2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to the 1911..

I am one of the last on board the birthday train today for this American classic, my arm hurts to type and I really can't add a lot more about this pistol that hasn't already been said, but I would be remiss on a blog such as this not to take time to mark this occasion...

It was 100 years ago today that the Pistol, Model 1911, .45 ACP was officially adopted by the US Army for use and issue as the standard sidearm of the military. That was a position that it would retain for over 70 years until unseated by the M9. What a glorious history it has had since its inception. It has helped fight aggression abroad and crime at home. It has won wars as well as National Gold Cup matches. In every occasion for which it has been called to serve, the vernerable design of John Moses Browning has provided a sense of comfort and power few other pistols can lay claim to. Hell, one is even credited with shooting down a Japanes Zero! In another encounter, a 1911 was able to take out an advancing German tank!! Just check it out...

OK, that was from Saving Private Ryan...but the accomplishments of the 1911 are many for sure.

Makes me wish I still had one...


Yeah, thats right I sold mine. I sold mine to a friend as his first pistol. It was the same guy I wrote about that I took to the range to familiarize himself with shooting. I took the LCP, the G19 and the Kimber 1911 so he could test out different sizes and calibers. I meant to steer him into a Glock as he would be able to get the excellent "first responder" discount from Glock. He went for the 1911 like a duck to water. Who can blame him? Great ergonomics, a reputation for reliability and power and classic lines draw people to it like moths to flame. After seeing how he enjoyed it so much (and also taking a serious look at my needs and the entire 9mm effectiveness thing I have spoken of before) I "made him an offer her couldn't refuse' to buy it. I am glad, not that I got rid of the pistol necessarily, but that a new shooter got such a great gun to start out with and I know my friend will take care of it.

But all of that is for another post at another time...today I just say "Happy Birthday 1911!"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Huey..

I will be the first to admit it...I often give people the wrong origin of my nickname "Huey" on purpose. Sometimes I like to tell people its associated with the helicopter or that its an old family nickname...truth is, its because I was an awkward oaf as a youth. Back when I first got in the military I was this big 6' 200lb+ kid who still had not grown into his body...yeah I made it through basic and AIT but was still ungainly as hell...I think I did a pretty good job being a beast of burden and holding my own though...

Somebody gave me the nickname Baby Huey...and at least the Huey part stuck...

looks just like me...

yep, sure does...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kuwait Sandstorm

Here's a vid someone posted on YouTube showing what a big sandstorm looks like commin' right for ya'..

I took notice of it because a friend posted it on FaceBook and it just happens to be taken where I lived for a year over at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Camp Disneyland...er Arifjan, is the main logistic and adminstrative hub for all activitites concerning CENTCOM (Central Command) which included Iraq, Afghanistan and what is commonly knows as "The Arbabian Gulf" region. Most of the convoys you hear about getting "hit" by roadside bombs in Iraq originate here, at least initially. We would have "grey" convoys consiting of "green" (military) and "white" (contractor/civilian) vehicles travel along MSR Tampa from "AJ" all the time. They would travel way up through Kuwait (along the infamous "highway of death" from Gulf 1), though either Camp Navistar at the Iraqi border (the worlds busiest truck stop) or another crossing in the desert farther inland, and then head up though Basra and into Baghdad. A lot of guys got killed on those missions since 2003.

Anyway, for the vast majority of people assigned there, AJ was a uncomfortable, but safe place to spend a year. We had the majority of MWR facilities that you could ask for...Rec centers, a couple of gyms, 3 px's, movie theater, pool...hell, they even had dancing outdoors. Man...I guess I was a pussy!!

Having spent time both in Kuwait and Afghanistan I can tell you the attitudes and BS levels were totally different. In Kuwait its a garrison atmosphere where you get yelled at for half assing a salute, have massive PT runs on Fridays, have monotonous change of command ceremonies to attent and basically work like you were at any other stateside post...except your duty days are much longer and the casualty reports you handle are for real.

One thing Kuwait did have worse than the other areas in CENTCOM was the weather. We generally ran between 10 - 20 degrees hotter than in Baghdad and sand and wind were a constant companion. We litterally were living in a middle of a desert with all the fun that entails. To keep from having to trudge through sand constantly they layed massive fields of stones to walk on that really worked your ankles the first couple of weeks to master walking on. When the temp hit its stride in the summer we could look forward to stretches of weeks where the temps would never drop below 95 degrees, even at night...daily highs could reach over 130. After a while you could adjust to the heat, but never the sand. It seemed like I was constantly pulling dust nuggets out of my nose and ever crevice of my body from it. The sand wasn't like beach sand but more like a powdery layer that layed around waiting for any excuse to bug the hell out of you.

The concrete buildings in the video are called PCB's, short for Prefabricated Concrete Buildings. It was the main domicile for most people in Zone 6, the area generally reserved for units that were over their on deployment. There was another area called Zone 1 that was for people actually assigned to CENTCOM from Ft. McPherson, GA that got to actually live in 4 story dorm type buildings. The PCB experience was much different. Imagine a storage building about 20x100 feet square with a tin roof that you and 50 of your buddies got to share. We made due. Using bunks, lockers and sheets we were generally able to set the large area into 2 to 4 man "pods" that gave at least some resemblance of privacy for the occupants. Best part was, unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, we really didn't worry about much in the way of mortar fire while we slept.

To offset this environment you got $100 a month in "hardship duty pay" for being there. You also got $250 for "imminent danger pay"....right. We heard stories of different officers flying over to do an "inspection" to get their "combat pay" and tax free month and then flying back to the states the same day...don't doubt it. I hear that they are talking about taking away the "combat pay" for duty here...I guess I could see that (easy to say now that I got mine, right)...but the hardship duty pay is definitely warranted.

I got some more on life in Kuwait over at my other blog "Hueys Haven" linked on the right column on this blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

No Se’

Apparently some folks from Mexico tried to illegally cross our border disguised as US Marines…not a bad plan until you get stopped by a border agent that actually was a Marine and asks a pretty simple question (that hell, even this Army doggy knew the answer to) that you don’t know the answer to.


The US Border patrol reported as a group they almost made it until an agent noticed that CPL Pussygato (AKA Guadalupe Sanchez Mohito Hernandez Ramirez de los Santos…who also goes by the stage name “La Jalepeno”) had the placement of her fake USMC Good Conduct Ribbon and SSDR backwards…..

I would be curious to know if they were held like “normal” illegals or do they get “special” treatment for donning military uniforms and trying to use forged government plates…I sure hope so.  We already know that terrorist agents have crossed the border from that direction illegally, I sure hope we are keeping tabs as best we can of these such attempts.

Double take

Marine Corps' birth date trips up illegal immigrants

Friday, March 25, 2011  03:07 AM

By Richard Marosi

Los Angeles Times

SAN DIEGO - The illegal immigrants donned Marine Corps camouflage uniforms and military-style buzz cuts. The license plates on their van had been switched from Mexican to U.S. government plates. If anyone asked, they were Marines traveling to March Air Reserve Base.

But their ploy didn't take into account the possibility of being stopped by a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was an ex-Marine armed with a simple question. The agent, S. Smith, asked the driver to tell him the birthday of the Marine Corps. The driver, Arturo Leyva, didn't know.

Border Patrol Agent "Smith knows the (Marine Corps) birthday is one of the first things taught to all Marines in basic training. At that time, BPA Smith knew Leyva's claim of being a U.S. Marine was false," according to a criminal complaint from a smuggling case filed last week in federal court.

On the night of March 14, Border Patrol agents arrested 13 illegal immigrants, Leyva and another smuggling suspect, Jose Guadalupe Ceja Jr.

Smugglers and illegal immigrants have a long history of traveling in disguise. They have painted their vans to look like Border Patrol or public-utility vehicles. Immigrants wearing hard hats have posed as highway workers or government contractors.

Last week's scheme was aimed at slipping the illegal immigrants under the noses of Border Patrol agents who are accustomed to waving through Marines traveling through the I-8 checkpoint about 55 miles east of San Diego.

The smugglers gathered the illegal immigrants at a trailer park in the Imperial County town of Seeley. The immigrants already had crossed the border but needed to be transported to the Los Angeles area, which meant getting through the Border Patrol checkpoint.

The immigrants were ordered to change out of their clothing and into the military garb and caps, according to a statement Leyva gave to agents. The younger immigrants were told to sit toward the front of the van.

The van drew suspicion the moment it passed by Smith, a plainclothes agent who is part of an anti-smuggling team that patrols in unmarked vehicles. The government license plate on the van, he noticed, appeared to be altered.

After Leyva failed to answer the question about the birthday of the Marine Corps, the plot quickly unraveled.

The immigrants in the back of the van didn't even try to fool the agents. When asked for their citizenship, they all admitted that they were Mexican.

And the birthday of the Marine Corps? Nov. 10, 1775.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Idiot BS on Armslist..

Came across this listing today on Armslist.com...

If you have no money then stay off this site. A gun is worth what someone will pay for it. If you buy a gun new you have tax and background checks. If you buy a gun from a private owner you can get around a lot of BS. So please don't spout off about how a Glock is not worth $450.00 They sell for more and you are just out of work. Sometimes you get a deal sometimes you break even. It's about getting around the system and finding guns to trade. I love not having to meet gun dealers and put up with all there BS just to buy a gun. If someone charges to much and they don't sell their gun thats on them. If we get more then trade at a dealer which only pays half of the guns worth...please it's the dealers who rip people off. Shut the hell up!

What the hell...shut up you idiot...you make those of us who may want to privately buy and sell a firearm sound like criminals that want to avoid any type of scrutiny or background check...gee the anti's will love that type of talk. Like I have said before, anytime I have sold a firearm privately I have always preferred to deal with my friends or people who can produce a CCW to prove that they have passed a background check. This guy is just a whiny dick.

Another poster feels the same way...
holy shi* Can you believe all these whiny, ass-hurt pussies? Why does anyone even care how much a gun is. how f**king hard is it to just say to yourself "ooh thats expensive, i dont want that" and just move along. Do you really think that whoever posted whatever you thought was expensive even cares? Fu*k no they dont. they are probably laughing at how pissed you got over something that isnt yours. All your doing is making yourself look stupid. Especially the douchebags who are bitching about taxes and background checks.

1. If you dont want to do a background check thats fine but dont get on here and post about how you like to avoid them. it makes you sound like a criminal and gives the anti-gunners something more to bitch about.

2. Taxes aint sh**. Do you buy gas or cigarettes? those have too much tax. you pay tax on everything you buy. its not like its a new concept.

Sorry but im so tired of coming to this site and having to sift through all the bullsh*t to look at some damn guns. GROW THE FU*K UP
Dude, I agree with you...checking out the online listings on this and others sights is frustrating as hell. I dunno, maybe the reason people as such high prices is so that people who want to avoid a background check will be forced to pay it to buy from them...man, sometimes we are our own worst enemy in the gun community.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gee, guess I am an "expert" now...

I have a friend of mine from the military that is currently in law school in West Virginia. She has a mock jury trial coming up on the 28th that is a murder trial involving a firearm. She has actually asked me to provide some information pertaining to the "case" as she needs "an expert's eyes on the facts"..and she picked me...LOL! But hey, my lawyer-to-be in this case is a good 'ol gun gal and the more lawyers who own guns the better I say.

And yes! More William Shatner as Denny Crane!! (worked Shat and lawyers all over this one!)

Capt Kirk for President from Rowdy Wickstrom on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday to Bill Shatner!

William Shatner turns 80 today.....80!
Back in the 60's everyone though Brylcreme was the Shat!

Best known for his iconic role of Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the original Star Trek he has also starred in numerous TV shows to include the lead role in TJ Hooker and the hilarious Denny Crane on Boston Legal.
Hmmm, a cop with the last name of "Hooker"...must work vice...

And just to tie this in with my rant on the Chinese last month, here's a clip of how the Shat handles the Chinese threat (as pro gun lawyer Denny Crane)...

The Shat is still the shit!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now THAT'S a bad case of gas!!

Often when we would go to the field we would be given a party favor or two to use while we were out there for training called an Arty Sim, or artillery simulator. These devices were most likely given to senior personnel, for good reason. In the wrong (right) hands their destructive power could wreak havoc when unleashed...see below...

In additions we also were sometimes given training grenades or smoke to use in the field as well....the same type of mishaps occur....

...man, talk about a weak throw!!

Lastly, just when you think a single troop with explosives can really go to town...just wait to see what happens when groups of troops get TOGETHER to use high explosives!

OK, that last one was an actual legit use of explosives, but still funny!

GSSF shooting

Glock has its own shooting league called the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation, or simply the GSSF. Its purpose is to encourage enjoyment of the shooting sports by Glock owners in a variety of competitive formats. Being that I am a certifiable "Glock Fanboy" as they say, it was only natural that I would at some point gravitate to this sport. While Glock does host matches nationwide, there is nothing really available locally in Central Ohio that offers GSSF matches other than Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware. I grabbed Kevin and we both took off last month for our first taste of the GSSF.

The "real" matches consist of IDPA like courses of fire on an outdoor range. At Blackwing they have to use the indoor pistol range as there is not an outdoor centerfire range available there. Kev and I have been shooting on a modified indoor course of fire that basically consists of shooting 5 strings of 10 rounds a piece at a standard Glock "tombstone" target at various ranges using both one and two handed grips.

  • Stage 1: 3 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 2: 5 yards, weak hand, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 3: 7 yards, dominant hand, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 4: 10 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
  • Stage 5: 15 yards, two hands, 10 rounds, 15 seconds
10 points are scored for hitting in the "X" or "10 rings", 8 points for the "8" ring and 5 points for any other round on the target. February was our first shoot and this past Saturday was our second match. I have only gotten a score for the first match where I shot a 453/500 and tied for 21st place out of the field. The one handed shooting really needs some work by me in order to make up some of those lost points.

I am currently shooting a Glock G34 in 9mm with a 3.5# connector, Warren Sevigny Tactiacl sights with a fiber optic front post, tungsten guide rod and a reduced power recoil spring. I will review this pistol further in the near future.

The competition is conducted as a series of 3 monthly matches whose overall score across the 3 matches determines the overall winner. Prizes are awarded based upon the number of people entered but generally result in a free Pistol for the winner and either Glock merchandise or cash for the runner ups. The big thing for me is that if you attend 2 of the 3 matches you are entered in a drawing for a second chance prize which often results in another free Glock being given out. Being that I already own the G34 (review pending) and G19 with the G26 on the way, I may want a G17 to "round out" my family of Glock 9mm's, or maybe go for something along the lines of a G36 or G21 for a .45. That is of course IF I win!

The cost is somewhat reasonable for the league. There is a $35 membership fee for a years membership in the GSSF which entitles you to shoot in any sanctioned event and be eligible for prizes. The event fee itself at this location is $15 per run, with multiple runs allowed. So last month it seemed pretty steep to pay $50 to basically shoot 50 rounds, but this month $15 was not all that unbearable.

You also get two other big perks for being a GSSF member (other than a hat which they have yet to send me!)

  1. The GSSF is now an affiliate member of the CMP, so you can use it to go get a M1 Garand!
  2. You get a voucher yearly to purchase a Glock at a significantly discounted rate ($425 for a base model).

Now that is sweet!

Here's a quick video of me shooting last Saturday to show you the course of fire. I was not satisfied with my performance then and still am not now. However, I do feel that I am still shooting well enough for defensive purposes, especially given the time restraints put on each string to acquire and shoot that many rounds in succession.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shop owner gets lucky...

Video from over at The Everyday, No Days Off blog...shootout in a Nashville convenience store...

Owner said he served 7 years in the Iraqi army...I guess that was the Army that got its ass kicked by us, not the one we trained...

First mistake...what the hell was that grab he made for the first guys gun (who had it pointing at the floor to begin with).. did he just fall down after hugging the guy? He is lucky his co-worker on the other side of the isle started the robbers who seemingly forgot about him...he came close to getting one in his chest for being a dumbass..

If you are going to commit to that type of a response you need to make sure you are ready to carry through with it and not go half ass...I am not sure why they didn't shoot him but they seemed to be more concerned with the guy in the black on the other side of the Ho-Ho's there...

Second mistake...why the hell would you carry a firearm in a high risk position like that and not have one in the chamber? He pulls his pistol and then racks the slide (twice actually, once when he pulls it and another before he shoots apparently ejecting a round in the process) meaning he was carrying in condition 3. This type of carry is commonly referred to as an Israeli carry due to it being taught by the Israli armed forces. Its used by a lot of new shooters with CCW's that don't totally feel comfortable carrying a loaded weapon for the first time.

Take a look...(I actually have this video at home somewhere a friend gave me).

That part where he is racking the slide to chamber a round...that is when the rest of us are already on target and taking up slack on the trigger.....

The method was developed to provide a safe and standard means of training and carrying early on in the nations existence when pistols of varying makes, models and safety types were being used. Todays modern pistols have much better safety mechanisms and todays shooters should take the time to learn how to properly carry and operate their weapon.

Third mistake...use the sights...he fired a full mag at these guys and not only didn't hit them apparently, but also had his buddy somewhere down range that it appears he didn't have eyes on him...at 0:37 or so you see him shooting at the bad guys and his friend can be seen right on the other side of the shelving. He uses not only the "over the top" aiming method, but also the "homeboy" and "spray and pray" methods...none of which involved the sights.

As we know, the manufactures put those sight things on their just to run up the price of their product and we are supposed to ignore them...not. The 4 rules of firearms don't just apply to the range, but in these scenarios as well....what if he had shot his friend or a round went through the door and into some little girls skull...he would never of known since he didn't have any specific target lined up.

Look, I am all for this guy defending himself and his store from thugs like this...I just wish he had taken the time to learn first and shoot second....maybe he will get enough flak about his video that he will take the time to do so now.

Mail Call...National Send a Soldier a Letter Day March 31st

Wow, been away from this for over a week...the break did me good I think...

Had a dream last night...a vivid dream..a dream so real I woke up in a sweat. I was 19 years old and back in basic training aat Fort Benning. It was mail call and I got a letter from my parents. Then suddenly the letter blew up in my hands for some reason and my drill sergeant, SFC Barkus, gave me the dreaded "Come here YOU!" sound and proceeded to smoke me (copious push ups, squat thrusts, leg lifts) for having "contraband" bullets mailed to me...man, that sucked...even for a dream.

Of course to a soldier postal mail still is an important part of the "Four M's" you do not ever, ever mess with intentionally in regards to a soldier...

  1. Meals
  2. Money
  3. MailNumbered List
  4. Mama (either actual mother or spouse/significant other)

Yes, soldiers realize that sometimes the Army sucks and one or more of these will be screwed up, and yes they get bitter about it. While a personnel "pogue" type one of my biggest priorities was to correct those items I could on this list as quickly as possible. I used to have a motto (that I still follow to this day to a degree):
"You only have a limited time to help someone when it actually matter. You can fuck with them all you want at your leisure later if they are lying to you, but you only have one chance to get it right the first time."

This also correlated with another rule I lived by in Administration:

"You spend 90% of your time on 10% of your troops, of which 10% actually deserve it."

Yep, that's right. I figure I spent the majority of my time as an admin puke chasing windmills for other, higher ranking, individuals to make their NCOER/OER's look good, generating paperwork on worthless soldiers that couldn't go two days without being AWOL or doing some other Article 15 worthy deed or dealing with the proverbial "shit house lawyers" that knew it all because they had been E4's for more than a day and were sure they were being screwed over by the commander.

Anyway, getting back to the mail portion of this topic I started with..,

So in my dream I was back with E/2/19 at Fort Benning (I was there when the unit was originally called E/7/1 and we switched to regimental affiliations in our 5th or 6th week of training...talk about messing up your mail when you change addresses like that!!). And yes, I was a Sand Hill puke...all you Harmony Church guys cool it. Mail or the occasional phone call was very important to most of us. I remember getting to send my Red Cross post card and make my 30 second phone call home when I got to Ft. Benning (it was at like 12:30 am when I called my parents and woke them up and I don't think they totally got why I was calling in 30 seconds). Mail was the only link I had to the outside world, and it did not come fast or often enough from home for my tastes.

Of course life was different back then. This was in the 80's before the internet or cell phones had been invented or 24 hour cable news channels had caught on. We weren't electronically dependent on devices like people are today. Taking away cell phone privileges wasn't an option for my parents, nor for my drill sergeants. Apparently it is today. A couple of quick web searches confirmed what I thought I knew. Troops going through basic training ARE allowed to bring cell phones with them to BCT, but are restricted in using them. That is a bit unbelievable to me, but considering the cultural change that these devises have caused in our society since their introduction, understandable. I am glad that their use is regulated as I am sure that most troops with them in basic would probably spend time on them chatting or playing on them rather than getting rest as they should be doing after lights out.

Still, when you are deployed despite the prevalence of both cell phone usage by our troops and the availability of cyber cafes for chatting with loved ones via a cam, there still is nothing like getting that care package from home. A box of brownies, magazines and drawings from the kids at home always puts a smile on someones face.

Still, some soldiers don't have anyone at home to send them these types of packages to brighten their day half way around the world. For them the care package is something that is scavenged at the chow hall (yes, I am a old turd when it comes to some milspeak lingo still) or in the hallway at the barracks. Always having to pick through someone else's second hand offerings.

Lets change that.

Starting March 31st lets make a National Send a Soldier a Letter Day. Take a moment to send someone you may know overseas (whether in a combat zone or not) a message to let them know that they are appreciated. It would be cool if they went regular postal, but email means just as much sometimes. Ideally, it would be great to have a day where every soldier, marine, airman and sailor would be able to have a letter or message to read on its way overseas. I chose March 31st because its my anniversary, and I would like to recognize the sacrifices my wife made for me while I was deployed and the support she provided me from afar as well. Hug your spouse military folks, while you deploy they suffer as well.

If you want you can send a care package to a random troop via services like AnySoldier.com that will make at least one troop feel special for a bit overseas. It only takes a small donation of your time and money to make a soldiers day...and hopefully it will make yours as well.

Remember, all of the "4 M's" lead to the biggest "M" of them all....MORALE. Without morale our effort in the war against terror suffers. Its like the old saying goes..

For a want of a nail the horse was lost
For a want of the horse the rider was lost
For the want of the rider the battle was lost
For the want of the battle the war was lost
For the want of the war the kingdom was lost
and all for the want of a nail..

That "nail" is our front line soldier, sitting hot and dusty somewhere far from home doing his part. The best plan designed by the most brilliant generals still requires the little grunt at the front to do his part or it won't work. You can help him do his part by giving him the reassuring message that we care about him and his mission.

And if you're still having trouble with the entire horse and nail thing...maybe this will help..

Saturday, March 12, 2011


One of my former Sergeants Major (and yes, that is the correct plural spelling of Sergeant Major) sent me this pic he called evolution


to quote him 

“I am not very blog savvy but here is photo I call Evolution. It starts with a 1903 and ends up with carbon M4 that weighs about 5lbs”

I guess maybe a M16A1 or A2 and a M14 should be in the mix, but still a fine pic from his collection…

…and my word…the M1 is the most beautiful rifle EVER IMHO!

Thanks Lynn..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1st EBR pic submitted for the first annual Huey’s EBR of the Year contest…

Remember I asked for pics of your EBR’s?  Well, got the first one today from JesseL from over at the WTA forums….

He actually sent two pics, one of his AK and one of his AR, I chose the AR to show you here…


He said there is “nothing special” about his EBR but I beg to differ, yes it looks stock, but that GI sight is battle tested and never runs out of batteries, the lines are sleek, and even though it lacks a flash suppressor, the bull profile barrel is good for distant work. 

I mentioned in the original work that I was pondering a gun of the month contest or something like that…here is what I decided on doing…

The 1st Annual Huey’s EBR of the Year Contest!

How it works….

1.  Send me pics of your EBR’s (evil black rifles)..

2.  At the beginning of each month I will post all of the pics on a page on the right side of the column. 

3.  I will then randomly pic a winner from those entries as the gun of the month.

4.  All monthly drawing winners will then be eligible for the prize drawing at the end of the year for the “Grand Prize” then..

and what are you entering to win?….

A Crusader Weaponry ST-1 basic rifle Slipstream treatment (parts shipment only) (a $61.95 value!!)

OK, if you read this blog regularly, you know I love Slipstream and I got my rifle done with the basic treatment.  Now its your chance to get one free on me!! 

I will send money for the service to Joe at Crusader along with a password that I will then give the winner via email.  All you need to do is go to the post office and use a flat rate shipping box (about $4) to send your parts to Joe along with the password, return postage is included in the service.   In order for this to work I need you to submit you entry photos via email instead of just posting links in the comments section.  My email is hueysgunsight_at_ gmail.com  (you know what to do with the “_at_” right? you change it to a “@”).

Good luck and keep the pics coming!

And for being first to submit, JesseL is automatically entered for the prize drawing!

This will run through the end of this year, so that is 10 entries plus Jesse, so those in the drawing will have a 1-in-11 chance of winning!!


The fine print..

This contest is open to all US residents except where prohibited by law.  The author of this blog reserves the right to change or alter the contest as required.  Please, only one entry per person, per month.  Monthly drawing winners may only win the monthly contest once per calendar year.  All duplicate entries in the same month will be discarded.

More RPG news...

Previously I have stated how I thought the Army should be making and using the RPG against the bad guys over in the 'Stan as a stand off artillery piece against snipers and such out beyond the typical engagement ranges of the M4. I later softened this view when I saw the XM-25 for the first time, but still thought the RPG had its place.

I think more so even now...

Over at the Firearm Blog they have a piece about a new, lighter RPG model being made right here in the USA by Airtronic, the MK777. I know, I thought it was some airsoft crap too at first by the name, but its for real. Its a metal tube with carbon fiber that reduces the weight of the RPG significantly.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrities to give money given by Gadhafi back…years later

Wow, found this article on CNN stating that R&B singer Usher and other singers are giving back or giving away money they received by Douchebag extraordinaire and Libyan soon-to-be-ex-ruler Moammar Gadhafi (again with the spelling thing on his last name) or his family gave them for personal performances….sometimes years later now that everyone is being reminded of what a murderous bastard this douchebag is.

Pardon my French…but fuck you people.  You’re all douchebags now by association.  What?, you were flown to Libya or played for somebody from Libya named Gadhafi and never put 2 and 2 together, and if you did you got $1,000,000 anyway?!?  And now the world is once again seeing what this pole smoking fashion victim is capable of doing to his own people as well as the rest of the civilized nation…now you have the balls to have a “conscious” and turn the money back over or give to charity…which your asshole accountants will probably deduct from your taxes anyway… I mean seriously, you made this cash in 2007 – 2009 and NOW just realized that this guy has killed thousands?!?!   And this is all probably because your publicist drove their arms up your asses and turned you into meat puppets to try and save your public image and got you to say that.  I bet is nothing had gone down in Libya you would still be holding onto this blood money from the Tripoli Turdmeister and not worrying about how many innocents had been killed 20 years ago by his orders and actions….usher dbag

Hi, I’m Usher and I’m a dbag…and not because I wear a tactical vest in concert either….I take money from psychopaths!!

According to the article, the offenders named, amounts and times paid are as follows….

Singer Amount When
Usher $1 million New Years 2009
Beyonce $1 million New Years 2009
Mariah Carey $1 million New Years 2008
Nelly Furtado $1 million 2007
Lionel Richie Not disclosed 2006


For crying out loud, Richie performed at a concert marking the 20th anniversary of the failed U.S. attempt on Gadhafi’s life…what the hell was he thinking? 

So for you overpaid, prima donna, dumb ass don’t know a homicidal dictator when he’s standing in front of you while your singing celebs…this is for you


Intruder calls 911 because homeowner has a gun!

Ever notice how bad things happen in the shower in movies? Take the movie Psycho for example..it kept people locking the bathroom door for years.

Now imagine you are taking a nice, warm, relaxing shower when suddenly you are startled by somebody unexpected coming into the house with two large dogs.. Imagine your horror as you realize that they may be armed and intent on making you their personal target at that moment...what do you do?

Well you could lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police and let them know that this somebody is armed and may shoot you.....and that you broke into their house...and that they are the homeowner...and you were in their shower....

...yeah, true story...check it out...

Intruder calls 911, afraid homeowner may have gun

By the CNN Wire Staff

Police say Timothy James Chapek was taking a shower when the homeowner returned.
Police say Timothy James Chapek was taking a shower when the homeowner returned.

(CNN) -- This time it was the intruder who called 911.

A man who broke into a house in Portland, Oregon, called police -- afraid the homeowner may have a gun.

The suspect, Timothy James Chapek, was in the bathroom taking a shower when the homeowner returned to the house Monday night, Portland police said in a statement.

Accompanied by two German shepherds, the homeowner asked Chapek what he was doing in the house.

Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and made an emergency call, police said. He said he had broken into the house, the owner had come home, and that he was concerned the owner might have a gun.

The homeowner also called the police to report that he had found a man in the house.

Police with dogs took Chapek, 24, into custody "without incident," they said. He was booked for criminal trespass.

They did not say if the homeowner did in fact have a gun.

Way I see it, either this guy was homeless and just wanted to shower to get cleaned off or he has some type of sexual fetish that he was trying to get his jollies to...either way, he got caught "with his pants down" on this one...

I am surprised how many people responding to the article comments brazenly responding that they would of shot him on the spot...these are the people you read about being charged by the prosecutor whether or not there is a castle doctrine in effect in your state. I think you would be hard pressed to show how a naked man with nothing in his hand except himself posed a real and tangible threat to you when you had a firearm pointed at him..but thats just me thinking out loud...

This isn't going to look good on the 'ol performance review...

Cop goes to secure his sidearm in a lock box in what appears to be some type of jail...probably down South in Texas or Arizona way being that there is a border patrol agent and apparently some illegals in dark blue jumpsuits against the wall...cop goes to put his sidearm in a lockbox, border patrol agent seems to line up between him and the inmates to prevent any type of gun grab and.....
...cops' gun goes off apparently grazing him and shooting the border patrol agent in the foot....cop goes running over to the agent with and the gun lays there...after the cop looks right at it...inmates stand around and it appears one of them 5 or 6 people from the camera points to it and probably says something...all of a sudden the cop comes running back to secure it (this time without shooting himself or others)..other personnel get the inmates facing the wall and to their knees...inmates are rushed out of the room and finally, area secured.

Man, did you see how long that gun sat on the ground unsecured? Wow, this could have turned out much worse if one of those inmates had wanted it to.

This will be somebody else's learning point and a very bad way to start the week for the other two guys shot in the video.

They arrested the thief from the Powder Room..

Update to yesterday story....they caught the guy, 26 year old Robert Phillips yesterday..with as many clear cut photes taken from security cameras there it was only a matter of time....

Suspect Robert Phillips shortly before taking off with the pistols...smile..you're on candid camera dumb ass....

And in other related news, CrimeStoppers, the same folks that offered the reward for his capture are now pondering suing the Powder Room for negligence that lead to the officer involved shooting that the G22 was used in...

...not good for Steve and Bill, not good at all...

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Powder Room - Crimestoppers theft alert!

Hey, down at the bottom of the page I have a little section called "Buy from these guys" which I have not updated in like...forever. It will soon be replaced by a page link on the right and actually maintained. The second link is for a local range called The Powder Room in Powell, Ohio. Its about 10 minutes from where I live and my "default" range to run to for pistol shooting.

James over at Hell In A Handbasket picked up on a local story of interest about it. Apparently some thug went in there, rented 2 pistols and then walked out with them. If that was not bad enough, one of them ended up being used to shoot at Columbus Police Officers. Our local Crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of the other one. Any of my local readers to Columbus that may have information about this please contact them.

From what I remember, I have never been asked for an ID to rent here before..maybe I am wrong on that. For whatever reason it happened to of occurred, it does not make the place look good in the spotlight of public critique. Bill and Steve over there have always treated me right with both service and negotiating a purchase so I hope they weather this OK. All I know is that this will probably make life a little more "complex" over there in the future for those of us renting guns in the future.

Thanks again to James for pointing this one out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Won't be posting much today..

Sickly last night so I didn't really get anything done for this blog...sorry. After going on about quality over quantity the other day I kind of reversed that yesterday I guess....sometimes I just gotta post..

Here's a pic I got from that 1911 forum thread that I linked to last week about my Fudd post that someone posted...cute..I was going to call it "the littlest Fudd" but then realized that this young lady has a tactical light attached to that double barrel!! Now I am calling it.....

Identity kept secret to protect the innocent...and besides, as high speed as this young lady is she is surely going to be an "operator" some day..start opsec now!

And yes, all of you "anti's" out there can start your hate mail about exploiting children to push my "radical gun nut" agenda now....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little zombie humor..

Man in the Box used to be one of my favorite youTube shows..even if the cast are all libs from the PSRC....they stopped making vids for some reason about a year ago..

..anyway, I know at least one of you will appreciate this..

Another reason not to let your guns just lay around...

Other than the children can get to them, so can your pets...here is a Beretta PX4 Storm that somebody left where their puppy could get to it...ouch..doubt that is covered under warranty..

5 Minute Review: CountyComm GP-4L AM/FM/SW pocket Radio

5 minute pocket review...lets see what I got...ah, a radio..to be more specific...

The Countycomm GP-4L AM/FM/SW radio. You can pick it up over at CountyComm's site for $28. Its a decent little radio that I bought for my BOB type needs but its really nice to have on you for other uses as well. Its pretty basic, its a digital AM/FM and shortwave radio (supposedly the worlds smallest) with a clock, alarm and a small LED light. It uses 2 AA batteries and an optional wind up antenna for the Shortwave is available.

Overall, this is a good little radio. It works and is fairly durable considering the size and weight. Its spent more than a couple of nights in my pocket while camping without breaking.

So, why have a radio? Lots of good reasons. For one, in large areas of the world a radio is still the primary means of receiving information and news for a lot of people. Even here at home its recommended that you have a radio for emergency use. When your local cable services are unavailable during a power outage chances are at least a few of your local radio stations will still have power or have a generator to send out emergency instructions and information. In the very unlikely scenario that you find yourself in a SHTF type situation, the shortwave receiver can get signals from around the globe if properly used and you can get info from places not affected by your local conditions.

Plus radios are just fun for enjoyment. Who really doesn't listen to a radio at least a few times a week. I still enjoy listening to the Indians lose a ball game on the radio..something about baseball games and the radio that is just so nostalgic...its like a piece of classic America you can still enjoy today.

CountyComm makes and sells some eclectic stuff. A lot of it is stuff that are over runs for items that they make for the military or other government agencies that you can get as surplus. Being that sometimes quantities are limited. The radio that they advertise now looks like its in commercial packaging, but the one I got was packed like it was bought from a GSA catalog. Some good stuff there all in all..check them out.

Project Gunrunner....FAIL!!

Wow, this massive turd sandwich is all over the news for the BATFE to all take a bite on...

Condensed version of the story..somebody in the BATFE thought it would be a good idea to let some guns be bought up here illegally and then make it to Mexico to see where they ended up...kind of like getting a barium enema to see what's not working...whether its good news or bad news you are still taking it in the ass...Customs Agent Brian Terry was killed by one of these guns..some heads are going to roll.

Given, on some level this is a sound intelligence gathering method in some cases. Like letting some counterfeit bills circulate so you can trace how they are being moved and used...but AK rifles? Come on..those things should have been seized as soon as they were moved across the border. Putting one gun in the hands of the bad hombres down there is inexcusable...but THOUSANDS?!?!?. What type of intel do you get from that? Cartel bad guys shoot people? It would be like as a cop going to some gang banger on the East side here and laying a pistol in front him when he's standing in front of a liquor store...you are already 99% sure of the outcome..but lets be sure, right?

The one guy that they talk about in the story was part of a string of purchases allowed by the BATFE that accounted in 575 AK sales, most paid for in cash...what the hell was he thinking? Did he actually think that he was buying all of this stuff for "personal use" and nobody was noticing?...but then again, I like my criminals nice and stupid like that. I am tossed up about how I feel about the shop owners...apparently they notified the BATFE about the sales but were told to allow them...I wonder if I was put in that spot if I might not "just say no" instead of going through with it for my consciences sake.

What I still don't get with all this Mexican guns stuff is why are they coming here to get them? If Mexico is indeed as corrupt as everyone says why don't they just traffic them up from the South from countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama...all of those countries have got to have massive amounts of surplus weapons from the past 30 years of strife down there just waiting for a buyer...and most of them would be the good ol' "authentic" style with rock-n-roll on the selector instead of just semi.

I guess when the Mexican El Presidente was here to get his official apology from our El Presidente and got to say his 2 pesos to Congress about how bad and evil American guns in his country were, he was on the right track..only it was our own government and not citizens helping to facilitate it in this case.

Ohio issued/renewed 60,000 CHL/CCW licenses last year..

Wow, that's a lot...full story from the Columbus Dispath here..

As would be expected Columbus (with one of the largest retail stores in America) issued over twice as many as the People's Socialist Republic of Cuyahoga (who don't like guns anyway)...As long as its done correctly and safely, I believe CCW is a fundemental right that we should not really have to be licensed to do, but I am glad that so many people here in the Buckeye state are willing to go through the steps to do it legally. Without laws we are just another nation of people running around where the mob rules and guns are no longer a argument over rights but a necessity for survival.

..do yourself a favor and don't get caught up in the comments posted..I have no idea why the dispatch even allows it...bunch of morons (at least on the anti-2A side, and some pro) bantering back and forth that don't know each other and will never come to an agreement anyway..

....and in other news from Illinois...

The Illinois State Police are fighting an order from the state AG to publish a list of everyone that has been issued an Illinois FOID (Firearm Ownership ID....a license to purchase a gun..I have heard of other such strange things from my friend Greg who moved to Minnesota this year) giving their names and expiration date..that is a total load of bullshit...good for you Illinois State Police!...keep fighting the good fight, you'll get it right sooner or later...Give 'em hell Bud!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

US military action in Libya?

The I'net is all abuzz about the US pondering military actions in Libya. Wow, we got troops actively involved and engaged in Iraq, Afghanistan; ongoing tensions in Korea, a building Chinese presence in the Pacific, continuing support to missions in Kosovo, the Philippines, Europe and other places...and now we think getting our hands dirty in Libya might be a good idea? I know we're all excited to finally have a dedicated command, AFRICOM, overseeing the place...but do we really need to involve ourselves here just to test fire that organization? Seriously, I don't think we have a rat's ass of interest in that place other than its an oil supplier, which the rebels have continued to allows to leave from facilities that they have captured (except one place in the news that they say they shut down in case it was bombed to avoid additonal damage) and the Qadhaffi (again, how do we spell it...who cares..douchbag works for me) folks certainly are not going to cut off their main cash cow..so on that basis I think we will be OK.

My second thought was this..why now? I mean if we had a fundemental ideological opposition to this guy Moammar and he was commiting acts of terrorism against US citizens and interests through funding a series of foriegn terrorist organizations I can see taking him out and all...oh, yeah..thats him. So why the hell didn't we take him out back in the 80's for crying out loud?!?! After a failed bombing mission we could of gone in..hell, I would of been young enough then not only to participate but to enjoy it as well! Now, we look like the big kid on the block that just thinks he has got to get into every scrap on the schoolyard. Seriously, haven't we had enough servicemen and women sacrifice enough on foreign soil for a while?

This is a Libyian issue, let them decide their own future...as long as someone puts a round through douchbag boy's head..

Quick, move your retirement accounts into stocks based on defense and military suppliers...

Like the song says..."Peace sells, but who's buying?"

By the way, Megadeth is named after the word "megadeath" which was a term coined in the cold war to denote 1 million deaths to comprehend numbers associated with the forecast of widespread devastation after a nuclear exchange. This song has become a staple of all of their live perfomances.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!", Iraqi Information Minister (AKA “Baghdad Bob”), 2003


“My people love me. They would die for me. They they will die to to protect me... my people…" Moammar Gadhafi, 2011









Pirates are not that cool...they suck..

Generally speaking, when you ask the common person on the street about pirates these days chances are this is what's going through their head when they start thinking about the subject...

...and not this guy right here...

Unfortunately, this guy is the pirate you need to be worried about these days if you're trolling around the Northeast Coast of Africa in the Gulf of Aden region...the Somalia pirate. I have stopped even remotely from feeling sorry for these ass wipes and their plight to feed their families and such and being forced to go from being peaceful fishermen into ruthless pirates to make a living...blah..blah...blah. Peaceful fishermen don't carry AK's and RPG's and don't kill 4 defenseless hostagess either!

Now these bastards have a Dutch family, including children, in their clutches and are threatening to kill them if any attempt on freeing them is made. The bastards have some 600 hostages in total from nations across the world in captivity trying to ransom them. I am sure that at least some of the money being made in this racket is going to extremest groups operating in the area. This crap needs to stop..

First off people STOP TRAVELING IN THE AREA!! Unless your name is Casey Ryback and you used to serve on the USS Missouri, you are probably not skilled enough to take care of yourself and your family from a gang of ruthless pirates. Just don't even get close to the area.

"I'm just a cook..."

Secondly, for those people whose job it is to sail in these waters in the name of commerce..we need to put the MARINE back in Merchant Marine. Get armed people..I know there is all this crap about arming merchant ships and stuff...but hell...is it worth it to argue semantics over getting shot?!!? If not you, get some armed guards that you hire to protect yourselves...I would bet a crew served automatic weapon or some flaming treats tossed from a deck onto pirates in smaller crafts below would be very effective...

Lastly, as a nation and part of a world economy we can't let this crap go on! Patrolling the gulf and interdicting AFTER a seizure has taken place is only a reactionary response. We need to get proactive...lets go bomb some pirate ports in Somalia. Cut the head off of the serpent. I am sure some foreign nations would go in with us on this...matter of fact lets see what the comrades from Mother Russia think about pirates...

Yeah, thats right...a guy is shot and they just stand there pumping him for info instead of administering aid like us Americans will do....you know, they may be former(?) communist thugs...but man, sometimes you just can't argue with methods like these.

Seriously, I am not trying to make light of the tragedies of those lost and killed by these scumbags, nor am I trying to make light of the plight of the Somali people..many of whom have settled here in Central Ohio (and one who thought it would be good idea to try and blow up one of our malls too I guess). But again, this crap has gone too far...in days gone by they would hang pirates from gallows at the entrance to ports as a warning to all others to stay away...a fleet of burning pirate ships with the bodies of their former crew floating in the burning water becoming shark bait might just be the message we need to send..

lastly, from my old friend Kevin from high school (he's the guy sitting next to me in the pic from my Khadafi post) comes this little gem of humor....so sad its only satire and not reality..I've been wanting to take the family on a cruise for a while...

Here’s an exciting opportunity for the vacation traveler who wants something a little different…



L u x u r y C r u i s e L i n e s

Now Accepting Reservations! Additional cruise information available below.

To The Point Cruise Lines is excited to offer the ultimate adventure cruise,
along the pirate-infested coast of Somalia

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We board our luxury cruise ships in Djibouti on the Gulf of Aden near the entrance to the Red Sea,
and disembark in Mombasa Kenya , seven adrenaline-charged days later.
Reservations start at only $5,200 per-person (double occupancy, inside room)
and $6,900 (verandah complete with bench rest).


You'll relax like never before!

That's because you are welcome to bring
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If you don't have your own weapons, you can rent them from our onboard Master Gunsmith.

Enjoy reloading parties every afternoon,
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But the best fun of all, of course, is...

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The object of our cruise is to sail up and down the Somali Coast waiting to get hijacked by pirates!

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This wonderful cruise was fun for the whole family"
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Twin mounted mini-guns are available for rental
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We guarantee you will experience at least two hijacking attempts by pirates or you'll receive an instant $1,000 refund upon arrival in Mombasa .

How can we make that guarantee? We operate at 5 knots just beyond 12 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia, thus in international waters where pirates have no rights whatever.

In fact, we make three passes through the area's most treacherous waters to ensure maximum visibility by Somali mother ships.

We repeat this for five days, making three complete passes past the entire Somali Coast...At night, the boat is fully lit and bottle rockets are shot every five minutes, with loud disco music directionally beamed shore side to attract maximum attention.


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