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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Idiot BS on Armslist..

Came across this listing today on Armslist.com...

If you have no money then stay off this site. A gun is worth what someone will pay for it. If you buy a gun new you have tax and background checks. If you buy a gun from a private owner you can get around a lot of BS. So please don't spout off about how a Glock is not worth $450.00 They sell for more and you are just out of work. Sometimes you get a deal sometimes you break even. It's about getting around the system and finding guns to trade. I love not having to meet gun dealers and put up with all there BS just to buy a gun. If someone charges to much and they don't sell their gun thats on them. If we get more then trade at a dealer which only pays half of the guns worth...please it's the dealers who rip people off. Shut the hell up!

What the hell...shut up you idiot...you make those of us who may want to privately buy and sell a firearm sound like criminals that want to avoid any type of scrutiny or background check...gee the anti's will love that type of talk. Like I have said before, anytime I have sold a firearm privately I have always preferred to deal with my friends or people who can produce a CCW to prove that they have passed a background check. This guy is just a whiny dick.

Another poster feels the same way...
holy shi* Can you believe all these whiny, ass-hurt pussies? Why does anyone even care how much a gun is. how f**king hard is it to just say to yourself "ooh thats expensive, i dont want that" and just move along. Do you really think that whoever posted whatever you thought was expensive even cares? Fu*k no they dont. they are probably laughing at how pissed you got over something that isnt yours. All your doing is making yourself look stupid. Especially the douchebags who are bitching about taxes and background checks.

1. If you dont want to do a background check thats fine but dont get on here and post about how you like to avoid them. it makes you sound like a criminal and gives the anti-gunners something more to bitch about.

2. Taxes aint sh**. Do you buy gas or cigarettes? those have too much tax. you pay tax on everything you buy. its not like its a new concept.

Sorry but im so tired of coming to this site and having to sift through all the bullsh*t to look at some damn guns. GROW THE FU*K UP
Dude, I agree with you...checking out the online listings on this and others sights is frustrating as hell. I dunno, maybe the reason people as such high prices is so that people who want to avoid a background check will be forced to pay it to buy from them...man, sometimes we are our own worst enemy in the gun community.


greg said...

First time on this site, i didn't expect this kind of drama. I kinda agree with both of you. Even though i don't care about show or having a check done on me, my son is firmly against it also. So this could go either way..good luck everyone..Greg

Anonymous said...

This is America...you shouldn't need background checks and paperwork to buy a gun any more that you need a background check to buy a hammer...guns are tools. How the tool is used is the issue...not the tool itself.
If people want to voluntarily give their name and info to the state to buy a gun that's fine...but if they don't that's fine to...its supposed to be a free country of free individuals.
I can see why people would pay a little more to keep off the state list or to avoid giving the state any more money. The state sucks.
I thought people supporting state's rights over individual gun owners rights was more of a communist thing to do...maybe there are more communist in this country than I thought.
Americans support free individuals...Communists support the state.

Huey said...

well, if you are calling me a communist I cry BS....

Theres a big difference between buying a hammer and buying a Glock in my book, yes they are both tools but please name something the Glock can do other than what it was designed for?

"The State sucks" Well, in some ways it does. But I bet if you are reading this blog then you probably also support the troops. Are they also not the state? I am always weary of hearing anti-government rhetoric whenever I am on the net, especially those that go as far as to suggest a no government system would be the best. Really? So what that is saying to me is that if have a house and another individual shows up with enough force to take it, well thats just fine because it was one individual against another? There are only 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence, does that mean only those 56 individuals and their dependents are free men in this country, of course not. That document was signed by representatives of the 13 colonies...the "state" as it was at that time.

The state trying to control who may or may not purchase firearms via bona fide qualifiers like felony records and citizenship status is really what they are supposed to do, do what is best for the common good. We pull drivers licences from people with multiple DUI's don't we? Everybody if fine with that apparently.

So the state deciding somebody convicted of assault should be barred from buying a firearm is ok in my book, them telling me how and when I should carry is where I start to draw the line.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I called anyone any names...did I?
As far as a difference in tools, there was not much difference in buying tools and guns until about 1968 with the passage of the gun control act. No paper work, no FFL, no background check was needed before then as the modern ATF was just being formed.
In early America there was NO gun control. People freely bought and sold without government interference.
The only job for the state/government in a free country is to protect our freedom/our liberties...
I don't think I ever said "no government is best" so I don't know who your are asking "really?"
As far as your "taking my house" scenario, as I mentioned, the one thing government is supposed to do is protect our freedom... your not free if someone is stealing your property. If people are allowed to steal from others, the ones who have been stolen from are slaves to the thieves...not free. So, yes, we pay police to come over and stop the aggressor....or we stop the aggressors ourselves...sometimes with guns. When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
We are free to do as we please as long as we do not harm others...
The state is supposed to protect individual liberty...not "the common good". The common good is a communist term...In America the individual rights are supposed to be stronger than the state.
Not sure why you think people need papers/license to travel from point A to point B in a free country. Right to travel has been determined in many court cases. Driving is defined by the state as "for hire".
If someone is driving and caused damage to someone else they should be taken to court by the victim and then be jailed/fined. I don't see how taking away a piece of paper keeps anyone from driving. I lost my license for a while but my car worked just fine.
In America people are suppose to be judged and jailed only for damages they commit to other individuals...not damages they might cause. The state should never be the victim in a free country. If a person assaulted someone they should be convicted of assault and jailed/fined, whatever, but I don't see why their gun rights should be taken away.
It is the state that does tell you how and when to carry...who else would?...maybe the feds. I guess.
Look at Illinois....you can own a gun as long your registered to the state with a FOID card...however, you can't take it with you anywhere for protection...there is no open carry or conceal carry anywhere in the state.
That is the state telling you how and when to carry.
So, I guess you might want to start drawing your line.

Think American said...

A lesson about Capitalism and the "Common Good"....

Kennedy Pope said...

I always enjoy reading the various comments on guns, gun control, and fair government. As a private FFL dealer I encourage people to do business in a manner that satisfies their conscience. A private guns sale between individuals in most states is legal without any paperwork, (please check your state law). Everything is only worth what you as an individual is willing to pay. It’s funny how someone can complain about the information or content on a free website. Maybe they should go to New York and camp with the other deadbeats that feel they are owed something. I would love to be put out of business by a repeal of all gun control laws, while the NICS check and form 4473 will take all of 10 minutes out of your day it also serves to protect you the buyer, if you are an honest and moral individual. Of the 38 signers of the constitution from 12 states all but 3 were considered hard line God fearing men. They believed that only a moral people were capable of being free. John Adams said “Our constitution was only made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. My question is why people believe that buying a firearm through the legal process somehow puts them on a government hit list. If someone can explain this to me I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

To Kennedy pope:

The gun control noose is tightening (slowly though it may be). Automatic or suppressed weapons are illegal, (I consider requiring expensive licenses for rights making something illegal. Should we have a poll tax?)
Someday this country will decide handguns are violent and unnecessary. Or possibly semiautomatic weapons willare be the target. The right to bear arms will be confined to.single shot hunting rifles or some.other narrow construct.

When that day happens, all the government will need to do is go down its list of gun owners, requisition the guns in violation, and notify the owners that warrants will be issued if the guns are not accounted for by a certain date.

Ever seen Australia's mountain of firearms for the melting?

Privately purchased.gun owners can peacefully protest these atrocious laws without being quite so likely to get into trouble.

I think this day is closer than many people think.

Anonymous said...

I know it's been stated above but, I prefer private sales because I don't want my name on "the list". When the SHTF I don't expect any fed stormtroopers to show up looking for anything because my name isnt on the list.
That being said, I DO EXPECT to pay more from a private individual than a dealer. I am paying for convenience and also, that firearm is worth more to an individual who has maybe one or two to sell than a dealer who has hundreds. Most of the people I know that sell firearms are doing so to upgrade or financially support their arms addiction. lol.
The point is, if you want a private sale, you should have NO expectation of paying wholesale or even retail prices. Get over it or go to a dealer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's the same old argument over and over!!! Gun control and or restrictions of any type SUCKS ...background checks,registration, permits ...they mean nothing to a "criminal ",they always have and always will have access to guns...all the paper trails in the world will never change that fact! !! I firmly believe an armed citizen is a safe citizen! !I don't believe gun ownership is a moral or ethical argument it's just a yuppy political platform to take away from serious issues that politicians don't want us to focus on...I wish they would just leave us the hell alone...I have loved guns all my life, I have passed that love to my son and many other people in my life ...I hunt, target shoot, and have never wanted to or intend to harm a human with a gun ....so why should I have to be scrutinized by any one about how many, what caliber, or what type of guns I own? You want to make this country safer?...ban cancer, ban alcohol, ban cars...they kill far more than guns every day! !!

Anonymous said...

I have purchased privately and through multiple ffl dealers. I believe you do get what you pay for and if you want to pay more for a used gun "which could be over used, abused, or not in prime working order" or even just to get a deal than good for you. But if you buy privately just to stick it to the man, you need help. The "hit list"? Honestly if you think that radically you best be only paying in cash for bullets, additions, and all that goes with that firearm. What about the micro chips, cell phone tracking, security cameras?? If your doing it all to keep it a secret then you best not even buy it. Too much work to hide all your life.

Anonymous said...

I am in my late 60's. I remember buying automatics and revolvers through the mail. Parcel Post. Absolutely NO paperwork buying in a store. Also you must remember 40 to 50 years ago older people were around who remember when everyone had a small gun in their pocket in the 1900's. The USA is suppose to be NON-Intrusive in its citizen's lives. I believe it should split up now along cultural lines.