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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Firing a pocket pistol....from a pocket!

Since I am still thinking about the entire LCP vs. S&W Bodyguard thing again, I found something else to wonder about. These small caliber, compact pistols are often called "pocket pistols", "pocket rockets", "mouse guns" or similar. As their name implies many of these pistols are designed to be carried hidden in the pocket of the bearer.

But can you shoot them from in there? Surely at least one shot will function before any type of mechanical malfunction due to the confines and fabric of the pocket, but how about that second or third shot? Would they work?

Well, luckily for my curiosity I remembered I had seen this tested somewhere and found it. Carteach0 has actually taken the time to do some hands on testing firing different pocket pistols from actual jeans pockets and was kind enough to video tape the results.
As I would expect a revolver with a shrouded hammer would be the most reliable as there are few moving parts other than the cylinder or no exposed hammer to snag.

we have a winner...

One thing I would like to see are chronograph results or ballistic gel tests from rounds that have to pass through jeans that close to the muzzle to see how much energy is lost during this type of firing, if any. But hell, if I want that data so damn bad I guess I can get of my lazy butt and do the tests myself!

I often carry my LCP (just fyi, Carteach0's review of the LCP is here) because its just so damn small and easy to carry and conceal. I have often thought about the difficulties of actually getting off that first shot in the general direction accurately from my pocket while dealing with the pocket holster (ALL of my carry methods include a holster with a shielded trigger guard area). I have decided that its better for me to concentrate on getting a good clearance of the pistol from concealment and getting of a first shot using the Crimson Trace aiming laser instead. Just makes more sense.

If you want to read some good articles on small pistols check out Mouseguns.com. They may not be the biggest, but a small pocket pistol in .32 or .380 or even .22 on you is better than a .454 Casull sitting in a safe at home.

Carteach0 has a great blog with some interesting stuff, worth your time to look it over. Again, another person with a training range I could only wish of having in my current location.

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