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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On large AR mags...

Over at The Everyday, No Days Off Gun blog they have a post about Surefire's new 60 and 100 round AR style mags.. here's the vid, the article is linked above..

I will let you take a look at the article, I left the following comment..

"yeah, the 100 rounder looked a bit awkward to me..the 60 rounder better, better yet, lets make a 40 or 50 rounder that doesn’t sacrifice length..that would be sweet…

but lets be real…just showing that you can spray 60 or 100 rounds downrange without reloading has only a limited tactical appeal…suppressive fire is great and thats what your SAW gunners and such are for..the rifleman should be employing aimed shots at targets or short bursts at suspected target locations and not holding down the trigger until the bolt locks back….not taking anything away from the skill of CPL Lin or anything, but the demonstration was for commercial purposes..same as him and the other guys walking on the top of the hill instead of skirting the top using the “military crest” to avoid creating silhouettes and being way to bunched up for that type of terrain…still good product and they seem to be built well…my #1 concern for a mag like this.."

As you can tell I am a bit wary about the concept, not from the standpoint that I question the quality of the product (Surefire is a top notch quality company) but of the usefulness of the concept in some regards. The 100 round mag just looks way too long to be practical. I like the 60 but maybe a shorter 40 or 50 rounder would be ideal.

In the past there have been companies that have tried to use the drum mag concept for the AR with mixed, but generally not good results. As a young PFC I foolishly spent my hard earned money to buy a 100 round drum mag for my AR so I could rock and roll like in the above video (ah the frivolity of youth). The mag was marketed as made with something along the lines of "space age plastics for light weight"..this is back before polymer plastic was the norm. This thing was made with some heavy duty plastic..but regular plastic just the same, like in a toy product. Ever wonder why Russian drum mags for their weapons weigh a ton..because they are (correctly) made out of metal. Anyway, first time in the field I kept this out of sight (1SG was a PITA and hated stuff like this mag..if it wasn't issued you didn't need it!). First chance I got to slap it in during a LTX I did after I went through my first mag of blanks....pulled the trigger.."BANG, BANG, BANG, CLICK!!" (Ok..they were blanks..more like "Pop, Pop, Pop..CLICK!")..damn jam!! Did what any other 19 year old PFC would do...SPORTS..first step..slap the mag to make sure it seated. So slap it I did...and broke the damn thing off right at the bottom of the mag well. As the drum dropped I distinctly remember the remaining 97 or so rounds arching gracefully in the air as they were ejected under the tension of the spring releasing without any mag lips to hold the rounds in. Beautiful sight all that brass glistening in the light like a rainbow.

Then the horror struck...couldn't get the remaining part in the magwell out...my fire team is advancing..I have no way of firing...squad leader comes up and finds me with my weapon shotgunned trying to force the broken piece out...the corpse of the drum mag laying next to me..unfired brass all over...oh the horror...

I just stopped and started doing push ups right then and there.....

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