this guy was having a great time in Kuwait while he avoided legal issues back here. I was lucky enough to generally of run with the better folks from that unit in my time with them.

Anyway, good luck Donna. I wish you success, prosperity and happiness in the future. Thanks for being a fellow veteran.

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