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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friendly fire….isn’t

sm_Finger_On_TriggerStory below.  Columbus police officer shoots his partner with a shotgun while exiting a vehicle during a drug raid.  Which of the cardinal rules was violated, don’t know…and I don’t care.  The shooting is being investigated by CPD, and that is not me.  What is important to take from here is that a ND can happen to anyone, not matter if you are a new recreations shooter in his first trip to a range, a special forces soldier assaulting a Talibastard camp in the Hindu Kush…or a 20 year CPD veteran conducting the same procedure you have done over and over….

It can happen to you…the only true safety is between your ears.  Practice the 4 rules daily whenever you handle a weapon, not matter the circumstance.

Luckily it appears that Officer Mourne’s wounds are not life threatening.  I wish both officers well.



Police veteran hospitalized after being shot by fellow officer

Thursday, February 24, 2011  04:06 PM

By Theodore Decker  The Columbus Dispatch

A Columbus police sergeant is recovering after he was shot in the leg last night by another officer during a drug investigation.

Sgt. Michael Mourne was taken to Ohio State University Medical Center following the 6:19 p.m. shooting on the North Side.

Mourne and other members of the Police Division's Investigative and Tactical Unit (IN/TAC) were serving a search warrant at a home at 2437 Parkwood Ave. As the unit's entry team jumped from their vehicle to hit the house, team member Stephen Lazar unintentionally fired his shotgun, striking Mourne.

Mourne, 50, remains hospitalized but could be released in several days if his recovery goes well, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Police Division spokesman.

Lazar, 44, remains on assignment with the tactical unit but can take "as much time as he needs" before returning to duty, Weiner said. Both men have been with the Police Division for 20 years.

Weiner called the friendly-fire incident "very rare."

He said the shooting will be investigated like any other police-involved shooting. The completed investigation by senior homicide detectives will be forwarded to the chain of command for review.

IN/TAC officers conduct street-level drug investigations and make high-risk narcotics raids. In 2008, two team members were shot and seriously wounded as they battered down the door of a Near East Side drug house.

Officers Anthony Garrison and John Gillis recovered and have since returned to the unit, Weiner said. Two men were sentenced to prison for the assaults.

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