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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well I’ll be…The Judge finds a use for itself in my book….

The other day I ran a post about S&W coming out with a .410 gauge pistol to compete head to head with the Taurus Judge…

In the article I stated my rather blatant disdain for these types of pistols saying “…personally to me these are niche weapons that I find very little use for.”

Well, I now retract that statement. It seems if you find your daughters boyfriend beating on your daughter apparently this is the perfect thing for peppering his groin with birdshot pellets!!

william Russel Angry father shoots man in groin, uses 'The Judge'

Details of the story seem to indicate there is some family friction going on there…don’t want to get into that here. What I do want to point out is to support my original point about the somewhat limited effectiveness of this type of weapon is the fact this guy took a load of bird shot to the GROIN and yet…well. let me quote this…

“A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy investigating a noise complaint near Ridge Drive heard people screaming and saw a male and a female running toward him. The victim, Randall Carter, who was bleeding from the groin area, screamed that he’d been shot”

Yeah, that’s right, he gets his yam bag area peppered with bird shot and is still walking around. Hmmm, if I need to shoot somebody (and it looks pretty clear that calling this a justifiable shooting is going to be REAL tough) I don’t want them really running around and doing stuff like…well, shooting back at me or shoving a knife in my chest or something like that. A real 20 or 12 gauge with 00 buck to the groin would probably eliminate this little walking around problem. Hey the .410 is a round that starts with a “4”, it is better than nothing at all, yes I will give it that. A full load at point blank will give someone something to think about..maybe even make them sit down and rethink their evil ways (especially if they are birds)…..or they may run off grab a real gun and shoot you. Yes, I know there are self defense rounds for it..but a lot of Taurus’ advertising has been built around showing bright, colorful splash patterns on shoot-n-see targets using bird shot..so a lot of people have taken to using that stuff.

taurus judge birdshot WHAT?!!? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!! I JUST FIRED 2 .410 BIRDSHOT ROUNDS IN MY CAR…..OOOOH! LOOK PRETTY COLORS!!! That’s Dick Metcalf in the vehicle.. I generally love his articles..this is just one case in which our opinions differ.

Hell, back in 2009 a 5 year old kid in Texan even took out an 800 pound alligator with a lucky shot in the eye with a .410 (the article doesn’t directly state that but it was all over the net when it happened that a .410 was what he had…hell, he was only 5!). But then again, that’s Texas. A lot of folk down there can kill some wildlife just by throwing rounds at them without a firearm…its just like that down there.

From reading the article all I can say is the guy was lucky the dad didn’t have that .45 long colt under the hammer on that first shot..one of those to the thigh or groin will definitely ruin your pants and your day.

Well, the inner 12 year old in me can’t resist the juvenile humor in somebody being shot in the ‘nards and living to tell about it….I mean, seriously if somebody shot me in the groin I hope it would bring joy to someone..of course they would have to use 00 buck or sabot slugs really affect me..but that’s a post for an entirely different blog..

Ow! my balls form the move Idiocracy

and since we have breached the world of juvenile locker room humor, here’s Beavis and Butthead commenting on one of my favorite heavy metal songs from the 80’s…Accepts Balls to the Wall!!

he he…I said balls….

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