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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Call of the Dead.....drool....

An additional content pack for the best selling game Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released on May 3rd called Black Ops Escalation and will be 1200 Xbox points. It includes a little zombie shooter called Call of the Dead starring some familiar faces.....oh boy is this great!!

I mean...its got George frickin' Romero in it as a zombie for crying out loud!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wallyworld does the public right...

Article in The Wall Street Journal today about mega-retailer Walmart returning guns and ammo sales to hundreds of its store to get back predominantly male shoppers...

Here is the "teaser" on the WSJ page..

Wal-Mart Adds Guns Alongside Butter

Retailing Giant Resumes Sales of Rifles, Shotguns at Half of Its Stores in Effort to Be One-Stop Shop


Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is quietly bringing back rifles, shotguns and ammunition to hundreds of U.S. stores as the hurting retail giant seeks to reinvigorate its one-stop shopping appeal and attract more male customers.

The world's largest retailer stopped selling hunting rifles and bullets at all but a third of its U.S. stores five years ago, citing diminishing sales. It is now restoring them to hundreds of locations, bringing the total to nearly half of its more than 3,600 U.S. namesake stores, as part of a larger push to restore "heritage categories" of merchandise such as fishing rods and bolts of ...

This is good. I, like many, often bash Walmart for its sometime predatory competitive practices and the way that they have done business....but how many times have I mentioned "Wallyworld" on this blog or gone there for ammo....lots. They may not have the best selection of "cool" or "tactical" rifles and shotguns, their ammo may be a buck or two more expensive than elsewhere, and their other wares may be more angled towards hunting than "tactical sport shooting", but they do offer me a choice. In some areas that may not have (or no longer have) "Mom & Pop" gun shops as a choice, Walmart may be the only place for them to get their firearm needs (scary but true).

Good for you Walmart.

Going to go "downrange" for a few days to do some "field testing" with the Posse, blogging will start back on Monday or so....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big shoot on Friday..

Going out with the posse on Friday....

500 rounds 5.56......200 rounds .30-06.......400 rounds 9mm.....100 rounds for the Mosin....crazy round count of .22 for both the AR conversion and 10/22

an orgy of weaponry.....AR, M1, 10/22, G26, G19, G34, LCP, LC9, 12 Gauge, M44...and what the other guys bring....

..ears will bleed....

M1A vs. cinder block wall (guess who wins)....cover vs. concealment

OK, video "two-for" today...and yes, I really like videos by Hickok45....

...and yes, the title of the vid incorrectly states that its a M14...for all intent purposes an interchangeable nomenclature for the Springfield M1A...almost the same identical piece save for the selector switch...

First, what happens to a cinder block wall that gets in the sights of Hickok when he has a M1A in .308 on his shoulder over 250 meters away...same thing that happens to most other things this guy targets...it gets owned...

second...man, I want a M1A now...actually have since I fired one a couple of years ago at my first Appleseed. Got the M1 as a shooter for the same basic purpose, but the M1A is just so much cooler in a way...I am stuck between wanting the stock model (like in the vid) or the shorter "scout" version with a build in picatinny rail on the upper hand guard for mounting a scope and such...

decisions, decisions.....

Anyway, the video shows a good example of the difference between cover and concealment...

Concealment: Any object or topographical feature that prevents the enemy from observing you.
Cover: Any object or topographical feature that prevents and the enemy from observing you and bringing effective direct fire onto your position.

Thusly, that cinder block wall my have provided concealment for the zombie terrorist in the video as Hickok could not see him directly, but it made little difference as he could shoot through it anyway. Now, if they had added some rebar and concrete in the holes in the middle of the cinder blocks and added a layer of sandbags to the wall, then it would of offered cover instead of concealment. Its a subtle, but important, difference to make.

In the first gulf war when US M1 Abrams went up against Soviet made T72 and T80 tanks manned by the Iraqis, many of the Iraqi tanks made tactically sound decisions by go "hull down" behind berms of sand in the desert when facing the M1's. This is what their training dictated. However, unfortunately for them, it was soon made apparent in more than one occasion that a berm of sand was little resistance for a M829 APFSDS "dart" flying out of the 120mm main gun of the Abrams at something like 3200 fps.....the sand offered concealment, but little cover as the depleted uranium darts drove through the sand into the tanks like the .308 rounds did to that wall.

How does a 20 year old tank battle relate to you? Walls.

Yes walls, those seemingly innocuous structures in our houses that divide up space for us. We take them for granted most of the time and our lives are predicated to a large degree with the fact that we cannot walk or go through them. Bullets leaving a barrel look at the world totally different. To them a wall is just another barrier that they are destined to encounter, spend energy penetrating and continuing on their merry way until their energy is depleted. In my post on active shooters and individual responses I cautioned against relying on common drywall walls for any type of protection, even behind a locked door. The same goes true in your home. Don't rely on a wall to protect you from gunfire from the other side and be cognizant that your bullets will penetrate them as well.

Peeking around corners in your home with a loaded weapon may look good on TV or in theory until you realize that even a "lowly" 9mm round can possibly penetrate both corner walls you are behind to strike you. Even the way we teach our military and police to "slice the pie" and sweep around corners to find targets instead of simply stepping out all at once falls victim to this fact. Blanks, MILES lasers, paintballs and even simnitions all fail to adequately represent this threat in training. For years we have taught Infantrymen to dive behind bushes when fired at because, in training, the lasers from MILES equipped small arms would not penetrate even the flimsiest of foliage.

And for the second video...what else would be appropriate....

btw..."not being seen" is what? Concealment! Notice I said in my definition of cover it protects your from direct fire, being blown up or having fused grenade fly over you and explode doesn't count..well, it does but technically your cover isn't cover then...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gunlistings.org fail....

Well, at least they got the "Taurus" part right....

Epic Mealtime....epic gun fail...

Have you checked out Epic Mealtime's channel on YouTube? You should. These guys create some of the most massive, calorie laden, artery clogging goodness out there...massive concoctions of other foods into tasty creations, like rolling hamburgers and chicken strips into sushi or making a lasagna out of 45 burgers...

They even tackled Indian cuisine...that's where I had a problem with them...they have the main dude come in a restaurant with a bottle of booze in his hand and pull some POS pistol out and start sticking it into people's faces. WTH?

...and his finger is on the bang lever too...

I know its all acting and it either wasn't real or, hopefully, wasn't loaded...but the simple fact of putting alcohol and the reckless use of firearms in the same context is not a good thing. Despite the common sense "don't do this" thought that 99% of us will get, there is always that one dude that tries to recreate it with a real gun with live ammo. You got to think about your lowest common denominator sometimes...

Anyway, cool video of some extreme Indian food!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Krazy Ivan with AA-12...

Crazy Ivan...per Tom Clancy...the maneuver Russian subs would do to cut their engines and turn hard to one side or another to see if an American sub was trailing close in their baffles (area behind the propeller that the sub couldn't hear sound from)...

Krazy Ivan....this guy from FPS Russia doing almost anything with firearms....I used to think he was just extreme, now I question his sanity.....not really, seems like a cool guy. One word though comrade, use eye pro when breaching, being a one man breaching squad is cool but won't work when you get nailed in the eyes with door spall....

The AA-12....todays coolness factor replacement for the SPAS-12, coming soon to a B grade movie and FPS game near you!

Paradigm shift....

So, bought the Ruger LC9 over a week ago and have been carrying it ever since...one word...comfortable. This is making me change my entire outlook on carrying. Generally there are two considerations I use when deciding which type of pistol to pack when I CCW...

  1. The type of clothing I will be wearing: Some people gaffe at the "hot weather / cold weather" carry concept, but it works for me. When its colder her in Ohio and I am wearing bigger and baggier clothes I can get away with more gun than when its hot and all I might have on are some light shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. The place I will be carrying: Sometimes if I know I will be going to a "risky" portion of town (which is not often) I will choose to carry a bigger pistol than what I normally would carry. Also if I know I will be going to a "gun friendly" environment I may go bigger because I know that if I do print I will be much less likely to draw any unwarranted attention to myself.

This concept has necessitated me owning multiple pistol to fullfil the same role. I have gone through many and until recently came down to the Ruger LCP .380 (hot) and the Glock 19 9mm (cold) as my carry pieces.

I have thought about revisiting the "one gun" carry method where people only carry one pistol year round despite the weather, environment or worn clothing. They make whatever adjustments to their clothing and/or gear that they need to to accomplish this, sometimes carrying in a off body system (bag) or wearing additional clothing to hide the weapon. It makes sense in a lot of ways. For me it would simplify both training and logistics as I would only have to constantly train with the one weapon and stock one type of ammo. Currently the trigger and mechanics of the LCP and G19 are totally different, as are the ammo types used.

I thought I had found my answer when I finally decided to buy a "Baby Glock" G26 in 9mm. Larger than the LCP and smaller than the G19 I thought it could become "the one"..Well, it never really got the chance. It wasn't but a few weeks after I got the G26 that the LC9 came into my possession. I know, it was a stupid impulse buy that is going to put my plans on paying off "the gun fund" back several months. But, damn, does it every feel good to carry.

The LC9 (center) pretty much sits size wise between the LCP (left) and G26 (right)

Its turning out to be a great carry gun. I know its not the first single stack 9mm auto on the market, but now I see why so many people have carried them in the past. It is thin and relatively light, can be carried in the baggy pockets of my cargo shorts (does not really fit in the pockets of my work khakis or jeans, size wise yes but it is really noticeable) or very comfortably in the Desantis "Insider" holster I got for it, shoots the same 9mm round that the G26 and G19 shoot and carries one more shot than the .380 LCP. Yes, the trigger is very LCP like, long and not light. Yes, it has an over abundance of safeties built in. Both are training issues I think I can overcome.

After using a soft sided Uncle Mike's IWB holster I decided I wanted something bit more solid to carry it in that didn't risk collapsing so much after I drew from it. I looked at a holster from Adam's Holsters but Luke seems to be pushing a 16 week wait right now. Sorry man, need one today. I looked at the list of recommended holsters on Rugers (excellent) website and one caught my eye. The DeSantis Insider. I looked around and found one that fit the LC9 even if it was for other pistols (its the model that fits the Kahr P9 pistol). This thing rocks...

  • The leather is of good quality
  • The machine stitching is good
  • The metal clip is a hell of a lot better than the plastic of the Uncle Mikes and seems solid
  • It was relatively cheap (about $26)
  • It covers the trigger guard sufficiently (very important)
  • The clip rides high on the holster so that the pistol rides low on the belt.

The DeSantis "Insider". The purple line denotes approximately where my belt line comes on this holster..it sits very low, I have been tending to carry it slightly canted forward (FBI cant) to fit me a bit better and gain more access to the grip.

So, will the LC9 be the pistol that makes me go to a one-gun-does-it-all type philosophy? Nope. I will still stick to a multi-gun carry rotation, abet a newly modified one. I had even thought for a quick second about selling my new Babgy Glock (gasp!) but its just too damn cool to part with. I think that there are way to many variables in life for a one size fits all outlook on most things..this being one of them. In the excellent move Ronin the ex-CIA character Sam played by Robert DeNiro is asked by another member of their mercenary team (who is found out to have lied about his qualifications) as to what gun he likes to use best. Sam answers rather bluntly that a weapon is just a tool, you use the right tool for the job. Nice answer. I read in a recently that shooting newbies talk about hardware (guns) and experienced shooters talk about software (training). I think I am somewhere in the middle.

What the LC9 has done is to help simplify my carry choices. It appears to be able to cover a very wide array of carry combinations and situations and looks to be my new primary carry piece. I have tried to rationalize all of my pistols into roles that they fulfill. Believe it or not this has kept me from making some regretful purchasing decisions. As much as I really would like another snub nosed pocket .38, it doesn't provide anything that I don't already have. Until I have an unlimited financial well to draw upon to make me gun dreams happy, I will stick by the following uses and try to pay off what I have already.

  • LC9: Primary CCW piece
  • LCP: Deep cover or hot weather CCW (stick it in my Speedo)
  • G26: Truck gun (fits perfectly in my trucks lock box with plenty of room for the LCP or LC9.
  • G19: Home defense and range shooter.
  • G34: Competition
  • S&W 22A: Competition and cheap plinking.

So, has the LC9 caused a paradigm shift? Nope, but it really has come along way from the gun I once dismissed with "meh" to my new primary CCW pistol.

Nice job Ruger...

...and now if I can only rationalize a place for that new SR1911 you got....

To be fair...

Ironic I had a second to check out Hell In A Handbasket and found James had posted a piece about a 77 year old Mexican rancher that refused to give into drug cartels and instead died fighting for his land...

High noon at not-ok corral

Last Updated: 7:25 AM, December 5, 2010

Posted: 1:56 AM, December 5, 2010

He defended his home like it was the Alamo.

A 77-year-old rancher gave drug-cartel thugs the fight of their lives when they tried to take possession of his sprawling property in northern Mexico, becoming a folk hero in a region ravaged by violence.

Alejo Garza Tamez turned his humble farmhouse into a fortress for his last stand -- lining up his numerous hunting rifles in windows and doorways -- after receiving an ultimatum on Nov. 13 from the drug-gang guerrillas to vacate within 24 hours or die.

The lionhearted rancher was ready when two truckloads of heavily armed gang members returned the next morning.

"He'd told me he'd gotten threats, but he didn't notify the authorities. He never trusted them," his daughter Sandra Garza told Telediario Nocturno.

Authorities said the cartel first rolled up that Saturday to Garza's ranch, located about 15 miles outside of Ciudad Victoria, to tell him the house he'd built by hand 34 years ago was on land they needed to expand their cocaine and marijuana routes to the US border.

Garza immediately dismissed all the workers on his ranch and told them not to come to work the next day.

Then the hunter and gun collector gathered up every weapon he could muster.

He perched guns in the windows and doors, lining the floors with extra ammo. And he waited in the dark and silence.

It was close to 4 a.m. on Sunday when the distant sound of roaring engines came to his ears.

The cartel members drove onto his property in large trucks, toting assault rifles and firing shots into the air.

As they clambered down, one of them shouted that they'd come to claim ownership of the ranch, and anyone left inside should come out with their hands up.

Instead, the sole inhabitant opened fire.

Pandemonium broke out, with terrified gang members diving for cover while Garza moved from window to window, picking them off one by one.

He shot so fast and furiously that the confused cartel assumed there were several people inside. Dropping their assault rifles, the thugs lobbed hand grenades into the ranch house until the shooting stopped.

When the Mexican army finally showed up after the gunfight, they found four dead and two injured gang members piled in a heap outside the shelled, bullet-pocked farmhouse.

Inside, amid a pile of rubble, was the lifeless, bullet-riddled Garza, two weapons at his side.

The unassuming timber businessman was given a hero's burial last week in his native Monterrey, Mexico.


There is still hope for Mexico as long as there are still people like Senor Garza who are willing to stand up for what is right despite the dangers to the evil cancer that has infected that nation.

I want to point out that my last post in no way disparages Mexican citizens in any way. Many, like this brave rancher, do not like what is going on in their country any more than many of us Americans like what is going on in ours. It just seems like the level of corruption and graft in their country has spiraled out of control in their government. Much like here, I almost feel that there is a sub-culture of "elitist leaders" that has come to be that attempt to run their country on their own beliefs and valued regardless of what their populace, or reality, dictates.

I have a lot of respect for the Mexican and latino peoples that live South of my country and appreciate the cultural, historical and financial contributions that they have made to my homeland. Especially being from a military background I have known many fine Hispanic people that I have been happy to call both a fellow soldier and friend.

I wish nothing but the best for the people of Mexico. Until they can fix the injustice and crime in their own country they will continue to flood our border...why wouldn't they? If your family was suffering and a better life could be had somewhere else wouldn't you despite the risks? Our founding fathers themselves were descended from people who fled Europe seeking a better life and freedom from oppression.

So in short, I meant no offense by my last post to any of my readers that may have been offended...its just like I say in the right hand column, this blog may contain some uncomfortable reality once in a while...this is once in a while...

Mexico to sue US gun makers....I don't think so..

Over at The Firearm Blog there is a piece about the National Shooting Sport Foundation's (NSSF) response to a report that the Government of Mexico has retained a (obviously anti-2A) US law firm for the purpose of suing US gun makers for producing firearms used in crimes in Mexico.

That's just great. First we roll out the red carpet for El Presidente Filipe Calderone so our current POTUS could apologize for American insensitivity and actions in the past, let him get a audience with Congress so that he could spout his mouth off about how we are keeping them down and killing them with our firearms...and then wants to sue our companies.

The article links to the NSSF response, which is excellent. Basically, it tells Calderon to start cleaning up his own internal messes before he comes and tells us what to do. 150,000 Mexican military personnel are working for the drug cartels which fuel the violence? Incredible.

Now suing the US government over the BATFE's Operation Gunrunner fiasco...I can actually see that...

I wonder, could we sue Mexico for producing Mexicans used in crimes against Americans? I am serious, border agents killed, Arizona farmers killed, vacationing tourists killed, Mexican military units venturing into US territory and even engaging our border patrol with small arms fire....its happening, despite what much of the media will show you.

I keep hearing more and more talk about bringing our troops home from overseas...from other vets no less. Maybe its time we looked at reducing out forces over in Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe putting more of them on the border to protect US lives and property.

And for those who say I chose a picture that is stereotypical image most Norte Americanos have of Mexicans...its Poncho Villa...a Mexican bad guy from about a hundred years ago that also dared cross our border. Gee, how did we take care of business that time? Lets see, oh yeah...the Army hopped on their horses and rode down South of Texas a bit until the problems subsided.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hickok45 gets a hands on look at the new Ruger SR1911

Not really surprised...if I was a manufacturer and I wanted to get some free press on my product I would ship him one as well...pistol looks good...good enough I may just want to go get on myself at some point in the future...

One FTF that looks like it may have been ammo related...

Looks like at "typical" combat ranges that it has more than enough accuracy potential..

Love the way you can see the rounds lob out there against the gong....

Overall pretty impressed with the pistol from looking at this vid...someone commented on YouTube that they have one being shipped for $600! At that price they are sure to fly out the door at dealers....

Man, I love free stuff!

Easter bunny came a day early for me this year in the form of a Priority mail box from the USPS postmarked from Prescott, AZ….look what was inside..


A cool Ruger hat I got for apparently registering my LC9 on line with them when I purchased it.  Poor Kev registered his new Mark III .22 the same way and didn’t get one.


It will join the ranks of my other “weekend hats” as I sometimes call them…check out the names on them…do you see the pattern?




I also just got a new hat from Joe at Crusader Weaponry I bought…but I may have to pry it from my Daughter’s head to wear it first!


The Posse…

When I said in an earlier post that I was going to go shoot with a bunch of old guys….I meant it…

here is a pic of a few of the guys…all are retired except Mark (glasses and beer)..he is an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Korea and the future franchisee of the first ever Tim Horton’s in Seoul..


George, Lynn, Mark and Mark…well over 80 years of combined military experience in this pic….WE’LL DO IT!!

We have some other guys in the informal group with varying ranges of experience to include Rangers and even a Navy SEAL just so we look cool as a group when we all wear our hats….ranks from lowly retired junior NCO’s like myself to Sergeant Majors and even an officer like Mark to make us look good…I am the “newbie” in the group…for now.

The one thing the majority of us have in common is that at one time or another we have all served in the 148th Infantry of the Ohio Army National Guard. In the picture above, George and the Mark on the far right were both FTUS (Full Time Unit Support) AGR (Active Guard-Reserve) members of the 148th – as was myself – basically National Guard members on full time active duty at the armories to plan and support training, perform personnel and pay issues and manage the unit supply and motor operations. It sounds like it would be an easy job being that the units only drill a couple of days a month…but far from it. We have the same inspection and training requirements to meet as active units but basically only 1/12 of the time to do them with all hands on board to assist. The remainder of the time it was just the small group of 2 or 3 full timers around to do it all. Try having to hit the armory at 0400 in order to run vehicles on at 3 hour trip to take them to MATES and then come back and put a full days work in after and not leaving the armory until 2000 that night on the weeks leading up to an inspection…not good for the married life I tell you.

napoleon armory

The Company B 1-148th Infantry armory in Napoleon, Ohio that I worked in from ‘91 – ‘94. Napoleon’s claim to fame is that if you have ever had a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, chances are it was made in Napoleon at the Campbell’s plant there…same with chicken noodle. Other than than it was a auto industry town that has suffered badly since the decline of the auto industry.

The 148th Infantry traces its roots back to the old National Guard lineage of the old 3rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the unit was officially formed on September 15, 1917 for service in WWI. Despite getting in at the tail end of the war, the 148th distinguished itself in battle and the unit’s motto “WE’LL DO IT” come from an episode where the unit vowed to be the first to cross the Escaut River during the war….during which event unit member (supposedly) took turns pissing into the river marking the formerly German held river ceremoniously as their own. Most of the symbols found on the unit crest is derived from WW1, the Fleur-de-lis being from the two campaigns the unit participated in France in, the lion in rampart from the Belgian flag and the wavy red line representing the blood shed by the Regiment taking the Escaut river.


148th Infantry Regimental crest.

When I was in the unit it was common practice to paint a Infantry blue fleur-de-lis on the bumper of each of the battalions’ vehicles. Even though the 148th is a regimental designation, since WWII the unit has only existed as a single battalion…therefore while it is technically incorrect to call it the “148th Infantry Battalion”, it is acceptable in most common conversation to call it such without harm. Sadly, it has come to my attention that this practice has been discontinued and forgotten. It probably happened after Operation Noble Eagle when a “coup” of sorts occurred in our leadership and all of a sudden we went from being called the “WE’LL DO IT” battalion to the “Voodoo Battalion”….excuse me? Did I miss something? When the hell did the unit ever do anything or serve anywhere (other than supporting Hurricane Katrina operations in New Orleans AFTER ONE was done) that would link it to Voodoo at all? They even tried to change our symbol from the fleur-de-lis to some retarded skull and rifle thing…its even on the Global Security website…that sucks!


Just say NO!

Despite the unit record in WWI, its much better known to historians for what it did in WWII in the Pacific Theater. As a member unit of the famed 37th “Buckeye” Division, the 148th fought bravely in the Pacific against a tenacious Japanese opponent that did not give or take quarter and made the unit pay dearly for every foot of ground gained. The unit was called “The Liberators of Manila” for their actions in that city in the Philippines. It was a common saying among veterans and historians of the war that even though the unit did not participate in the Normandy Landings in Europe on D-Day, as far as the ferocity and scale of the fighting that “Manila would do”.

The unit claims seven Medal of Honor winners, including the Famed Private Roger Young, and multiple unit citations to include the Presidential Unit Citation, the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, the Army Superior Unit Award and other foreign decorations.

All in all, with a group made up of guys from that unit…I feel I am in pretty good company.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

And now for something completely different….AthenA


Since I am in such a musical mood today….

Alright, this post has nothing to do with firearms.  It does have to do with a friend and fellow veteran I know by the name of Heather LoveJoy who is the lead singer for a local band called AthenA here in Columbus, Ohio.  She finally got around to posting an actual song on their Reverbnation page so I just had to go and post it here.  Good to see friends doing well.  I am constantly lucky in that regard…

And for those that don’t think that the Army has attractive females in it….


Heather donating hair to Locks of Love, notice the “Leaning Shithouse” patch  as a SSI-FWS  (shoulder sleeve insignia – former wartime service) in the mirror’s reflection…


heather lovejoy

and Smokin’ hot on stage…I rest my case


So any of you in the Central Ohio area or the region that see any bands popping up at your local watering hole with the name AthenA…go support a vet!

Here is their initial song “Let It Go”



…and OK, here’s a pic of a pistol just so I can say I stayed somewhat in the ballpark on this post after all….its the Remington R1 1911…classic A1 styling…

remington r1


The want of the addiction…

Looking at my latest addition to the collection today and thought about all of the firearms I have had go through my hands over the past few years I have jumped into this “hobby”….more than a few.

I have recently become reunited via Email with an old guard buddy named Otto (who runs the web site eBayonet)…he has over 200…way more than me.  I guess I am not alone in my constant addiction to handling and firing new (to me) firearms and owning them.

Savor the addiction..savor the affliction

CGI effects reel for The Walking Dead

Saw this posted on the We The Armed boards yesterday...

"The Walking Dead" Demo Reel 2010 from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

Cool soundtrack...

Man, I figured that they used CGI for a lot of stuff in that show but I didn’t know that so many of the zeds were added in via the computer! I saw some show about the special effects crew and it seemed like they had ample extras. They even talked about “A”, “B” and “C” class zombies being made. “A” being the most realistic for close up shots and “C” being the least for background characters. I guess they used a lot of CGI also.

While I liked the show and thought it was OK, at least better than a lot of other shows on…it was a bit slow for me at points in the plot. Let’s face it, if you are reading this blog and watched the show you were probably like me, expecting (or hoping at least) for a full on assault during every show. I am really looking forward to what the second season brings..

And by the way...Target has the first season on DVD for only $9.99...that will bring a smile to anyones face....provided they still have one of course!

The Walking Dead 1.1 Days Gone By Behind The Scenes Andrew Lincoln

Friday, April 22, 2011

Got a video review of my new G26 for you...not from me, but from Sootch00...I really can't improve on this at all.....

I have posted his M1 carbine video before, he does a really good job with these.

I touched on the G26 on my Glock Family vid, but I really don't think I can do more on it. Lets face it, there pretty much isn't anything I can say about any Glock that hasn't already been said.

It sounds weird, but after carrying my LC9 for the past week I have had second thoughts about keeping the G26...this video made me decided to make it a permanent part of my gun collection...thanks Sootch00!

Had arts & craft time today...

..and came up with this...
Its a target stand. I actually made 2 of them. Next Thursday and Friday I am going shooting with "the Posse". Its an rather informal group of fellow former Ohio National Guardsmen, most of whom - like myself - have some link to the 148th Infantry.

The stands are made with 3/4 inch PVC pipe. The clips are just binder clips I drilled holes in the top cross bar and secured with zip ties. All in all the stand cost me a little over $10 in supplies. The tope part will come off the base for storage and transport. Its lightweight, inexpensive and can be repaired from any damage for the most part by using duct tape if need be. I need to get some sand bags for the base but they should work well.

Its shaping up to be a great shoot. I plan on finally getting my Slipstream ST-1 treatment "burned into" my AR, do some M1 shooting, zero my 10/22 for Appleseed this year, fire up the Mosin and even getting some 00 buck shot patterned from the shotty...and shoot some serious rounds through the Glocks and my new LC9. Pretty much just bringing everything....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, this would of been nice to have last week!

Hickock45 compares the Kahr PM9 (interchangeable with the CM9 for my needs) and the LC9. Of course he can do things with a handgun that I could only hope to do but still...good reviews. And he even comes up to a tough decision between the two of them!

As of right now, I have no buyers remorse on the LC9.

More underwear humor...

...courtesy of Feud over at We The Armed...

What did the General say when told about the ballistic boxers?

He'd already been briefed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

US Military to issue new ballistic.....underwear?

If you've seen the movie Super Troopers you know what this is...

Combat underwear....

Yep, its true...can't make this stuff up. The US Military is going to follow the brits lead and start issuing new ballistic undies made of silk and kevlar to protect the groin, lower abdomen and upper leg regions from minor blast related effects of explosions such as those encountered with IED and suicide bomber blasts. The new undies will not stop bullets or major fragments. They will help stop the penetration of smaller "spall" fragments and dirt and sand from being pushed into the body after being propelled from a blast. Depending on the distance from the blast these secondary projective wounds can range from a mild "strawberry" type rash wounding to more serious injuries that carry the risk of infection from contaminates found in the soil of those areas.

CNN Article on the subject US Troops to get better helmets and "ballistic boxers"

The Brits have been wearing them successfully for a while so the Army is just going to adopt theirs and field them as quickly as possible. It appears the USMC, in typical Marine fashion, will take their time and probably pick a better product...something you can do I guess when you only have about 1/4 the number of folks to equip as the Army does.

But why underwear? When I was in I wore underwear in two basic modes. The first was the basic brown brief style (tighty whiteys....or is it tighty brownies?) in the Winter and Fall, even under the polypro sets of long underwear we were issued. In the late Spring and Summer I would normally "go commando" sans anything at all, and that was a pretty popular choice. The BDU's at the time had a double thick seat in the pants and a flap of material behind the button fly to keep your bits and pieces from peeking through.

I know what your thinking....sexy, right?

If you think about it the Army at the beginning of a war never looks the same as the one at the end. The need for innovation, invention and adoption scales dramatically for the military when bullets are actually flying. The Army that existed at the outset of WW2 largely still used bolt action rifles, wore campaign hats and had officers and NCO's in the field with khaki pants and shirts on. The Army that emerged victorious in 1945 had both cotton and wool field uniforms and was armed with the most advanced (at its time) battle rifle in the world. The bigging of Vietnam saw US personnel in uniforms basically left over from the WW2 and Korean era with M14 's. The one that emerged over a decade later had dedicated jungle uniforms and were armed with the M16. Same hold true for this conflict. When I deployed in 2006 the US Army had already made several changes and were issuing protective items that would of seemed strange only a decade earlier...

  • Each troop was issued a new ACH, or advanced combat helmet to replace the familiar PASGT kevlar helmet..which itself had replaced the venerable "steel pot"
  • Each troop was issued IBA body armor that had the ability to not only carry ballistic plates but also additional panels to protect the front of the groin (the aptly named "pecker proector"), the upper arms, throat and sides of the ribcage.
  • We were given new earplugs that were supposed to protect our hearing while allowing us to communicate as well.
  • We were given nomex aviator gloves to protect against both abrasion and heat related hazards from both the sun and thermal damage from IED blasts.
  • Eye armor was also issued from such "cool" companies as Oakly and Revision.
  • We went from being issued a first aid "kit" which was little more than a woman's maxi-pad with a tail to a mostly complete blow out kit with some extras.
  • Hydration systems were rapidly introduced by Camelbak and others into the supply system to combat the constant threat of dehydration over in the desert.

All of this protection added up to a sizable difference in the life expectancy of the average troop on the line. TBI, or traumatic brain injury, became a new field of study for military doctors due to the nature of IED blasts. Amputees became another familiar site partially due to the new methods of battlefield medicine coupled with the improved body armor were keeping more soldiers alive even after the loss of a limb. Bottom line, the protective measures we now employ in preventing normally life threatening injuries to the head and torso have now made injuries to other, how should I put this, "sensitive" areas more in focus now.

There is always some ware story told by some poor guy who gets shot, blown up or otherwise injured where he talks about the first thing he does is grab for the old family jewels to make sure that they are still there. Come to think about it, your genitals are not only physically pretty vulnerable but also psychologically very vulnerable and one of the items that our current transplant and prosthesis technology really cannot truly replace. More importantly as the article points out, kevlar will be used to help protect the femoral artery, which can cause death by bleeding if severed within minutes.

There are stories of female snipers that the Russians used in WW2 that took great pleasure in shooting German soldiers in the groin. This was done not only to kill and wound the target, but to promote terror in the advancing Germans who followed them and saw their fellow soldat lying on the ground trying to stem the bleeding from where his penis once was.

So lets give some thanks to the makers of this new wonder undies for providing our troops with yet another form of protection to bring them home healthy...and happy..from these distant conflicts.

And now for a video of a soldier being nut shot by simunitions....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now its official....Ruger is making a 1911!

Meet the SR1911...

Damn nice looking gun in stainless I must say...the contrast with the grips looks outstanding on it...

MSRP is $799 and I would expect them to probably start retailing for around $750 or so. Seems like a nicely appointed piece with Novak 3 dot sites, beavertail, skeletonized hammer and trigger and probably the craftsmanship Ruger is known for.

Man, and I just sold my Kimber 1911 to a good friend a few months ago...must...resist...urge.....

Thanks to Jim "The Evil One" over at the WTA forums...


New vid uploaded to YouTube...9mm Glock Family

Posted a vid I've been sitting on for a week or so late last night on my YouTube channel doing a brief rundown on the 9mm Glocks available in production today. As of right now you can still get Gen 3 models, but that will eventually change I suppose. Anyway, check it out if you got a sec.....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crusader Sterlings...

In addition to the fantastic lube Slipstream, Crusader Weaponry also does occasionally make a weapon or two for sale....

One of their projects as of late are custom Sterling SMG's that have been made civilian legal with 16" barrels and single shot only innards. The Sterling was the evolution of the legendary Sten SMG the Brits used in WWII taken to the next level. Now Crusader takes it the next level after that with their rendition that includes, of course, Slipstream as a standard feature...as well as some custom painting apparently...

Again, I don't get paid from these guys to promote their stuff...Both Joe and George (the founders) are "webfriends" and I really think that they work hard to bring a quality product to the public...effort like that needs to be noticed.

I should add as a home defense weapon, using a 16" barrel, a 9mm +P round will equal the muzzle energy of a .357 Magnum round with accuracy out to 100+ meters a pistol can't hope to match. Not bad for a "wimpy" 9mm round, eh?

Below is George with one of their Sterlings under what appears to be a beautiful Utah sky...like that hat? Me too, got one on the way...booyah!

Follow up on the LC9...range report

Quick range report from Saturday (sorry no pics, forgot to bring the camera). OK, snuck out to get a haircut and ran to the Powder Room to try the new LC9 out...got lucky, the place was slow so I got right on the range and was able to shoot and get in and out in about 20 minutes. Before I started carrying this I wanted to make sure I knew how it shot. I brought a box of Blazer 115 gr. FMJ and about 20 or so Magtech 124gr +P HP rounds to shoot.

Quick thoughts...

  • All rounds fired with no issues....no FTF/FTE...exactly what I expected from others reports...
  • The trigger pull is long..way long, best to forget about staging it per the LCP and just fire it like a DA revolver...I got the hang of it after a few rounds easily enough...
  • The trigger was smoother than I remember the display one being in the store...just long...reminds me of the Ruger Security Six I got rid of (sniff...sniff)
  • First couple of rounds went a bit low and left, probably from moving the pistol getting used to the long DA trigger....overcame that in the first mag...
  • After that first mag, at about 3 - 4 yards with single aimed fire I was able to keep all the rounds in the "X" ring....
  • Doing the same with slow fire I was able to keep everything withing the "7" ring, including flyers..
  • At 7 yards I was easily able to keep everything in the "kill zone" of the target, even when simulating holster draws pulling the pistol up from a low ready and quickly firing..
  • Recoil is not bad, average with standard rounds and harsher with +P, of course...
  • With +P the pistol barks like a spanked puppy..
Again, sorry no pics, wasn't thinking. Initial range impressions make me think I made the right er choice...yeah, the CM9 trigger would of been way better, but I don't think I will have a trouble getting used to this one either.

Friday, April 15, 2011

So I did participate in BAG day after all....

I caved and got..........wait for it.........the LC9

Just came down to a matter of preference. After looking at them side by side again the LC9 just felt better in my hand. I figure I can get a pair of "line and dot" style sights for it at some point and since the sights were dovetailed in they would be easier to replace. The trigger squeeze is another thing all together, but I think I can get used to it...its much like the LCP, which I don't have any issues with anymore.

The LC9 (top) next to the LCP...notice the family resemblance..

As far as the safeties go on it, it seems I can get around the mag disconnect, don't even notice the loaded chamber flag and the thumb and key safeties can be ignored. I had an Uncles Mikes #1 IWB el cheapo holster that works for now...more work for Luke Adams in the future. I splurged and got another mag for it ($40...ouch) but would rather have and not need than need and not have and do it now rather than later.

One thing Ruger has done is to perfect that minimalist motif with their packaging.

More review on it (and the new G26) to follow. And thanks to the two guys who responded so quickly today, I appreciate it...even if you both said to go the other way with the Kahr! I did take you words under advice...but the Ruger just felt better. The Kahr is obviously a great pistol too. I felt it almost felt "too small" in my hands...weird coming from a guy who carried a LCP I know. What I was thinking was how the slightly bigger frame and weight might help in recoil. Again, I think my decision was a win-win type scenario anyway.

So whats good a gun without ammo? Also bought 2oo rounds of 5.56mm, 100 rounds of 9mm and 50 rounds of 00 buck for BAG day too!

CM9 or LC9...decsions...decisions...

Tough choices are the hardest because they are, well, tough...

Well, I have been eying getting one of those single stack 9mm pistols that I have a poll up for over the past few weeks. I figure it would be a nice compromise between my Glocks (which are service caliber but kind of bulky) and my LCP (which is a joy to carry but chambered in the "mild" .380 ACP). I have been trying to tailor my purchases to a particular need or niche I feel I might have for it and this is one pistol that makes sense.

I recently purchased a G26 "sub-compact" Glock which is similar in height and length to the models I have been looking at, but still has that Glock thickness to it. Its a great pistol and I don't see me getting rid of it (it is now my permanent "truck gun"). What I am looking for is something that is a bit thinner. "Thin is In" as the Kahr adds say. While height may be the attribute that contributes most to a pistol printing in your clothing, thickness is what I have determined is the most important in comfort.

There are more than a few "thin" compact 9's to choose from out there today. The Kel-Tec PF9, Kel-Tec P11, Kimber Solo, Kahr PM9/CM9, Ruger LCP, SIG P290 seem to be the ones everyone keeps talking about so I looked at them. The original point of the poll I posted was to get a feeling of what others thought of my choices. I originally wanted to buy one for the unofficial "BAG - Buy A Gun day" tomorrow (actually today when you read this) but ran into some issues deciding.

I have had good experiences with Kel-Tec before and I am sure there stuff is good. However I "upgraded" a P-3AT to my LCP for aestetics and I am sure the same urge would befall me again so I am dropping them from consideration, even though they would be the cheapest to get. The Kimber (while the nicest I think I have handled in the store), Kahr PM9 and Sig just plain outpriced themselves...$700 is steep for a pocket gun in my book. This left the Ruger LC9 and Kahr CM9 left to look at.
The Kahr CM9 is a "value" version of their already established PM9 pistol. Instead of a polygonal grooved barrel it relies on a standard profile barrel, a slide with less CNC machining, a pinned front site in lieu of a dovetail and a MIM slide stop and other MIM parts to reduce costs. It is a striker fired pistol using a patented design which moves the frame operation off center of the barrel so the barrel can sit lower, giving it a closer bore-to-axis alignment and making it a bit shorter than its market rivals. Being a striker fired design the cocking of the slide puts the firing pin under partial tension and the trigger pull just finishes the job and releases the striker. It is a real decent system and when dry firing at the store trigger is SMOOOOOOTH!! There is absolutely no stacking on it and it is light throughout the trigger pull to boot. The sights are very easy to acquire and its the smaller pistol between it and the LC9. It does cost more a bit ($469 vs $399) and the mag sticks out ever so much when inserted, strange but not a deal breaker.

The Ruger LC9 is the "big brother" to my LCP. I really want to like this pistol as it just seems to be logical to go with the next evolution of a pistol that already works for me. The LC9 is bigger than the CM9 by just a bit, the difference is hard to tell when holding them side by side because, in my opinion, the LC9 has a much more "melded" look to it with the side and frame being more rounded. It is a hammer fired design that the trigger must cock and fire all on one stoke. That stroke is LONG and stacks quite a bit from my limited testing. Its is like the LCP trigger in a lot of ways so I think I could get used to it. There are a number of people out there that have issues with the number of "extra" safeties that Ruger has included on this pistol

  • Loaded Chamber indicator...a huge loaded chamber indicator
  • Thumb Safety.....it seems to be more at home in the "off" position and can be ignored I guess
  • Magazine drop safety...a biggie for some people, I can live with it I guess...
  • An internal key safety..had one on the Bersa, S&W 637 and M&P and Taurus pistols..again, I can ignore them if I want.

Basically, its a gun that can be sold anywhere...even in those "evil" states, so I guess this is a nod to Ruger for making a pistol that anyone can buy anywhere (as long as its been put on the list of "acceptable" pistols in those states).

Again, I really want to like the LC9...the trigger may be a deal breaker...but it does come in at my local place for $399. Both pistols come with only 1 magazine so for the price of the CM9 I can get the LC9 with tax and an additional mag.

Big brother and little brother....could this possibly be my own picture in a few days?


At this point I am at a toss up between these two. I doubt neither one of these will spend much time in my pocket...I will keep the LCP as my only true "pocket rocket" because it just cannot really be beat for size and weight vs. caliber in my book. The "winning" pistol will be used as a lightweight carry piece that still shoots a service caliber round.

The choice comes down to the pistol I feel comfortable in buying (LC9) versus the one I think may be more comfortable with (CM9). The PM9 seems to be highly regarded and the Kahr name carries a lot of prestige in the "thin gun" market. Both these pistols are under 1" in thickness so as far as thin goes, both make the cut. Weight wise the Ruger is about 1.8 ounces heavier, but again that difference is subjective, just like the comparative size. Ruger on the other hand, despite some semi-harsh words I have said about them, has shown to be a decent, honest company that is making quality products. Yes, they may be a bit on the shallow side on innovation, but I can honestly say I have not really seen a turkey from them. Sure they have had some recall issues in the past, but they have dealt with them openly and honestly and have done the public right. At least both companies are American born and bred so I will win on that factor either way I swing my final decision.

Give me some input people please.

Changed my banner pic...

Much more appropriate now!!!

Thanks to The Every Day No Days Off Blog!

Ohio SB17...resturaunt carry

Lately the national news has been full of talk about Ohio SB5 (Senate Bill 5) that would drastically alter how collective bargaining would be done by government employees and other issues affecting the financial future of the state. Locally here , there has been a lot of press about another bill, SB17..our attempt to allow law abiding citizens the right to carry into establishments that serve alcohol, as long as they don't consume it themselves. It has passed the Ohio Senate but tonight seems to be hung up in the Ohio House of Representatives due to some lack of Republican support. If it does pass and goes before Gov. Kasich to sign this will be an interesting test if he lives up to the "pro-gun" billing he tried to give himself during the election despite his past record of lukewarm gun bill friendliness.

Those of us on the side of the bill point out that this will allow us to go to a Applebees or Ruby Tuesdays type establishment and eat a meal while armed (and without alarming our fellow diners mind you) without having to disarm in the parking lot unnecessarily. It would also allow the carrying of weapons into formal bars, but that is not the spirit of the law, and even then the licensed CCW holder would not be able to drink either. Guns combined with Alcohol is not only foolish and dangerous, but recognized as illegal on both sides of the argument.

What the other side does to shout down this proposal is drag out the same old arguments that "guns + alcohol = killings" and this law will result in mass shootings in bars and restaurants and the like. The meat of their argument fails to recognize 2 basic facts:

  1. During the two previous legislative efforts on CCW in the state, the initial bill to allow it and the "Castle Doctrine" law that followed, they pulled out the same scare and drama tactics about shootings in the street and homeowners shooting at every shadow in the dark....both proved false. There has been no rise in shootings involving CCW holders and the Castle Doctrine has been used very sparingly in court as a defense to boot.
  2. They keep talking about shootings in bars that would occur neglecting to mention the fact that these types of shootings ARE ALREADY OCCURRING! Yep, despite the "law" to protect them, people are being shot in bars and more often out in the parking lot by people packing anyway illegally, and whom I bet would not be able to legally purchase one anyways.

I am not some "card carrying NRA vote what they tell me" type of guy. I do believe in using your own God given power of reasoning to choose your own decision. I have stated before that I think that having some type of background check required at a gun show (private sales, commercial already uses them) makes sense and that the use of straw purchasers needs to be addressed. It just makes common sense.
North, South, East or West...any direction I travel outside of Ohio they have already allowed restaurant carry and have not had issues...damn Ohio...

What makes common sense in this case to me is that if there is already known instances of people (criminals) carrying illegally without regard to the current laws anyway, I should be able to carry to protect myself and my family legally.

If more proof is needed take a look at the following video of the poster girl for restaurant and concealed carry, former Texas House of Representatives member Suzanna Hupp..who lost both parents in the Luby's Cafeteria massacre in Killeen, TX in 1991.

BAG - Buy A Gun Day

Today is unofficial BAG - buy A Gun day. I had originally planned on doing so but now find myself conflicted on what to get. Oh well, if you do buy a gun today, congrats!

Dear Gaston......Single Stack 9mm please..

Dear Gaston,

So, how have you been lately? I hope you guys at Glock had a good SHOT show and it seems your sales are still strong as I had to actually wait to buy a G26 last month. Good for you!
You might remember me as the guy who wrote another open letter to you asking to have the front of all of your pistols "melded" like on the G26 or G34 pistols. Just makes sense to me and I think it looks good to. I could of other ideas I would like to run by you.
  1. Could you guys do something with your website? I don't mean to sound...well..mean, but it could use some more "pizazz"...or maybe "farbenpracthtig" is more applicable here. Don't get me wrong, you site has all the bases covered in your product line up offerings, specs and such...but a little flash (literally, as in Adobe Flash) could go a long way in really making it nice. You guys have the Gunny for a spokesman for crying out loud..at least put a couple of vids with him on it, at least on the US page. Maybe some flash animation or such to virtually operate or disassemble a G17.
  2. Give us a small, single stack 9mm Glock. I don't know if you have notices, but small, single stack 9mm compact pistols are all the rage these days. Go down to your local news stand and take a look at the cover of the gun rags on sale there. Chances are more than a couple will have pics or stories on the Ruger LC9, SIG P290, Kimber Solo or other such pistols. I picked up a G26 as a compact 9mm recently. It surely is smaller than either my G34 (duh) or my G19..but it does retain one feature of those guns..the width. Generally I have never really complained about the width of your pistols, its always been part of the package and I have rolled with it. Not in a "pocket" gun though (although its a stretch to consider many of these new 9mm compacts pocket guns). I think if you came up with a slimmer version of your G26 in single stack config with a 6+1 capacity under 1" in thickness, maybe knock 1/2" off the overall length or so... the faithful masses would flock to it like kids to ice cream.
So there you are, just a couple of things to mull over in your spare time. Hope you have a good summer, look forward to putting many rounds through your products this year.