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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glock Beavertail...update!

Found a video on YouTube taken at the SHOT show...in it at 0:20 you can clearly hear the question asked if they will have the beavertail backstrap for the G26 and the Glock rep saying that it will be available for ALL Gen4 pistols!



Rod Jr. said...

It looks amazing with that new beavertail backstrap!! Would you be able to give me an estimate as to when this feature will be available? I've been very interested in a glock 21 gen 4 with this backstrap but have no idea as to where and when it may be available. Any response would be much appreciated :)

Huey said...

I have not heard or seen anything further on this. Another company, Grip Force Adapters, out of my home state here of Ohio does make a beavertail adapter for the Glock that works pretty good...got them on the G19 and G34...matter of fact, I started a post on them a long time ago I never finished! Thanks for the reminder! Review in a few days on these... http://gripforceproducts.com/