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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here...turn the page(s).

In like a lion...out like a lamb...isn't that what they say?

Over the past 2 consecutive months I have set personal bests for blogging on this page in terms of total numbers of posts, 44 in January and then 52 in February. As Van Halen sang "Yes, I'm livin' at a pace that kills" (but the devil is not who I run with). Yeah, not everything I write is an in depth essay or review. To be truthful, a lot of it is stuff that I have found online that other people have posted and just reposted with my 2 cents added. My muse gets lazy sometimes....

The vast majority of stuff I write is done at night both before and after my wife and daughter have gone to bed. I actually split my time publishing on here about 50/50 between the built in publishing tool on Blogger and also by using Windows Live! Writer (one of the few reasons I have not just totally gone over to Ubuntu as my sole operating system).

Ubuntu is African for "kicks ass" (and yes that is a G26 on the top of the cube)

I normally schedule posts to go live on the blog throughout the day so as to give people a reason for returning periodically, although coming back each morning or evening will generally suffice. Depending on the subject, I try and do as much research as I can in the time I dedicate and bring whatever I find relevant or interesting to the post. Sometimes I draw on my own past experiences or those of others. Other times I just pull a subject out of the air and find out something new. Weapon reviews seem to be the hardest because they generally entail A.) getting a hold of a firearm to examine, sometimes at my own cost, and B.) getting it to the range to shoot. Some of you may have excellent access to ranges that you can attend at will. Where I live outdoor ranges are limited and indoor ranges are generally crowded when I can actually get to one and cost some dough as well. And then there is the time thing again...

Its not that I mind the time I spend on this hobby, but on occasions this does seem more like a job than a hobby. Since my readership has somehow grown in the past few months (it took me over a year to get 100,ooo page views and now I have done 25,000 more in just under 2 months) I feel more and more obligated to try and come up with some intriguing, interesting or just plain old standard fodder to put out here to serve no other purpose than a placeholder to entertain and, hopefully, enlighten. Trouble is, I am coming up short on ideas. Someone once told me if your passion turned into a job than it either wasn't a passion anymore or you were the luckiest SOB in the world.

The break from blogging yesterday to honor the memory of Frank Buckles gave me pause to think about some other things I can do to improve this place.

I have often thought about moving this blog to another hosting service such as Wordpress, which a lot of my fellow gun bloggers seem to use and like. Problem is, much like my muse, I too am lazy sometimes (a lot of the time according to Household-6)...besides I kind of like it here and am used to using the tools on this blog. So maybe moving is in the future and maybe not...kind of on the fence..squatting here on Blogger for free is nice though...still maybe I can make some improvements.

You may have noticed a link to "Pages" in the right hand column near the top right above "About me"...go ahead and take a look...matter of fact click on the "test page" link here...Robert Shaw in one of the best performances ever put to the silver screen...cool. In the next few weeks where you will see some more pages start appearing (and the title changed from "pages" to something decidedly more cooler sounding) with some static links to stuff I want to keep available to you for easier reference than just using the generic search bar in the upper left corner of the blog. I have not decided on all of the pages I will produce but a few in "pre production" now are..

  • Reviews: putting all my reviews on one page so that people can get to the posts that (counter wise) are most viewed on here.
  • Goods and Services: Links to articles about products and direct links to the stores themselves that I personally have used and recommend. Remember, I am not a paid spokesperson for them nor do I generate any revenue from this site or their sales.
  • Videos: Sometimes I find a good gem on YouTube and post it here..they will go here so you can have a single source for viewing them.
  • Gallery: Same as videos but with pictures..sometimes with more of a detailed caption than what was originally on the blog.
  • Tech Talk: Technology is what I do for a living and, while a lesser passion than firearms, still a passion. Talk more about Ubuntu and things of that nature there.
In addition I am still going over stuff I have started to write about in the past but never finished. I have reviews to write on guns that I no longer own or have access to, some from over a year ago (the SKS will finally have its day on this blog soon!). All should be pushed out shortly if I still feel it has a place here or any current relevance.

So thats where I stand close to 3 years into this blog with 497 articles posted and close to 200,000 page hits between both the old and new counters included. All in all, not too shabby for a guy just plugging away on a hobby. So for all those that have come to this blog..both day after day and even for those "one and done" types..again I say "Thank you" for taking the time to visit. I doubt I will keep up the same pace as the last few months on posting..but hopefully will make up in quality what I may lack in quantity in the future. Either way, I will continue to be on the gunsight for the foreseeable future.

I was going to post a picture of a lamb to end this post..but after last weeks rant..."in like a lion..out like a RAM!"

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