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Monday, January 3, 2011

I couldn’t resist…

Look what I got in the mail today….


…a 33 round 9mm mag for Glock pistols.  I am such the Glock fan boy…guilty as charged! This is the mag that was designed for the Fully Auto capable G18 model

like the one in the below video…


Of course I don’t have one of those…this will just be used as a range toy for the most part…be kind of hard to conceal one of these under a jacket or shirt.

It is actually a 31 round mag with a +2 Glock extension on it to bring it to 33 rounds…


Here it is next to a Glock 15 and 17 round mag for size comparison…


And here it is inserted (empty) into my G34 with Warren Sevigny Tactical Sights and a Insight M3 light….a zombie slayer special….


So yeah, its kind of not-so-practical in a lot of ways…but what fun is a hobby if it isn’t fun at all to begin with!!

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Anonymous said...

Would be curious to hear what you think of it after a trip to the range. Been thinking one of these would look pretty hilarious on my G26.