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Friday, February 4, 2011

Once again...the S&W Bodygurd .380 vs. the Ruger LCP Crimson Trace...pricing update!

One of my most popular posts has been the Bodyguard vs. LCP post I ran back in August. Somewhat surprising since I openly admit I have never done anything with the Bodyguard other than just hold it at the store and my observations were just that...observations. People seem to like it though, glad to of been of interest to everyone.

When I did the post the LCP with the Crimson Trace laser option package was not available from Ruger yet. I tried to use the combined cost of the LCP plus the CT unit against the MSRP of the S&W for a fair price based value comparison. At the time retail prices for both (LCP with the additonal purchase of the CT included) were at about $500.

Anyway...the following add is running for Vance Outdoors here in Columbus. It is one of the highest volume gun stores in the country and where I have bought most of my collection.
WOW!!! Boy how times have changed!! The Bodyguard for $349 while the LCP with CT is at $429!! Based on this I would say the S&W Bodyguard is the pistol to get if you are in the market for a pocket .380 auto. Its too late for me..I am a LCP owner now..but if you need one save some cash and get the S&W!

Update 2/9/11
Out of curiosity I called the store to see if they had any actually in stock....over 200 on backorder now!! LOL! guess the LCP will definitely be staying on my person....

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