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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love my readers...

Seriously, most of you are great...

Last April I posted about picking up my M1 Garnad rifle from CMP. In the post I remarked that there was a sticker on the stock (that has since fallen off) with Greek writing (the rifles were returned from Greece) and wondered what it meant...

Its all Greek to me..

Yesterday I received the following comment to the post..

“Raf said...
Goodday from Greece,

the white stamp on the stock, contains the Name and Surname of a woman (??) ..maybe it was issued to a female soldier.

Also CMP really cleared out everything... :)

Next stop South Korea depots... “


Wow, Raf in Greece chimes in out of nowhere with an answer….

I wonder if the soldier that it was issued to would ever come across this post?  I have read stories of people that have bought surplus Swiss K-31 rifles that had the soldiers name on a tag under the butt plate and have contacted them about the rifle.  What are the chances of getting that soldier to comment. Now THAT would certainly be interesting!!  (especially if she looked like the following…)


and btw Greece, thanks for being the bread basket for Western European philosophy and culture!

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