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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Gaston......Single Stack 9mm please..

Dear Gaston,

So, how have you been lately? I hope you guys at Glock had a good SHOT show and it seems your sales are still strong as I had to actually wait to buy a G26 last month. Good for you!
You might remember me as the guy who wrote another open letter to you asking to have the front of all of your pistols "melded" like on the G26 or G34 pistols. Just makes sense to me and I think it looks good to. I could of other ideas I would like to run by you.
  1. Could you guys do something with your website? I don't mean to sound...well..mean, but it could use some more "pizazz"...or maybe "farbenpracthtig" is more applicable here. Don't get me wrong, you site has all the bases covered in your product line up offerings, specs and such...but a little flash (literally, as in Adobe Flash) could go a long way in really making it nice. You guys have the Gunny for a spokesman for crying out loud..at least put a couple of vids with him on it, at least on the US page. Maybe some flash animation or such to virtually operate or disassemble a G17.
  2. Give us a small, single stack 9mm Glock. I don't know if you have notices, but small, single stack 9mm compact pistols are all the rage these days. Go down to your local news stand and take a look at the cover of the gun rags on sale there. Chances are more than a couple will have pics or stories on the Ruger LC9, SIG P290, Kimber Solo or other such pistols. I picked up a G26 as a compact 9mm recently. It surely is smaller than either my G34 (duh) or my G19..but it does retain one feature of those guns..the width. Generally I have never really complained about the width of your pistols, its always been part of the package and I have rolled with it. Not in a "pocket" gun though (although its a stretch to consider many of these new 9mm compacts pocket guns). I think if you came up with a slimmer version of your G26 in single stack config with a 6+1 capacity under 1" in thickness, maybe knock 1/2" off the overall length or so... the faithful masses would flock to it like kids to ice cream.
So there you are, just a couple of things to mull over in your spare time. Hope you have a good summer, look forward to putting many rounds through your products this year.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gaston,
I own three glocks and my wife has one.But I must admit I'm looking @ the Ruger lc9 for carry, don't make me do it! Let's see a nice single stack 9mm Glock for cc

Huey said...

I knew I wasn't alone on this and now this comment proves it...thanks!