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Monday, April 11, 2011

Legal full auto stock for your AR

Found a cool vid from a guy on YouTube reviewing this bump fire stock from Slide Fire Solutions that allows you to legally fire your AR on "rock-n-roll"..

As the video explains this thing is legal because it uses no parts to automate the recoil operation. Earlier attempts to create bump firing stocks were declared illegal by the guys from BATFE because springs and such were used in their design. This system simply uses the stock as a tube that places all the parts of the carbine in line to operate using forward pressure supplied by the firer in the same basic manner of holding and sighting it as normal. I like this...in one of my first posts almost 3 years ago I talked about how I disliked bump firing. At that point the only method that I had known about was the hip fire method of bumping a rifle which did not allow the shooter to look down the sights and aim the impact of the rounds. This fixes that issue.
And its available for us Southpaw shooters...I like that!
Now when I say "legal", I mean currently. I would not put it past the BATFE to go ahead and decide later that this is a no-no and ban it retroactively including any already in the hands of paying consumers.
And yes, the guy is wrong at the beginning when he identifies that carbine as a M16A2...an A2 would have a full length stock and barrel and fixed carrying handle...that is either a M4 or a M16A4 (A2 with removable carrying handle to affix optics to the rail underneath it) that has been shortened....small potatoes in the big picture, he knows how to use it and that's what counts.

The guy in the vid is right about one thing for sure though, for $369 it sure is cheaper than the tax stamp alternatives and much quicker to boot. My issue around here would be to find someplace that would actually allow me to use it...Blackwing would I guess.

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