2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I just realized today I own a murder machine!!

Or at least that's what some people are calling it....

Went to disarm myself before getting out of my truck this morning (can't carry at work) and was about to lock up my Glock 19 when it struck me....its a murder machine...

Caution! Murder machine...and just so you know it was checked and cleared before I took the pic.

Yep, thats what its being called. A murder machine by folks "over on the other side of the isle" It was the pistol used in the Arizona shootings as well as the Virginia Tech Shootings. Not to make light of those tragedies, but I wonder if both shooters drove Hondas? I mean, the Honda Civic and Accord are constantly two of the highest selling cars in America (made right here in Ohio by my brother btw!) so it would make sense that there would be good chance that they drove one right? Well, the Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols to purchase with hundreds sold each day (along with thousands of other Glock pistols) so to me it makes sense that it might be a weapon used by a madman like this.

Matter of fact, it is so effective it is one of the primary weapons of the NYPD..as shown in the movie The other Guys...but why would the good Mayor Bloomberg arm his police force with murder machines?

For the last time my name is Mark Wahlberg...I swear to God if you call me Marky Mark one more time and ask where the Funky Bunch is at I am gonna' pop a cap in yo' ass with my murder machine!!

The "good folks" over at the Violence Policy Letter put together a "backgrounder"(?) on the Glock 19 using commonly found promotional material from Glock, commonly found statistics and some horrible add print from gun rags to show how sinister the Glock 19 is...click on the silly clown to view it..

The same qualities that make it "evil" and "sinister"to the media are the same points that I like when choosing a CCW pistol..

  • Concealable
  • Light weight
  • Large magazine capacity (although media outlets are making it seem like each pistol comes with a 33 round magazine like the one used in the shooting....I got one btw...just saying)
  • "Powerful" cartridge - how many times are you going to see that in print about the 9mm?
  • "Rapid firing"/"Automatic"/"fires as fast as you pull the trigger" - yeah, all that too...what they don't tell you is that the 9mm round in the Glock shoots pretty soft so you get back on target quickly...important in a self defense situation.
Now I find myself in a quandary...I don't know whether I should be abhorred that I own a weapon of mass destruction or proud that I own one of the most kick ass pistols on the planet?

"What should I do?"

Pundits of the anti-2A crowd are shouting this is just another example of how the 2nd Amendment is outdated and needs to be revoked. They say it was intended to use in a time when the country was vulnerable and local militias were needed..we don't need those now with a professional Army and police force they say. I guess I could argue we don't need that pesky 1st Amendment either...I mean it was designed to promote free thought in a young country just starting out and creating its own identity and values. We're 235 years old now..the government should be smart enough to tell us what to think, right? Wrong, that's part of the reason that the 2nd Amendment is right behind the first, your right to self defense is your safeguard against your other liberties being taken away.

Look, both those shooting with the Glock were pure insanity. Pure and simple. What I want to know is why this stuff is happening now. I mean, we have always been a nation of gun owners yet no random gun violence like this has existed much before the middle of this century. Even in the "Wild West" murders were much less common that people (and Hollywierd) would have you think. Why don't we look at that? Jared Loughner should have not been able to buy a pistol with his history of mental illness. Maybe we should be concerned why nobody ever got him the help he needed.

Let's be real though, Loughner just provided another straw man argument for both sides to use ad nauseum. The pro 2A folks (myself included) will tell you that this is not how a responsible gun owner acts and that the person, not the gun, is responsible for the tragedy and to leave our rights alone. The anti crowd will continue to spout how this could have been avoided if there were no guns to be had to begin with (would it make them feel better if he attacked her with a sword? - sorry, couldn't resist). Truth is, I don't think either of our sides has the correct answer as to how to avoid these tragedies in the future, otherwise we wouldn't have had this one recently like we did.

What's the answer...beats the hell out of me...give up my freedom or give up my safety...hmmm...a wise man named Ben once said (paraphrased) that somebody who gives up freedom for security gains nor deserves either...

I just think its part humorous, part irritating that the media can continue to portray guns as evil object of destruction while ignoring the human factor attached to them, while at the same time playing up that human weakness that caused the shootings as being partially at fault of the gun.

Once again, I pray for the recovery of Congresswoman Giffords and for the families of all the victims of the senseless violence in Arizona.

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