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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The need for the RPG....I stand corrected...

OK, had a post on here about why I thought the Army should start producing the RPG as a cheap, portable and reliable systems to do area suppression on targets under cover outside of the range of our M4 carbines and behind cover our other light weapons couldn't penetrate.

Well, apparently somebody at Picatinny has been working on that all along...meet the XM-25.

It even apparently has a cool nick name...."The Punisher"....

I am not the breaking the news about this weapon to the public, its been around for a bit and has even been used in Afghanistan since November, I just "discovered" it via some articles posted and wanted to share that even I, they great Huey, is wrong from time to time.

So basically, this thing fires 25mm grenades with timed fuses set by a computer based on a laser range finder determined distance to explode over top or to the side of a target.....COOL! Kind of reminds me of the thinking behind the TOW2 missiles "top attack/shoot downward" approach to taking out a tank...I wonder if those rounds have any penetration capability at all or if they need to be shot "around" the cover the enemy is using.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still think the RPG would be a pretty sweet item to have in the TO&E no doubt, but this thing seems to be just weapon the troops need to fight off those pesky insurgents firing at them with 7.62x54R ammo while all they have to fire back is 5.56mm. A 700 meter range seems a little short from some of the stories I have read about engagements over there, but apparently it is getting good reviews by the troops in the field.

Seems like a great addition to the toolbox our soldiers and Marines have to fight the enemy.

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