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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Glock G34…the Practical/Tactical model….

You know I noticed that I have mentioned my G34 Glock on several occasions but have yet to devote any time to it formally, let me change that here…

Kind of funny looking compared to other Glocks, isn't it? The reason is that its nose is a bit longer with a 5.32" length instead of the normal 4.5" barrel found in the G17. This extra length translates into better ballistic performance (the 9mm makes good use of extra barrel length) and also a longer sight radius. The G34 was designed to fill a need for a gun that could be used for competition and service duty. In IDPA matches it fits in the parameters of the production category while still offering a longer barrel and sight radius than the stock G17/G22 frames. For service use its longer barrel offers slightly better performance while still maintaining a manageable length. How long? About the same length as a 1911 patterned pistol, which has been carried by police officers and soldiers for years. This is not the first time Glock has offered pistols geared toward the target and competition crowd. Glock offered an extended length slide on the models G17L (9mm) and G24 (.40) with 6" barrel lengths. These worked fine but the length of the pistols made them too big to fit in the "box" at IDPA matches when standards were put in place to ensure that "service" class pistols were just that, pistols that would be carried by shooters in real world situations. The models G34 (9mm) and G35(.40) succeeded the 17L/24 series, which are no longer in production.

Speaking of service, the only thing I have found on their actually use as a duty weapon is with either a PD in Kentucky or the Kentucky State Police…if anyone could verify please comment.

I bought my pistol once again using the Glock military/LEO discount for $489 which is considerably cheaper than retail. You can get the same price once per year if you join the GSSF as I spoke of a couple of posts ago. Since I bought one from a sku# specifically set aside for LEO/military discount sales I did not get the adjustable sights or 3.5 lb. trigger, but standard sights and trigger which would be used on a duty gun made for carry. No biggie. I installed a 3.5 lb. connector myself and and I am happy with the Warren-Sevigny tactical sights that were simple to put on to replace the stock sights.

I did not have to add an extended slide stop (to aid in making it a slide release) or extended magazine release..they are both standard on the G34/G35. I did add a grip plug and tungsten guide rod with a reduced power recoil spring. I also added a 3.5# trigger connector a reduced power trigger spring to lighten the trigger squeeze required. I also added some grip tape panels to the sides of the grip to aid in …well, gripping and a few pieces at the end of the slide to aid in “Tap-Rack-Assess-Bang” type activities. I threw a US Flag engraved back plate on it just to add some character…I cringe at people who put skulls or other such décor on theirs. If they went to trial that could paint a picture of someone itching for a “confirmed kill” …a flag I think is as far as I could artistically modify it with a symbol and get away with it. Also notice that, on a whim, I have started filling in the side markings on my Glocks with white front site paint…just for looks when taking pics for this blog….

…and none of that matters in making you a better shooter!

This is no magic gun that will automatically make you a better shooter just because it is “competition quality” or whatever…you still need to practice and have more than a basic knowledge of firearms use to be a one hole type shooter with it. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a very accurate gun…but like a painter..the brushes are not what makes the painting great…the painter is.

I hope to get better with it but to tell you the truth, I have not used this pistol as much as I have wanted to. I hope to change this soon this year and will let you know how it goes. As for any further bling for it…maybe a magwell?


Just as a size comparison, this is my G19 on top of the G34


Some people think the cutout on the top front portion of the slide is for porting…not so…it is to reduce the overall weight of the slide to keep the cyclic rate the same for the 9mm round out of the longer barrel and frame by reducing weight.


The stock sights on a standard G34 are adjustable Glock sights from the factory, being a “LEO” package model, mine came with standard duty sights…no biggie, this Warren-Sevigny Tactical set with fiber optic narrow front post was easy enough to install….also note the custom back plate with flag I added…just because I could…


The extended slide stop and extended magazine catch are standard on the G34, the tape on the grip and slide are my own application.


The tungsten guide rod with reduced recoil spring (top) next to a standard plastic Glock guide rod from my G19. The extra weight of the tungsten is supposed to help tame muzzle flip and the reduced weight spring is supposed to bring the recoil back to the shooters hand quicker, thus reducing muzzle flip as well...I haven't really noticed a difference, better shooters more attuned to their weapons would probably notice. BTW, my G19 uses a stainless guide rod just for long term durability reasons, nothing wrong with the stock plastic rod, just a personal preference.


I have pointed this out before, on the left is the muzzle end of the slide of the G34, on the right my G19 "compact"...wouldn't it make sense for Glock just to round off the corners of all of their "compact" line as well. I know the square corner is supposed to be useful for racking the slide one handed against a table, but I am sure most people would be with me on this one...

DSCF1805The rail under the dust cover can be used to add any normal additional accessory to the pistol, in this case a Insight M3 light. Notice how the lens stays well behind the muzzle on this Glock.



For steel plate use (which I have sadly only done once with this gun) I have a "Big Taco" competion holster from Custom Carry Concepts and a quad mag holder from Bladetech to compliment the G34.

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