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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pirates are not that cool...they suck..

Generally speaking, when you ask the common person on the street about pirates these days chances are this is what's going through their head when they start thinking about the subject...

...and not this guy right here...

Unfortunately, this guy is the pirate you need to be worried about these days if you're trolling around the Northeast Coast of Africa in the Gulf of Aden region...the Somalia pirate. I have stopped even remotely from feeling sorry for these ass wipes and their plight to feed their families and such and being forced to go from being peaceful fishermen into ruthless pirates to make a living...blah..blah...blah. Peaceful fishermen don't carry AK's and RPG's and don't kill 4 defenseless hostagess either!

Now these bastards have a Dutch family, including children, in their clutches and are threatening to kill them if any attempt on freeing them is made. The bastards have some 600 hostages in total from nations across the world in captivity trying to ransom them. I am sure that at least some of the money being made in this racket is going to extremest groups operating in the area. This crap needs to stop..

First off people STOP TRAVELING IN THE AREA!! Unless your name is Casey Ryback and you used to serve on the USS Missouri, you are probably not skilled enough to take care of yourself and your family from a gang of ruthless pirates. Just don't even get close to the area.

"I'm just a cook..."

Secondly, for those people whose job it is to sail in these waters in the name of commerce..we need to put the MARINE back in Merchant Marine. Get armed people..I know there is all this crap about arming merchant ships and stuff...but hell...is it worth it to argue semantics over getting shot?!!? If not you, get some armed guards that you hire to protect yourselves...I would bet a crew served automatic weapon or some flaming treats tossed from a deck onto pirates in smaller crafts below would be very effective...

Lastly, as a nation and part of a world economy we can't let this crap go on! Patrolling the gulf and interdicting AFTER a seizure has taken place is only a reactionary response. We need to get proactive...lets go bomb some pirate ports in Somalia. Cut the head off of the serpent. I am sure some foreign nations would go in with us on this...matter of fact lets see what the comrades from Mother Russia think about pirates...

Yeah, thats right...a guy is shot and they just stand there pumping him for info instead of administering aid like us Americans will do....you know, they may be former(?) communist thugs...but man, sometimes you just can't argue with methods like these.

Seriously, I am not trying to make light of the tragedies of those lost and killed by these scumbags, nor am I trying to make light of the plight of the Somali people..many of whom have settled here in Central Ohio (and one who thought it would be good idea to try and blow up one of our malls too I guess). But again, this crap has gone too far...in days gone by they would hang pirates from gallows at the entrance to ports as a warning to all others to stay away...a fleet of burning pirate ships with the bodies of their former crew floating in the burning water becoming shark bait might just be the message we need to send..

lastly, from my old friend Kevin from high school (he's the guy sitting next to me in the pic from my Khadafi post) comes this little gem of humor....so sad its only satire and not reality..I've been wanting to take the family on a cruise for a while...

Here’s an exciting opportunity for the vacation traveler who wants something a little different…



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In fact, we make three passes through the area's most treacherous waters to ensure maximum visibility by Somali mother ships.

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-- Mike W., Savannah , GA


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Huey said...

wow...just thinking..the fact that this actually made it to snopes is pretty funny in itself!

Anonymous said...

Man where do I sign up for this trip??? Sounds like the ultimate "Hogans Alley" experiance.

Anonymous said...

Man where do I sign up for that trip??? Sounds like the ultimate "Hogens Alley" experiance to me!!

apirateslifeforme said...

You know if it werent for us pirates money would not circulate as well as it does (and obviously even now its not as good as it was...theres not many of us working very hard anymore) and what about the other pirates you failed to mention? the ones that steal from your internet, they download thousand dollar software without paying a dime, they get free hardware delivered to their doorstep without setting foot into the seas...those internet nerds are becoming better pirates than us...and it makes me sad...but on another note, ive got some good dollars on my hands