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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glock beavertail

Over at The Firearm Blog there is an article about a beaver tail back strap that Glock is going to be making available for its Gen4 pistols. It will replace the regular medium and large sized replaceable back straps and give the shooter a longer frame extension to protect their hands from slide bite. I have never been bitten by the slide recoil of a Glock, but I am sure there is somebody out there with meat hooks much larger than mine that will appreciate this. I think that these look pretty cool. I doubt that they will make them for the G26 (which I will soon be an owner of) out of the gate, fut for what I think they will probably charge for these I just may have to buy one for Kev's G17 just to take it for a spin.

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Mark said...

Something about that makes the gun much more attractive to me... don't know what it is.