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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tag...you're it!... Hi-Point Carbines..

James from over at Hell in a Handbasket posted about Utah adopting the 1911 pistol. I posted commenting on his post and adding some humor and info about Hi-Point firearms. He posted again commenting about mine and saying I missed out mentioning about Hi-Point's pistol caliber carbines. That is correct, I didn't mention them. However I have shot owned and shot them before. Not bad little guns at all.

Here is a pic from waaaay back in the beginning of this blog showing my 4095 carbine along side some other guns..
"The family" sometime in 2008. The only piece of this collection I still have is the Mosin M44.

The Hi-Point carbine in a ugly little beast. It looks like what would happen is Robert DeNiro's face from Raging Bull was turned into a firearm.. ..but just like the character that DeNiro played in that movie..the Hi-Point is a brutally simple and tenacious fighter that shoots what you throw in it and comes back asking for more. Even so, like I said in the comments section of the first post in this exchange, beauty is subjective. I love the look of Glocks even though some 1911 "purists" totally disparage them for their boxy appearance next to their lovely pistols (and that's no bull, 1911's are simply elegant to me). Still with its no-nonsense lines and lack of any protruding parts other than the pistol grip and charging handle, the carbine is actually quite functional. And before you ask...yes the funky stock is quite comfortable and works well. my only fault is that the you do feel that massive bolt coming back to you through it after each shot.

Actually I should mention the classic stock models have those characteristics. Not keeping up on my Hi-Point news, I find now that they offer a more "tactical" stock version that looks every much the part of a "evil black rifle" that mall ninjas on a budget have been craving for. Seriously, I prefer the older look myself.
The nice thing about the 4095 (.40 version) is that it takes the same mags as the .40 pistol. So for under $400 you can get both a pistol and long gun for home defense if you are on a budget and have both compatible magazines and ammo to but for both. I have thought about trying to find a carbine that will shoot mags from my Glock, but the only option in my price range would be the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 which is pretty nice, but after shooting one this fall I found it has a tendency to spit brass into the face of those of us who have to shoot left handed. Oh well, guess I will stick to the AR.

Now some may ask what is the point shooting a round from a larger carbine that you can fire from a smaller pistol sized package. Good question. The answer is that since the longer barrel allows the propellant to burn more completely before the round leaves the gun that you get better ballistic performance out of the round. .40 and 9mm rounds will shoot more like lower end loadings for 10mm and .357 rounds respectively. This means getting hit with a 9mm at a50 yards from high point will be like taking a .380 round at point blank range. Plenty of power and distance for home defense.

Now to many folks the carbine to get is the 9mm 995 model. Reason being is that you can swap out the normally "classic" stock and opt for an after market stock from ATI and make your 995 look like the more expensive Beretta CX4 Storm carbine which sells for about $800 compared to $225 for the Hi-Point. ZING!
The 995 carbine outfitted with the ATI stock...

..another pic of the Hi-Point...no, wait...OK, yes..this is the Beretta CX4 here..."almost" couldn't tell them apart...

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