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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
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Monday, January 31, 2011

More college grads joining the military

From an article in the Columbus Dispatch...More College Grads Joining The Military

Apparently a lot of folks with college degrees are joining the military..

I have always found that the folks that make up the military are, generally, much more intelligent than the public gives them credit for. Maybe its been the perception of the "grunt" in peoples minds from before my time that has caused this, but I find it to be untrue. Surprisingly, to be effective in the infantry a soldier needs to be able to multi task at a high level and combine both individual and collective tasks in order to accomplish mission.

This trend does not surprise me, not with the current economic climate in this country.

For many, the American dream is changing. We teach our kids that a higher education is the way to a better life, yet many of the schools we send them to do not prepare them for the realities of what life has to offer. Having recently completed my college education at an "advanced" age I can say I have seen a recent glimpse into the state of higher education today.

Lets look at the guy in the article, Ben. He has a degree with a dual major of "Political Science" and "communications", both valid degree options, mind you. He wants to be an "educational ranger" or possibly a "political journalist". Not leaving a whole lot of room there for reality to put you somewhere that you might actually find employment. Don't get me wrong, both of those jobs sound great, but really do you graduate from college at 22 - 24 with no real practical experience in either field and expect to get employment in a obscure field with limited developmental entry positions?

Also, many of our degree programs are tailored towards a service based economy, which is what this country as shifted too after being manufacturing giants for the early to mid part of this century. That's great, but eventually there will only be a finite need for so many insurance agents or marketing consultants when there is no one left to sell merchandise to in this country because our traditional middle class spending base from manufacturing has moved overseas.

Sooner or later this country needs to restore the notion that skilled labor is as valuable to our economy as entire schools worth of engineers and scientists. Now those folks are very important in their own right and we need to be producing more of them too. But until a welder, machinist, electrician or carpenter can actually bring to life what the engineer envisions the creative process is only one sided.

So to our educational system I say lets go ahead and get a plan together to produce young men and women ready to face the challenge of rebuilding our economy. No, not everyone needs to be a college graduate or a surgeon. What they need is realistic vocational guidance and training to prepare them for the reality of our economy.

As for the new wave of overly educated men and women headed to basic training just remember..this isn't school as you know it...those guys and gals with the funny hats screaming at you are not professors but professional soldiers training you to survive combat...there is nothing to gain by arguing the merit of an activity with a drill sergeant...your peers don't care how much schooling you have...suck it up and man up and you will do fine..

and btw, with this post the month of January 2011 becomes the most prolific month of posting in this blogs history...yay!

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