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Friday, January 28, 2011

Black Wing Shooting Center, Delaware, Ohio

ONN did a great story on Black Wing Shooting Center...this is the place that I am actually a member of (I have a "bird buster" clay membership). It is definitely the "Cadillac" of ranges here in Central Ohio. The prices up there are good, but I can usually get Glocks cheaper at Vance’s since they are a police distributer and I can get that wonderful discount.  Still, in terms of environment I would much rather shop at Black Wing than at Vances.  I am going to head up there in about 3 weeks for a GSSF match as well.

Delaware Shooting Range More Than Just Guns

Thursday, January 27, 2011 11:57 AM


DELAWARE, Ohio — The Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware didn't earn a five-star industry rating for nothing.

From outdoor trap and sporting clays to an indoor pistol range, it is full service, reported ONN's Mark Taylor.

They even offer concealed gun carry classes and shooting lessons for every level of gun enthusiasts.

"We do programs for beginning shooters once a month where a new shooter can come in, have some appetizers, do some practice with a .22 or shoot outside and then we have a full dinner," said Events Coordinator Judy Stadtlander. "It's a nice social kind of a thing."

The programs may be social, but the indoor shooting range is all business. Shooters take their best shots, and hone their skills.

For enthusiast Rick Allen, tracking through the snow at the outdoor sporting clay range is half of the fun. The other half is spending time with friends.

"I'll tell you the great thing about sporting clays is, opposed to shooting trap is, like our guide Dennis says is it's like playing golf with a shot gun," Allen said. "You are out here with your friends socializing, and you never know what's coming out of the next trap."

The new sporting clay range here has 10 stations.

"And this is great training for hunting, if you like shooting rabbits, birds, it's a great place to practice," Allen said.

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