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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another thing that World War Z has going for it to become a movie…


Max Brooks

 World War Z is the one book that I have read over the past year that I still keep coming back to.  I have read that it is still in the pre-production phase of development with Brad Pitts production company and hopefully we will start seeing trailers for it soon.   What I did not realize was that the author of it and The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks, is the son of none other than legendary funny man Mel Brooks!!  I never made that connection based upon the subject material.  Think of it, the same gene pool that brought us Blazing Saddles, History of the World – Part 1 and Young Frankenstein also brought us one of the most seminal works on the zombie subject of recent years.  I hope his family lineage can bring some mojo to the table to get this done…and done right…

I hope they can create a kick ass rifle to represent the Standard Infantry Rifle (SIR…as in “YES SIR!”) used by the new US armed forces to fight the zombie hordes.  Its a wooden, semi-auto 5.56 weapon meant to engage the masses of slow moving zombie hordes for hours on end without stopping.  It is supposed to be as accurate as an M1A and reliable as a AK.  It also has a spike bayonet on it for close in work.  It fires a unique round called a PIE round (Pyrotechnically Initiated Explosive) that is round that sounds like it is a jacketed round that is designed to fragment once through the skull and explode, killing the zombie instantly.  It also is described as making their eyes glow upon impact at dark from the explosion inside their head…that should be a cool treat for the special effects guys to have fun with.


As a basis for the SIR….hmmmmm…there are a lot of people out there using those custom gun generators to make their own interpretations…but for me…I would stick to something like a modified MKIII SMLE with the full length stock, modify it to fire semi-somehow, add a SKS style spike bayonet and top it off with some type of ACOG type site… The rifle is supposed to be reminiscent of a WW2 rifle with the wood stock (after the fall of the majority of US society manufacturing and design apparently take a step back from polymer wonder weapons), the general population would not recognize a SMLE these days and its just a cool rifle to boot.



SMLE The future SIR Rifle for WWZ?? Top it with an ACOG and add a spike bayonet and I’m convinced…..

In addition I also hope they get some decent actors.  I mean some good ones, not just popular…I showed this video here before but I think this guy just nails this chapter of the book describing the chaos in parts of India during the initial outbreak and panic.


The Zombie Hunter said...

the audiobook production of World War Z was also pretty darn good

crossing all fingers and toes for a great film!

15wongnh1 said...

I love your idea-the SMLE is my favourite rifle of all time, and I would definitely use one!

I would also use the M1 Carbine, but I wouldn't really recommend it as an all-purpose zombie rifle.