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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hickock45 reviews the Ruger LC9

This guy is one of my favorite shooters on YouTube!

I recently shared my thoughts on the LC9 and frankly wasn't that excited. Not that any one person could or should be able to change my mind, but Mr. Hickock45's opinion carries a lot fo weight in my book. This guy can shoot stuff with a pistol that some folks could miss with a rifle. Anyway, maybe I need to look at the LC9 again...

OK, I reviewed the Ruger SR9, liked it a lot. They came out with a compact version that I think is pretty cool also but in the same category of a G26, and I have decided I am sticking with Glocks in full frame size pistols.

I have a Ruger LCP and love it. Its my "go anywhere" gun due to its small size and weight. Downside is its only fires the .380 ACP. Yeah, .380 is an actual defensive cartridge, but not in the same class with its big brother the 9mm, which my other pistols use. Plus, .380 ammo is more expensive and less available than 9mm ammo.

Well, following the trend of other manufacturers to crank out slim singe stack 9mm pistols for CCW use (kel-Tec FP9, Taurus 709 slim) Ruger came out with the LC9...a "Goldilocks" size (as Hickock45 put it) between the SR9C and the LCP. As the name implies, it looks to be a lot more similar in form and function to the LCP than the SR9.

Dimension wise it seems to be about 15% - 20% in all areas over the LCP..length, heigth, width and weight. I guess my decision to "upgrade" to a 9mm pocket pistol..the LC9 in particular..will depend on how much bigger I perceive it to be to carry (the LCP at 10 ounces is a breeze to carry in short pockets in the summer, while the 17 ounce LC9 may be more cumbersome) if I can get my hands on one and also if I can get rid of my LCP for a good price. And I still have that G26 on the way as well....

In the meantime I am going to enjoy Hickcok45 shooting the one he got sent for T&E (testing and evaluation) from Ruger. Wonder if I am big enough to warrant getting a T&E pistol sent to me...hmmmm......

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