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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The A-Team movie……where do I start?

Watched the A-Team movie today with the family….hmmmmm…yeah.  OK flick I guess.  Another of those flicks where you just need to turn the “realism” portion of your brain off and just sit back and enjoy it.  But wow, some of the blatant goofs about weapons and the military were just hard to look past for me I don’t expect to have the military displayed any more accurately than anything else in movies (like how weather scientists are portrayed in Twister or oil well drillers in Armageddon), but yeah…a basic level or correctness would be nice.  Again, as a “gun nut”  and veteran I am probably more observant of those things than the normal viewer, but even some of these must have seemed strange to non-gun  nut…


Hi! We’re the new guys and we just make it up as we go along!


  • In the beginning Hannibal is being beat up by corrupt Mexican officials who then try to shoot him with his own gun.  The gun is found to not have a firing pin installed.  Long story short, Hannibal is shown to have the firing pin on him, which he uses to pick his handcuffs and then drops in in behind the hammer of the pistol (a 1911) with the pistol fully assembled. Um….doesn’t work like that .
  • Jennifier Biehl’s character, Sosa, is a MP 1LT but is able to order domestic surveillance, travel internationally doing investigations on foreign soil while carrying a weapon, cut deals as a prosecutor….all as a 1LT. 
  • Whatever FOB depicted in the Baghdad scene is shown packed with troops almost elbow-to-elbow with no hardened structures….nice targets for a mortar don’t you think
  • The “team” is always talking about being “Rangers” but are obviously SF types in the film….Rangers are highly trained infantry units that while sometimes tasked to do small missions generally are deployed as “shock” troops for initial assaults for things such as airport seizure, landings or deep patrolling and assaults. Special Forces unit are highly trained unconventional units that generally operated in either single or groups of 12 man “A Teams” (actually called Operational Detachment Alpha teams, or ODA….ie. ODA 815).  While both types of units may have members that have been in the other type of unit..their missions are generally very different.
  • If it were the Rangers, the 75th Ranger Regiment is just that, a REGIMENT.  As such its highest ranking individual is the Regiment Commander, a Colonel.  Therefore Hannibal would of have to been the Units Commander running around Mexico by himself looking for corrupt officials…or whatever they hell they were doing down there at the beginning of the movie..
  • A good majority of the soldiers shown wearing ACU type uniforms are shown walking around with the mandarin collar in the closed position…the collar was designed to be work like that while wearing body armor as to not chafe the neck with the stiff collar of the IBA…nobody wears it up at any other time.
  • Walking up to the C130 that they steal they refer to the pilots as being in the Army too…even though they are wearing Air Force caps and the Army doesn’t have its own airlift assets.   Speaking of this scene, Murdock seems to be able to go from being a rotary wind to to a fixed wing pilot at will…very unusual.
  • The US Disciplinary Barracks are in Ft. Leavenworth, KS….not Ft. Carson, CO  (everyone knows that).
  • The tank that was being transported had its M2 .50 loaded while being readied to ship…. boy, that is wrong in so many ways in real life…also they are not dropped as shown in the film, nothing that big can be slowed down by parachutes as shown…they are loaded on special pallets that are dragged off the back of the aircraft flying low over an area..
  • More uniform discrepancies….everyone wears CIB’s whether in theater or not or infantry or not…..General Officers wearing branch insignia at the trial (there are called general officers because at that level they are supposed to be branch non-specific)……so many things wrong with class A uniforms in the same trial scene…ribbons…awards…everyone is a triple ladder including the pilot….berets look like crap….they wouldn’t remove your rank at a trial like that…

I know…I know…this is being anal as hell…but again, I am sure over at somebody’s martial arts blog they examine and rip every Kung Fu movie ever made.   Like the old saying goes “its never minor surgery when its you under the knife”…when the folks in Hollyweird mess up the details of your passion you just take notice..

Otherwise, it was a fairly enjoyable movie even thought the plot was patchy and the moved along kind of slow at parts.  I wouldn’t rush out to rent it but if it was on Netflix or HBO I would make time to watch it.


Don’t worry new guys…we didn’t get any closer to reality than you did in our time….and we didn’t actually get to kill people either!

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