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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Would you trust your money to these people?...I do

This pic popped up on a facebook page recently..

Its none other than Luke Adams and his wife who run Adams Holsters, and Joe Chetwood who is the co-founder of Crusader Weaponry at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week.

Once again, I don't get compensated for promoting these companies, I just plain like their wares. And when I find a company that makes good stuff, puts the customer first and are good folk to boot I just have to let people know about it.

Adam's Holsters make the excellent Texas holster that I have been using over the past months to carry my Glock 19 around in. It is comfortable as hell and getting better and softer the more I use it to boot. If you need a quality holster that won't break the bank and is hand made by someone who not only makes, but uses their own product, Luke is your man.

Crusader Weaponry I rely on to provide me with some of the slickest stuff on Earth...SLIPSTREAM! I have raved about this stuff before...for those who missed it, here is the condesed version....LIQUID AWESOME! I am currently getting the bolt carrier group and buffer group for my AR done up with their permanent basic rifle treatment...a post with video on that later! And remember, you can click on the link on the right side of the blog to purchase some Slipstream to send to our troops overseas too!

Again, I don't make a dime promoting these folks, just good companies deserve recognition. This is my version of "think globally, act locally" even if neither of these guys have companies near Ohio (although Luke and his wife live part of the year in "that state up North"). Why give my money to people and companies I don't know a bit of info about, when I can deal with the OWNERS of these two companies and get superior products to boot? Even Forrest Gump could figure that one out...(btw, did you know the kid that play young Forrest in that movie is an OIF vet? no kidding, post for another day!)

"GUMP!! Why did you put that weapon together so fast!!"...."because I had Slipstream on it Drill sergeant!!"


Raptor said...

Don't forget that Crusader also makes custom, hand-assembled AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.

(Before the FCC jumps on me, I'm not affiliated with Crusader either, nor do I get any money from them.)

Huey said...

that they do...unfortunately my budget is more in the line of buying a $12 bottle of oil to review and not a $1500 custom rifle type of cash flow model...:-)

Anonymous said...

Much thanks Huey.