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Monday, April 25, 2011

Paradigm shift....

So, bought the Ruger LC9 over a week ago and have been carrying it ever since...one word...comfortable. This is making me change my entire outlook on carrying. Generally there are two considerations I use when deciding which type of pistol to pack when I CCW...

  1. The type of clothing I will be wearing: Some people gaffe at the "hot weather / cold weather" carry concept, but it works for me. When its colder her in Ohio and I am wearing bigger and baggier clothes I can get away with more gun than when its hot and all I might have on are some light shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. The place I will be carrying: Sometimes if I know I will be going to a "risky" portion of town (which is not often) I will choose to carry a bigger pistol than what I normally would carry. Also if I know I will be going to a "gun friendly" environment I may go bigger because I know that if I do print I will be much less likely to draw any unwarranted attention to myself.

This concept has necessitated me owning multiple pistol to fullfil the same role. I have gone through many and until recently came down to the Ruger LCP .380 (hot) and the Glock 19 9mm (cold) as my carry pieces.

I have thought about revisiting the "one gun" carry method where people only carry one pistol year round despite the weather, environment or worn clothing. They make whatever adjustments to their clothing and/or gear that they need to to accomplish this, sometimes carrying in a off body system (bag) or wearing additional clothing to hide the weapon. It makes sense in a lot of ways. For me it would simplify both training and logistics as I would only have to constantly train with the one weapon and stock one type of ammo. Currently the trigger and mechanics of the LCP and G19 are totally different, as are the ammo types used.

I thought I had found my answer when I finally decided to buy a "Baby Glock" G26 in 9mm. Larger than the LCP and smaller than the G19 I thought it could become "the one"..Well, it never really got the chance. It wasn't but a few weeks after I got the G26 that the LC9 came into my possession. I know, it was a stupid impulse buy that is going to put my plans on paying off "the gun fund" back several months. But, damn, does it every feel good to carry.

The LC9 (center) pretty much sits size wise between the LCP (left) and G26 (right)

Its turning out to be a great carry gun. I know its not the first single stack 9mm auto on the market, but now I see why so many people have carried them in the past. It is thin and relatively light, can be carried in the baggy pockets of my cargo shorts (does not really fit in the pockets of my work khakis or jeans, size wise yes but it is really noticeable) or very comfortably in the Desantis "Insider" holster I got for it, shoots the same 9mm round that the G26 and G19 shoot and carries one more shot than the .380 LCP. Yes, the trigger is very LCP like, long and not light. Yes, it has an over abundance of safeties built in. Both are training issues I think I can overcome.

After using a soft sided Uncle Mike's IWB holster I decided I wanted something bit more solid to carry it in that didn't risk collapsing so much after I drew from it. I looked at a holster from Adam's Holsters but Luke seems to be pushing a 16 week wait right now. Sorry man, need one today. I looked at the list of recommended holsters on Rugers (excellent) website and one caught my eye. The DeSantis Insider. I looked around and found one that fit the LC9 even if it was for other pistols (its the model that fits the Kahr P9 pistol). This thing rocks...

  • The leather is of good quality
  • The machine stitching is good
  • The metal clip is a hell of a lot better than the plastic of the Uncle Mikes and seems solid
  • It was relatively cheap (about $26)
  • It covers the trigger guard sufficiently (very important)
  • The clip rides high on the holster so that the pistol rides low on the belt.

The DeSantis "Insider". The purple line denotes approximately where my belt line comes on this holster..it sits very low, I have been tending to carry it slightly canted forward (FBI cant) to fit me a bit better and gain more access to the grip.

So, will the LC9 be the pistol that makes me go to a one-gun-does-it-all type philosophy? Nope. I will still stick to a multi-gun carry rotation, abet a newly modified one. I had even thought for a quick second about selling my new Babgy Glock (gasp!) but its just too damn cool to part with. I think that there are way to many variables in life for a one size fits all outlook on most things..this being one of them. In the excellent move Ronin the ex-CIA character Sam played by Robert DeNiro is asked by another member of their mercenary team (who is found out to have lied about his qualifications) as to what gun he likes to use best. Sam answers rather bluntly that a weapon is just a tool, you use the right tool for the job. Nice answer. I read in a recently that shooting newbies talk about hardware (guns) and experienced shooters talk about software (training). I think I am somewhere in the middle.

What the LC9 has done is to help simplify my carry choices. It appears to be able to cover a very wide array of carry combinations and situations and looks to be my new primary carry piece. I have tried to rationalize all of my pistols into roles that they fulfill. Believe it or not this has kept me from making some regretful purchasing decisions. As much as I really would like another snub nosed pocket .38, it doesn't provide anything that I don't already have. Until I have an unlimited financial well to draw upon to make me gun dreams happy, I will stick by the following uses and try to pay off what I have already.

  • LC9: Primary CCW piece
  • LCP: Deep cover or hot weather CCW (stick it in my Speedo)
  • G26: Truck gun (fits perfectly in my trucks lock box with plenty of room for the LCP or LC9.
  • G19: Home defense and range shooter.
  • G34: Competition
  • S&W 22A: Competition and cheap plinking.

So, has the LC9 caused a paradigm shift? Nope, but it really has come along way from the gun I once dismissed with "meh" to my new primary CCW pistol.

Nice job Ruger...

...and now if I can only rationalize a place for that new SR1911 you got....


Six said...

Great review Huey. I can't thank you enough. I've been considering a new SS compact 9mm for a while now to replace my own G26. I haven't had a chance to shoot any of them but I've handled a few. I like Ruger, always have, and your write up has me about 75 percent convinced.
Thamks and kudos.

Huey said...

Glad I could be of some help for you...I like the Ruger, but would not rule out the Kahr or Solo if you are so inclined...heck, there are a lot of choices out there right now...thanks for the feedback!