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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrities to give money given by Gadhafi back…years later

Wow, found this article on CNN stating that R&B singer Usher and other singers are giving back or giving away money they received by Douchebag extraordinaire and Libyan soon-to-be-ex-ruler Moammar Gadhafi (again with the spelling thing on his last name) or his family gave them for personal performances….sometimes years later now that everyone is being reminded of what a murderous bastard this douchebag is.

Pardon my French…but fuck you people.  You’re all douchebags now by association.  What?, you were flown to Libya or played for somebody from Libya named Gadhafi and never put 2 and 2 together, and if you did you got $1,000,000 anyway?!?  And now the world is once again seeing what this pole smoking fashion victim is capable of doing to his own people as well as the rest of the civilized nation…now you have the balls to have a “conscious” and turn the money back over or give to charity…which your asshole accountants will probably deduct from your taxes anyway… I mean seriously, you made this cash in 2007 – 2009 and NOW just realized that this guy has killed thousands?!?!   And this is all probably because your publicist drove their arms up your asses and turned you into meat puppets to try and save your public image and got you to say that.  I bet is nothing had gone down in Libya you would still be holding onto this blood money from the Tripoli Turdmeister and not worrying about how many innocents had been killed 20 years ago by his orders and actions….usher dbag

Hi, I’m Usher and I’m a dbag…and not because I wear a tactical vest in concert either….I take money from psychopaths!!

According to the article, the offenders named, amounts and times paid are as follows….

Singer Amount When
Usher $1 million New Years 2009
Beyonce $1 million New Years 2009
Mariah Carey $1 million New Years 2008
Nelly Furtado $1 million 2007
Lionel Richie Not disclosed 2006


For crying out loud, Richie performed at a concert marking the 20th anniversary of the failed U.S. attempt on Gadhafi’s life…what the hell was he thinking? 

So for you overpaid, prima donna, dumb ass don’t know a homicidal dictator when he’s standing in front of you while your singing celebs…this is for you


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