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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Poll...9mm sub-compacts

It seems the new "in" pistol to own to be cool at the range and such is a sub compact 9mm. This makes sense as the .380 craze hit big with the advent of concealed carry laws being passed across the nation and a entire category of "casual" o r"hobby" shooters cropped up looking to carry. I should point out that I would fall into this category. Instead of looking at the tactical and practical application of what they would carry like a off duty police or security professional would do (traditional CCW types) and choosing to carry something like a Commander sized 1911 or other such pistol...many of the "casual" crowd chooses to carry what is comfortable and convenient. Yes, we often hide behind the old saying "the first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun"..but lets be brutally honest here...for a large portion of us carrying these small "mouseguns" or "pocket rockets" in .380, .32 or even .25 or .22 its usually the comfort factor that comes into play. Eschewing the power of a "real" caliber (keep in mind that being shot at by a .380 is no laughing matter, but its not a .45 by a LONG shot) for the comfort and convenience of a sub 1 pound carry piece in a smaller caliber has become a popular choice these days...the LCP will sit in my pocket on the ride into work tomorrow mind you.

Thats not a bad thing, mind you. It does keep a weapon on us when otherwise we might not (oops..hiding behind that "first rule" thing again :-> ), I have said before on here how the LCP simply disappears on me and I can usually carry it anywhere I go (or legally am able to go I should say), even with a light pair of shorts on and a tshirt. The same cannot be said about some of the larger caliber pistols. For example, my new Glock G26 is very compact, for a Glock...it is still much larger than the LCP and I would not be able to drop it in my front pocket at over twice the weight of the LCP and would be much harder to conceal and wear comfortably.

So to fill the gap between these mouse guns in .380 and compact models of full size autos a niche category of single stack, lightweight (around a pound) 9mm pistols has been gaining in popularity with buyers. This design is far from a new idea, just refreshed and re-marketed towards a new generation of buyers.

Here is the poll, if you were to go shopping for a compact, single stack 9mm at a shop and had the following 5 choices to choose from, which one would you buy?

  • Kel-Tec PF-9
  • Ruger LC9
  • Kimber Solo
  • Sig P290
  • Kahr CW9

And sorry J-Frame guys...another poll maybe...

Poll will be up until May 1st.

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