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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GSSF shooting

Glock has its own shooting league called the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation, or simply the GSSF. Its purpose is to encourage enjoyment of the shooting sports by Glock owners in a variety of competitive formats. Being that I am a certifiable "Glock Fanboy" as they say, it was only natural that I would at some point gravitate to this sport. While Glock does host matches nationwide, there is nothing really available locally in Central Ohio that offers GSSF matches other than Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware. I grabbed Kevin and we both took off last month for our first taste of the GSSF.

The "real" matches consist of IDPA like courses of fire on an outdoor range. At Blackwing they have to use the indoor pistol range as there is not an outdoor centerfire range available there. Kev and I have been shooting on a modified indoor course of fire that basically consists of shooting 5 strings of 10 rounds a piece at a standard Glock "tombstone" target at various ranges using both one and two handed grips.

  • Stage 1: 3 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 2: 5 yards, weak hand, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 3: 7 yards, dominant hand, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 4: 10 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 5: 15 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
10 points are scored for hitting in the "X" or "10 rings", 8 points for the "8" ring and 5 points for any other round on the target. February was our first shoot and this past Saturday was our second match. I have only gotten a score for the first match where I shot a 453/500 and tied for 21st place out of the field. The one handed shooting really needs some work by me in order to make up some of those lost points.

I am currently shooting a Glock G34 in 9mm with a 3.5# connector, Warren Sevigny Tactiacl sights with a fiber optic front post, tungsten guide rod and a reduced power recoil spring. I will review this pistol further in the near future.

The competition is conducted as a series of 3 monthly matches whose overall score across the 3 matches determines the overall winner. Prizes are awarded based upon the number of people entered but generally result in a free Pistol for the winner and either Glock merchandise or cash for the runner ups. The big thing for me is that if you attend 2 of the 3 matches you are entered in a drawing for a second chance prize which often results in another free Glock being given out. Being that I already own the G34 (review pending) and G19 with the G26 on the way, I may want a G17 to "round out" my family of Glock 9mm's, or maybe go for something along the lines of a G36 or G21 for a .45. That is of course IF I win!

The cost is somewhat reasonable for the league. There is a $35 membership fee for a years membership in the GSSF which entitles you to shoot in any sanctioned event and be eligible for prizes. The event fee itself at this location is $15 per run, with multiple runs allowed. So last month it seemed pretty steep to pay $50 to basically shoot 50 rounds, but this month $15 was not all that unbearable.

You also get two other big perks for being a GSSF member (other than a hat which they have yet to send me!)

  1. The GSSF is now an affiliate member of the CMP, so you can use it to go get a M1 Garand!
  2. You get a voucher yearly to purchase a Glock at a significantly discounted rate ($425 for a base model).

Now that is sweet!

Here's a quick video of me shooting last Saturday to show you the course of fire. I was not satisfied with my performance then and still am not now. However, I do feel that I am still shooting well enough for defensive purposes, especially given the time restraints put on each string to acquire and shoot that many rounds in succession.

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