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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does your shooting enjoy the support of your spouse? (new poll)

Hey, came across this video while just scanning YouTube called “why I DON’T carry a Glock”.  I started to watch it and expected to hear somebody talk about how Glocks were crap or unsafe or whatever and was ready to unleash hell on them (in the form of a strongly worded comment)…but then it happened…the guy went funny with it…with his wife!!  Hilarious!!

It got me thinking.  I am lucky enough to have a wife that, while not liking guns herself, tolerates my ownership and interest in them.  She allows me to spend time away from my family for the range and the occasional overnight trip to some event.  She even is fairly tolerant of the fact that I spend some money on this as well.  I got a lot of respect for her and her tolerance.  Now I know a lot of shooters have spouses that go from one extreme to another, which is yours? 

Since I haven’t had one in a while I decided to make a poll for the blog, please contribute one vote only.  And yes..girlfriend/boyfriends or any other “significant others” count as well…

Poll up until April 1st….

reba tremors..

you know what they say…the couple that shoots together….um…well…shoots together I guess…


Thernlund said...

While she doesn't shoot much, my wife does have a couple guns of her own. She's also bought me guns on at least two occasions, and I bought her one, I think it was Mother's Day, a few years ago.

We don't share finances, so as to spending money on guns, so long as the bills are paid, neither of us has much say in what the other spends money on.

Raptor said...

Don't have a spouse, but I voted "it's me or the gun..." because of my parents. Mama and Papa Raptor have laid down the law: I can own a gun, and I can live in their home. I just can't do both at the same time. And since I can't afford a place of my own... *goes into the corner and cries softly*

Huey said...

ah, Raptor...sad, sad story...rent a storage locker and keep them locked in there in a safe maybe? Also good way to keep too much of your stuff from getting into Ma and Pa's place and make it easier to leave later?

The Zombie Hunter said...

I am fortunate enough to have helped improved my wife's view on my hobby from "hides your guns when you aren't looking" to a comfy "Leaves me be as long as I take care of them".

It took a couple years, but I'm a patient guy.

Huey said...

@TZH, pretty much same story here..

Mark said...

My wife hates guns but she's slowly realizing that guns only do what you make them do. Every day that I don't blow off an appendage I think she gets a little more comfortable.

Don't know that I'll ever get her to the point where she wants her own or wants to go to the range but she's comfortable with me having them and she let me show her how to work the shotgun in case of emergency. That's good enough for now.