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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I want to see your EBR's!! send pics..

Last month I posted about my AR (aka an EBR....evil black rifle) being "complete" finally....now I want to see yours.

On the right column of the page I have my email address for this blog ...of course you know to replace the _at_ with an actual "@" sign when you type it in your email address field. I made the mistake of putting my actual address typed out and fell victim to the bots of marketing which comb this site for data...getting plenty of offers to buy viagra and all sorts of junk now...

...anyway, send me pics of your EBR...whether its an AR, AK, Sig or whatever you use as your primary zombie blaster...include some info if you want about it....once I have a couple I will start posting them as my "gun of the week" (or month depending on how many I get...hell, I get enough I may have a gun of the hour posting!). Please also give me a name to associated with it...if not I will use the first part of your email address/first name just to give it identity.

Ideally what I would like to do is have enough to post a "gun of the week" each week, have a poll run each month for the "gun of the month" of the previous month and then have another run off annually to have a "gun of the year" for the blog. The winner of that I will provide some type of swag gift that does not involve a 4473 form to transfer (sorry, my pockets aren't THAT deep!).

Hope to hear from you!

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JesseL said...

These are my EBRs. Nothing special, a Romanian AK with a bit of Bulgarian furniture and an Olympic AR. I took both through the advanced carbine class taught by George Hill a couple years ago and they ran without hiccups.