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Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Minute Review: CountyComm GP-4L AM/FM/SW pocket Radio

5 minute pocket review...lets see what I got...ah, a radio..to be more specific...

The Countycomm GP-4L AM/FM/SW radio. You can pick it up over at CountyComm's site for $28. Its a decent little radio that I bought for my BOB type needs but its really nice to have on you for other uses as well. Its pretty basic, its a digital AM/FM and shortwave radio (supposedly the worlds smallest) with a clock, alarm and a small LED light. It uses 2 AA batteries and an optional wind up antenna for the Shortwave is available.

Overall, this is a good little radio. It works and is fairly durable considering the size and weight. Its spent more than a couple of nights in my pocket while camping without breaking.

So, why have a radio? Lots of good reasons. For one, in large areas of the world a radio is still the primary means of receiving information and news for a lot of people. Even here at home its recommended that you have a radio for emergency use. When your local cable services are unavailable during a power outage chances are at least a few of your local radio stations will still have power or have a generator to send out emergency instructions and information. In the very unlikely scenario that you find yourself in a SHTF type situation, the shortwave receiver can get signals from around the globe if properly used and you can get info from places not affected by your local conditions.

Plus radios are just fun for enjoyment. Who really doesn't listen to a radio at least a few times a week. I still enjoy listening to the Indians lose a ball game on the radio..something about baseball games and the radio that is just so nostalgic...its like a piece of classic America you can still enjoy today.

CountyComm makes and sells some eclectic stuff. A lot of it is stuff that are over runs for items that they make for the military or other government agencies that you can get as surplus. Being that sometimes quantities are limited. The radio that they advertise now looks like its in commercial packaging, but the one I got was packed like it was bought from a GSA catalog. Some good stuff there all in all..check them out.

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