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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to the 1911..

I am one of the last on board the birthday train today for this American classic, my arm hurts to type and I really can't add a lot more about this pistol that hasn't already been said, but I would be remiss on a blog such as this not to take time to mark this occasion...

It was 100 years ago today that the Pistol, Model 1911, .45 ACP was officially adopted by the US Army for use and issue as the standard sidearm of the military. That was a position that it would retain for over 70 years until unseated by the M9. What a glorious history it has had since its inception. It has helped fight aggression abroad and crime at home. It has won wars as well as National Gold Cup matches. In every occasion for which it has been called to serve, the vernerable design of John Moses Browning has provided a sense of comfort and power few other pistols can lay claim to. Hell, one is even credited with shooting down a Japanes Zero! In another encounter, a 1911 was able to take out an advancing German tank!! Just check it out...

OK, that was from Saving Private Ryan...but the accomplishments of the 1911 are many for sure.

Makes me wish I still had one...


Yeah, thats right I sold mine. I sold mine to a friend as his first pistol. It was the same guy I wrote about that I took to the range to familiarize himself with shooting. I took the LCP, the G19 and the Kimber 1911 so he could test out different sizes and calibers. I meant to steer him into a Glock as he would be able to get the excellent "first responder" discount from Glock. He went for the 1911 like a duck to water. Who can blame him? Great ergonomics, a reputation for reliability and power and classic lines draw people to it like moths to flame. After seeing how he enjoyed it so much (and also taking a serious look at my needs and the entire 9mm effectiveness thing I have spoken of before) I "made him an offer her couldn't refuse' to buy it. I am glad, not that I got rid of the pistol necessarily, but that a new shooter got such a great gun to start out with and I know my friend will take care of it.

But all of that is for another post at another time...today I just say "Happy Birthday 1911!"

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