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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Selling guns across state lines is a no-no without a FFL dude...

There always has to be one guy who floats a turd in the punch bowl to ruin it for the rest of us...

Ohioan faces gun-sales charges in Tennessee

Monday, January 31, 2011 10:50 AM

Associated Press

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -- An Ohio man has been indicted on charges he illegally sold more than a dozen firearms to an undercover officer in Tennessee.

According to court documents obtained by the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, 53-year-old Thomas Lee Stetler of Port Clinton, Ohio, faces a charge of illegal interstate transfer of firearms and another charge for doing so while under a restraining order in Ohio.

Bedford County Detective Lt. Brian Farris said Stetler was introduced to an undercover officer in Bedford County and then delivered the guns to the officer earlier this month. Stetler was immediately arrested.

Among the guns taken were shotguns, rifles and a number of revolvers. The newspaper reported Stetler has been released on a $20,000 bond and no court date has been set.

OK, so this guy sells weapons to an undercover BATF agent in Tennessee while a resident of Ohio. No big deal EXCEPT for the fact that he bypassed the FFL requirement AND he was under a restraining order here in Ohio (how that plays in I am not exactly sure but I am pretty certain its some type of Lautenberg rule deal). In the remarks section of the Columbus Dispatch where I found the AP article posted one comment read as follows..

"Ridiculous, how is an individual supposed to know they cant sell a gun just because they are in another state."

Well, knowledge of all applicable firearm laws in your state is a part of being a responsible gun owner, thats how. Plus if this guy was selling that many firearms chances is it wasn't his first time. If you are around that type of activity you will pick up pretty easy that its against the law to do interstate sales without a FFL involved.

I have sold my fair share of guns over the past few years (again, almost never even breaking even on the sale...mostly just to buy yet another gun to review) and I have always verified residency and preferred to deal with CCW holders, who I know have passed a background check to get the CCW ID. I have even walked away from a couple of sales because the "Spidey sense" was tingling. Most people I know operate in the same manner, yet its the few that don't that will cause us a lot of headaches...like this guy.

If this was somebody from Cincinnati selling to an agent in Northern Kentucky I could almost see where maybe some shenanigans might be suspected, such as the BATF agents possibly not fully disclosing where they were and just saying local..but this was different. For those not geographically proficient in Ohio...Port Clinton (where Camp Perry and the NRA National Rifle Matches are held) is clear up on the North Shore of Ohio on Lake Erie...and of course Tennessee is two states South of Ohio on the OPPOSITE BORDER. Maybe this guy was just ignorant of the law...hard lesson to learn this way.

I don't care if you don't think the law is correct..urge your lawmakers to change it. Its still the law and when we stop obeying the law for our own convenience we are scantly any better than those who blatantly break it that we carry to defend against in the first place.

When the sign says "enfored by aircraft" believe it..

I actually have somebody I went to high school with that flies helicopters for the Columbus PD..gotta ask him if they have gone to this extreme yet...maybe on the West side?

More college grads joining the military

From an article in the Columbus Dispatch...More College Grads Joining The Military

Apparently a lot of folks with college degrees are joining the military..

I have always found that the folks that make up the military are, generally, much more intelligent than the public gives them credit for. Maybe its been the perception of the "grunt" in peoples minds from before my time that has caused this, but I find it to be untrue. Surprisingly, to be effective in the infantry a soldier needs to be able to multi task at a high level and combine both individual and collective tasks in order to accomplish mission.

This trend does not surprise me, not with the current economic climate in this country.

For many, the American dream is changing. We teach our kids that a higher education is the way to a better life, yet many of the schools we send them to do not prepare them for the realities of what life has to offer. Having recently completed my college education at an "advanced" age I can say I have seen a recent glimpse into the state of higher education today.

Lets look at the guy in the article, Ben. He has a degree with a dual major of "Political Science" and "communications", both valid degree options, mind you. He wants to be an "educational ranger" or possibly a "political journalist". Not leaving a whole lot of room there for reality to put you somewhere that you might actually find employment. Don't get me wrong, both of those jobs sound great, but really do you graduate from college at 22 - 24 with no real practical experience in either field and expect to get employment in a obscure field with limited developmental entry positions?

Also, many of our degree programs are tailored towards a service based economy, which is what this country as shifted too after being manufacturing giants for the early to mid part of this century. That's great, but eventually there will only be a finite need for so many insurance agents or marketing consultants when there is no one left to sell merchandise to in this country because our traditional middle class spending base from manufacturing has moved overseas.

Sooner or later this country needs to restore the notion that skilled labor is as valuable to our economy as entire schools worth of engineers and scientists. Now those folks are very important in their own right and we need to be producing more of them too. But until a welder, machinist, electrician or carpenter can actually bring to life what the engineer envisions the creative process is only one sided.

So to our educational system I say lets go ahead and get a plan together to produce young men and women ready to face the challenge of rebuilding our economy. No, not everyone needs to be a college graduate or a surgeon. What they need is realistic vocational guidance and training to prepare them for the reality of our economy.

As for the new wave of overly educated men and women headed to basic training just remember..this isn't school as you know it...those guys and gals with the funny hats screaming at you are not professors but professional soldiers training you to survive combat...there is nothing to gain by arguing the merit of an activity with a drill sergeant...your peers don't care how much schooling you have...suck it up and man up and you will do fine..

and btw, with this post the month of January 2011 becomes the most prolific month of posting in this blogs history...yay!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

<sigh>…the caliber debate continues…

OK, the beast rears its ugly head again.  9mm vs. .45…..light & fast vs. big and slow….David vs. Goliath..

On the ride home from the range on Saturday the subject of 9mm vs. .45 was brought up again between Kevin and I.  Kev is a fairly staunch .45 guy while I, while realizing that by all measures that the .45 is a more powerful round, exist with a 9mm gun at my side. I am good with this.  I don’t see myself actually having to draw on anyone that would be any farther than about 15 or 20 feet realistically and at this range the ballistic performance of the 9mm is more than adequate IMHO.  Moreover, Kev stated that he often does not carry based on the fact that his G30 .45 is fairly wide.  In the unlikely chance that you would need to defend yourself, my LCP (which used to be his btw) in .380 in my is a more potent weapon than his .45 at home.  Right now 9mm single-stacked pistols seem to be the “flavor of the moment” in CCW, surpassing the wave of .380 subcompact autos that ruled the roost the past 3 years. 

Back to the main point…I would like to draw your attention to the following, well published, chart showing comparative effectiveness of various handgun rounds in ballistic gel.  Clearly the .45 has a much bigger temporary and permanent wound channel than the 9mm..yet both penetrate to the FBI minimum standard of 12” and the 9mm does look comparable in profile to several other rounds.  On most people it would be difficult to find some area of the body that you would not hit some type of major organ or system within 12” of penetration.

My biggest point of contention, again, with the reputation of the 9mm is that many of the “horror” stories associated with it I bet are with the use of round nose bullets pushed to high speeds.  With a slimmer profile and a lot of energy those rounds will tend to “poke through” tissues rather than slow down and expend their energy in the target.  Modern HP bullet designs will both offer penetration and expansion/energy dump as the chart shows.



Just as a side note…check out that .357 Sig…yikes!


Just as I argued with my post on chaos theory as it applies to firearms, I would not expect ANY round to be a magic bullet that would stop an assailant with a single shot.  Despite this, numbers to point out that a good majority of gunfights are won by the person who gets off the first accurate shot.  And when I say accurate I mean a shot that hits a major organ or disrupts the central nervous system.  Believe it or not, I do spend time down in my “man cave” practicing drawing from a holster with and without a outer garment (always with nothing in the weapon of course) in order to try and assure myself that I can draw as quickly as I need to do and as accurately as I need to be.  Having that extra 3/10 of a second to get your front sight post on center mass of the target before you pull the trigger could be the difference between having to explain your actions to the court or explain them to St. Peter. 

So in this vein of logic, the 9mm does not provide a one hit wonder with stopping power to take down a charging elephant (which a .45 does not either btw). What the 9mm does provide, again IMHO, is ENOUGH power to get the job done in a smaller package which enables me to not only get better control of recoil for follow up shots but pack a few more rounds in the same size magazine compared to a larger caliber.

The 2 rounds I currently use in my weapons is the Winchester 124gr. +P PDX1 round and the Federal 115gr +P+ Hi-Shok round.  Both are hollow point rounds (for those readers in New Jersey those are the evil bullets with a hole in the nose that causes them to “explode”).  Just to leave honesty on the table I found two videos of their relative effectiveness on YouTube, neither seem too favorable…

First the Hi-Shok.  This round has been a favorite 9mm round in Law Enforcement for well over 20 years and has proved itself in many gunfights.  It is one of the preferred 9mm loads by noted expert Massad Ayoob.


Next is the Winchester PDS1 bonded round, this is supposed to be one of the better rounds out there..


Yikes! Neither of those tests looked too comforting, did they? Truth is that testing like this, or like the gelatin chart are really not all that conclusive or comparable to real life results.  Like I said, the Hi-Shok round is very popular in law enforcement and has ended more than its fair share of criminal activities, yet in this test seems to be very fragile…when shot into a barrel of water.  It is even rumored to be one of the rounds capable of inducing the mysterious and legendary “hydrostatic shock” effect (for another post). Despite these videos I will continue to pack the 9mm until I have a better reason not to.  Maybe if I somehow get my dream job of being a globe trotting gun-for-hire and have to start picking off Taliban soldiers at 100 meters with my handgun I will go to a bigger round (can you say 10mm!).

The Lab of the Mad Scientist..

And now some info for those dying to “try this at home”…

OK, maybe you don’t trust the chart above and want to verify the results independently.  Cool, please post and share the info here.  What, you don’t have the money for lab grade ballistic gelatin? Well, thankfully there are several home made recipes available to try.  Here is a link to one such concoction and a video.  The steps between the link and the vid vary slightly, but you should be able to get the general method down.



If its cold out..the guns out..

After seeing the write up and video about Black Wing Shooting center in the news the other day I just had to go shooting.  Took Kev with me and headed up on Saturday for a couple of rounds of trap.  The weather was cloudy but clear with the temperature around 30 degrees (Farenheit).  Well, we sucked!  It had been at least 4 months since we had gone out and it showed.  The place could double there profit on us by going out and collecting the clays we missed and reusing them.  Oh well, both of us vowed to get at it more this spring. 


A couple of cold dudes….

DSCF1712  at least we weren’t the only fools to brave the cold…

DSCF1715  ah man…that’s just teasing us now…


Afterwards we went inside and looked around for a bit.  We found they have changed around the layout of the club quite a bit and now have a “bargain bin” room, at least temporarily.  We found these plastic airsoft guns and couldn’t resist getting stupid with them…

gansta me

me getting as close to “gansta” as I can stomach…

I love my readers...

Seriously, most of you are great...

Last April I posted about picking up my M1 Garnad rifle from CMP. In the post I remarked that there was a sticker on the stock (that has since fallen off) with Greek writing (the rifles were returned from Greece) and wondered what it meant...

Its all Greek to me..

Yesterday I received the following comment to the post..

“Raf said...
Goodday from Greece,

the white stamp on the stock, contains the Name and Surname of a woman (??) ..maybe it was issued to a female soldier.

Also CMP really cleared out everything... :)

Next stop South Korea depots... “


Wow, Raf in Greece chimes in out of nowhere with an answer….

I wonder if the soldier that it was issued to would ever come across this post?  I have read stories of people that have bought surplus Swiss K-31 rifles that had the soldiers name on a tag under the butt plate and have contacted them about the rifle.  What are the chances of getting that soldier to comment. Now THAT would certainly be interesting!!  (especially if she looked like the following…)


and btw Greece, thanks for being the bread basket for Western European philosophy and culture!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Evolution of the 40mm grenade launcher in the Army...


Well, the Army done pissed me off again. The changed the grenade launcher and didn't inform me or ask my advice...the nerve of them...

Last month I posted about the Army needing to start making and using the RPG as a long range anti personnel weapon for distance engagements over in Afghanistan. I mentioned about the 40mm M203 as being inadequate in that post. Well, in reality it does have many uses that it is very good in. It extends the soldiers range much farther than hand thrown grenades. And while the explosive power of the standard HE round is lacking in comparison to the RPG it does have its advantages. When fighting in close up areas you don't necessarily want to shoot large amounts of explosive in close proximity to yourself as not to receive your own shrapnel or cause damage that may impede your progress.

Grenades come in many flavors to include explosive, smoke, incendiary, CS (tear gas), riot control, concussion and even a grenade utilizing the Ghost Chili pepper in use in India.  Of course the grenade we are concentrating on here is the classic explosive fragmentary type.

The are two broad categories of these types of grenades, defensive and offensive. A classic defensive grenade would be the US "Pineapple" grenade of WW1 and WW2 fame, heavy and with a lot of power, it was designed to be used by troops in defensive positions or under cover that could throw it and duck out of its blast. The other type is, of course, the offensive grenade. Smaller with less shrapnel and blast, it is intended to be used by troops advancing rapidly behind it. The German "Potato masher" type grenade was one of these, it only looks big because of the wooden handle used to facilitate throwing it farther (those Germans and their engineering). While the pineapple grenade had an iron body segmented to make big fragments, the German design relied on a thin metal can to produce small fragments and relied on the blast for its effectiveness (later in the war a metal sleeve was fielded to be used over it to produce more fragmentation..result of the vicious fighting in Russia).

potato_masher “And und Hans…ven ve are done making with the war ve will mash potatoes for the potato pancakes…yah….”

Of the two types of grenades, the 40mm HE round most commonly used in the M203 is more of an offensive grenade. It is ideal to use in both open and built up areas for point work against unarmored and lightly armored targets. There are many other rounds that can be fired from a 40mm system to include smoke, WP, Dual Purpose (HEAP), CS, Parachute Flare, buckshot, and "less than lethal" rounds.


And of course in our ongoing war against extremists there have been other developments in offensive weaponry (its a joke, those of you viewing my page from Pakistan – and apparently there are more than a few of you by the stats – please do not take offense)

But how did we get to this point (warning: condensed history lesson to follow)...

Traditionally, grenades have been hand thrown. Ever wonder why so many units in Jolly Olde England are called "Grenadiers"? They were the crazy bastards that would go running across the battlefield with a flaming bomb in their hand and lob it at the enemy. These guys were the elite of their time..they were chosen for their size and their strength, as much was needed to hurl iron bombs at the enemy far enough to harm them and leave the thrower (relatively) unscathed. These were the guys that the girls were looking for down at Ye' Olde Pub after work and war were completed. Today the name is mostly ceremonial but the grandstanding under the title continues I am sure.

Nice hat…

So for quite a while throwing these orbs o’ death was primarily done by hand. Even today hand grenades are still used when fighting is up close and personal.  It helps when clearing a room to toss in a little party favor before entering to help “clear the air” so to speak. 

Here is a picture of US soldiers training for WW1 unleashing what I would call “Doughboy rain”..

As trench warfare went on and static defenses could saturate “no man’s land” with both accurate automatic and sniper fire the concept of sending someone running up to a trench and tossing in a grenade to make way for an advance (a la German Stormtroopers) became less and less a viable option.  Many types of “trench launchers” were developed and tried by both sides with some limited success.  Basically just a small mortar they were not all that mobile..but they did pave the way for more practical developments to follow.

Picture of a French designed grenade launcher that was powered  by compressed air…I believe that is a German soldier using it…

Later on the rifle grenade was developed to extend the reach of the foot soldier to safely employ a grenade a distance from the enemy.  The system used an adapter that fit on the end of a standard infantry rifle and either blanks or ball ammo to launch the grenade to its target after the safety had been removed (of course).  While a vast improvement over having to toss your grenades by hand over long distances these systems still had their disadvantages.  The main one was that while preparing to launch your grenade your primary rifle system (the rifle) was out of commission. Also, due to the fixed amount of energy available to launch the grenade the size of the projectile was limited.  Around the world the concept has not gone away with various countries and organizations creating and improving on existing designs, but for the US military it is pretty much an abandoned concept.

M1 Garand, 1911 by his side, steel pot on his head…grenade launcher ready to go…yeah, this is the REAL infantry here!


So the problem being that the rifle couldn’t be used at the same time as the rifle you would think someone would of thought up a way to attach the launcher to the rifle next, right? Wrong.  They decided to make the grenade launcher its own weapon system so that the gunner didn’t need to be worried about that pesky rifle thing.  Enter the M79 into US service.  It is a pretty awesome launcher in an off itself and performed well in Vietnam in its intended role.  The gunner was usually armed with a .45 for up close threats but could also chamber “buckshot” rounds if needed for defense in the “blooper”.  Many gunners were able to learn the relative “drop” of each type of round at distance and could effectively fire the weapon without the use of sights after a while.  While an effective system in its own right, this did not resolve the issue with losing a rifle in each fire team though.

M79 in Vietnam

In the later stages of Vietnam the military experimented with a grenade launcher that mated with the standard M16 and allowed use of both systems independently.  It was eventually adopted as the M203 grenade launcher in 1969 and has been in service ever since.  Its a single shot, breech loaded launcher that turns a regular M16/M4 into the ultimate in over/under combinations.  The system is aimed either using a rear quadrant sight normally attached to the carrying handle or a pop up leaf style sight that is positioned directly behind the front sight post.  Of the two sighting systems I always preferred the leaf sight as I thought it was quicker to use and the rear sight was a pain and was damaged easily.  Somehow I always “lost” my quadrant sight right after we got in the field and “found” it when we got back into cantonment.


Some “Hollywood” type slinging a M203 under his M16A2 without any type of sight on it for the launcher…yeah, he must be that good.

We did a rotation out at the National Training Center (NTC) once at Ft. Irwin, CA where we got to actually use live rounds on a range.  The range was pretty cool as they had old, broken down vehicles downrange to use as targets.  My “claim to fame” with the 203 came on this range when I was able to hit an old M113 at about 300 meters twice in a row with the launcher.  A voice over the tower said something to the effect “OK lane number 7, you think you’re pretty good…betcha can’t drop one in the top of that track”…next round right in the top of the open troop compartment!!  Pure luck but nobody needed to know that at the time!

OK, but that story doesn’t hold a candle to this next video here (of course my tale happened back in 1989 before everyone and their Mom had a video camera with them 24/7)..impressive take down of a fuel tanker to deprive the insurgents…yeah, its got fuel in it that creates the major part of the explosion (fuel vapor more likely, fuel air explosions are nasty!)…but still good shooting!!


Now it looks like the M203 is being replaced by a new system under the barrel of the M4 called the M320 (tough luck if you’re dsylexic).  It a version of the German made H&K G36 launcher and pretty much is employed the same way as the M203.  The main improvement is since the barrel breech opens to the side of the weapon instead of simply sliding forward as on the M203, that a larger variety of rounds can be used in it as length is not as much a consideration.  Seems pretty cool, but again I wish they had really sought out my guidance before just picking a replacement willy-nilly like….


M320 in service overseas….my grenade launcher is cooler than your grenade launcher…damn, the only thing that troop doesn’t have hanging off of that carbine is an espresso machine…oh, wait, there it is…

Here is a somewhat lengthy video of actual combat in Afghanistan with the M320 being used.



I guess no discussion of the history of grenade launching the US military would be complete without at least mentioning the Mk-19 system.  Basically, its a 40MM GRENADE LAUNCHING MACHINE GUN!  Hellfire incarnate!  Normally too large to be transported by hand and employed, it is primarily found mounted on vehicles and helicopters and in static defensive emplacements on FOBs and outposts. It is an effective area denial and suppression weapon as well as having very good light anti-armor effectiveness as well with the right ammo (the talibastards really don’t use armor unless putting an IBA on a donkey counts).


Want to know what a bad day is like? Imagine your a talibastard on the receiving end of this stuff over on that hillside…

OK, so going back to my original post in December about how does all of this measure up to the RPG….well, in my opinion it doesn’t.  Maybe we don’t need a man portable system right now powerful enough to take out enemy armor (like that donkey thing)…but I think until they can get something to bring a large amount of fragmentary explosive over large distances that an average grunt can carry, I think its a good choice.  Yes, I know about the SMAW and all that…the RPG is simpler and more portable.  Once again, opinions differ so feel free to let me know how messed up my thinking is or whatever.  I post every comment received unless it is a blatant spambot type message (make note, do not put an email address “in the clear” on the blog). 


Friday, January 28, 2011

Black Wing Shooting Center, Delaware, Ohio

ONN did a great story on Black Wing Shooting Center...this is the place that I am actually a member of (I have a "bird buster" clay membership). It is definitely the "Cadillac" of ranges here in Central Ohio. The prices up there are good, but I can usually get Glocks cheaper at Vance’s since they are a police distributer and I can get that wonderful discount.  Still, in terms of environment I would much rather shop at Black Wing than at Vances.  I am going to head up there in about 3 weeks for a GSSF match as well.

Delaware Shooting Range More Than Just Guns

Thursday, January 27, 2011 11:57 AM


DELAWARE, Ohio — The Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware didn't earn a five-star industry rating for nothing.

From outdoor trap and sporting clays to an indoor pistol range, it is full service, reported ONN's Mark Taylor.

They even offer concealed gun carry classes and shooting lessons for every level of gun enthusiasts.

"We do programs for beginning shooters once a month where a new shooter can come in, have some appetizers, do some practice with a .22 or shoot outside and then we have a full dinner," said Events Coordinator Judy Stadtlander. "It's a nice social kind of a thing."

The programs may be social, but the indoor shooting range is all business. Shooters take their best shots, and hone their skills.

For enthusiast Rick Allen, tracking through the snow at the outdoor sporting clay range is half of the fun. The other half is spending time with friends.

"I'll tell you the great thing about sporting clays is, opposed to shooting trap is, like our guide Dennis says is it's like playing golf with a shot gun," Allen said. "You are out here with your friends socializing, and you never know what's coming out of the next trap."

The new sporting clay range here has 10 stations.

"And this is great training for hunting, if you like shooting rabbits, birds, it's a great place to practice," Allen said.

Just another cool WWII era video..Automatic weapons..

Just another cool video from WW2 to watch. The Army actually had its own film studio back then to produce these. The corny acting and predictably "you got the best stuff" outcome is classic. I love this old stuff!!

I actually have a pic here of me holding a M3 .45 "Grease Gun" that appeared in a newspaper article in Napoleon, Ohio when I was in the national guard. We actually had them in out inventory as they were the weapons that were to be assigned to our tracked vehicle recovery operators that drove our M88 recovery vehicles (basically a tracked tow truck for tanks). We even took them to the range and fired them. They worked as advertised. That's me on the far left in a MOPP suit (chemical warfare protective gear).

Tag...you're it!... Hi-Point Carbines..

James from over at Hell in a Handbasket posted about Utah adopting the 1911 pistol. I posted commenting on his post and adding some humor and info about Hi-Point firearms. He posted again commenting about mine and saying I missed out mentioning about Hi-Point's pistol caliber carbines. That is correct, I didn't mention them. However I have shot owned and shot them before. Not bad little guns at all.

Here is a pic from waaaay back in the beginning of this blog showing my 4095 carbine along side some other guns..
"The family" sometime in 2008. The only piece of this collection I still have is the Mosin M44.

The Hi-Point carbine in a ugly little beast. It looks like what would happen is Robert DeNiro's face from Raging Bull was turned into a firearm.. ..but just like the character that DeNiro played in that movie..the Hi-Point is a brutally simple and tenacious fighter that shoots what you throw in it and comes back asking for more. Even so, like I said in the comments section of the first post in this exchange, beauty is subjective. I love the look of Glocks even though some 1911 "purists" totally disparage them for their boxy appearance next to their lovely pistols (and that's no bull, 1911's are simply elegant to me). Still with its no-nonsense lines and lack of any protruding parts other than the pistol grip and charging handle, the carbine is actually quite functional. And before you ask...yes the funky stock is quite comfortable and works well. my only fault is that the you do feel that massive bolt coming back to you through it after each shot.

Actually I should mention the classic stock models have those characteristics. Not keeping up on my Hi-Point news, I find now that they offer a more "tactical" stock version that looks every much the part of a "evil black rifle" that mall ninjas on a budget have been craving for. Seriously, I prefer the older look myself.
The nice thing about the 4095 (.40 version) is that it takes the same mags as the .40 pistol. So for under $400 you can get both a pistol and long gun for home defense if you are on a budget and have both compatible magazines and ammo to but for both. I have thought about trying to find a carbine that will shoot mags from my Glock, but the only option in my price range would be the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 which is pretty nice, but after shooting one this fall I found it has a tendency to spit brass into the face of those of us who have to shoot left handed. Oh well, guess I will stick to the AR.

Now some may ask what is the point shooting a round from a larger carbine that you can fire from a smaller pistol sized package. Good question. The answer is that since the longer barrel allows the propellant to burn more completely before the round leaves the gun that you get better ballistic performance out of the round. .40 and 9mm rounds will shoot more like lower end loadings for 10mm and .357 rounds respectively. This means getting hit with a 9mm at a50 yards from high point will be like taking a .380 round at point blank range. Plenty of power and distance for home defense.

Now to many folks the carbine to get is the 9mm 995 model. Reason being is that you can swap out the normally "classic" stock and opt for an after market stock from ATI and make your 995 look like the more expensive Beretta CX4 Storm carbine which sells for about $800 compared to $225 for the Hi-Point. ZING!
The 995 carbine outfitted with the ATI stock...

..another pic of the Hi-Point...no, wait...OK, yes..this is the Beretta CX4 here..."almost" couldn't tell them apart...

Don't text and drive...or suicide bomb for that that matter...

I swear sometimes a post just falls into my lap....

Texting and driving is dangerous no doubt. In Delaware county where I live the Sheriff has had a year long awareness campaign going. We have all done it at some point, be honest. My daughter calls me out on it anytime I even think about looking at my phone in the truck. Its a dangerous that has cost lives so we need to stop doing it people...
Suicide bombing is also a dangerous activity that has cost hundreds of US military and thousands of civilian lives in the war on terror. This form of terrorism has been used globally by and enemy that values their life no more so than their targets lives. Its a horrible, horrible thing and I do not want to make too much light of the situation...but this is too damn funny to pass up...

Actually, below is what I am referring to...

The following cartoon was posted by Powerpoint Ranger this morning (if you've been in the military you will get the inside joke on the mandatory safety briefing)...

Take a look at safety rule #2...

later, at lunch I came across the following news story....

Unexpected text message blows up suicide bomber in safe house

Jan. 27, 2011 (12:15 pm) By: Matthew Humphries

If proof were needed that suicide bombers are not the most intelligent people in the world, then this case in Russia is a perfect example.

A range of triggers can be used for setting off the explosives strapped to a bomber’s body, with cell phones being one of those choices. The bombers don’t work alone, and a handler likes to be in control of the actual detonation in case the person carrying the bomb has a change of heart at the last minute. So a cell phone trigger allows them to watch from a distance while ensuring the blast happens.

A planned detonation was to happen in Red Square, central Moscow on New Year’s Eve. The woman who would be the bomber is thought to be from the same group that successfully bombed Domodedovo International Airport earlier this week.

The mistake the woman and her terror group made was to use an existing active cell phone as the trigger. While preparing her suicide belt at a safe house a few hours before the terrible act was meant to happen, her mobile operator sent her a Happy New Year text. That was enough to trigger the detonation killing her and making a real mess of the house.

It doesn’t look as though anyone else was hurt, and her husband is in jail serving time for being a radical Islamist terrorist. The mistake she made, and the automated text she received, probably saved tens, if not hundreds of lives.

Man, talk about good timing!!

Utah becomes the first state to adopt an official gun...is Ohio next?...I hope not...

Utah is in the process of recognizing the iconic 1911 .45 ACP pistol as its official state firearm. James over at Hell In A Handbasket posted about this the other day but I was already aware as many of the folks on the We The Armed board I frequent are from Utah to begin with.

John Browning was from Utah and designed the 1911 there so its only fitting that it be recognized as a design that is identified with the state. Utah is really pro gun if you haven't picked up on that yet..

I seriously doubt with the social and political climate in Ohio that we would ever seriously be able to even think about naming a state gun.....But if we did it would have to be something designed and built totally in Ohio...hmmmm..that can only mean one thing....
hey, GO BUCKS!!

disclaimer: OK, I am making fun of the Hi-Point reputation. In reality I have no real beef with them. I owned a Hi-Point pistol as one of the first handguns I owned...other then its obviously made cheaply and its ugly...it worked. It would not be the first choice of anyone I know to grab and head off to a gunfight with...but if it is all you can afford its better than nothing. Hi-Point themselves have stated that they make the best gun for the money that they can to provide those on limited means with a way to protect themselves. Getting back to Hell in a Handbasket, James used to run a charity self defense course for people who had been victims of crime. Many were financially on a limited income. A Hi-Point would be a logical choice for these folks. There pistols can be found for around $150 in most places. They even had a booth at the SHOT show (pic below is of the Mad Ogre with one of their pieces ~ George is a proud Utah resident btw).

"Designated Survior"...now thats a clever idea...

Story from the Columbus Dispatch...

As president spoke, Tiberi was stashed

Friday, January 28, 2011 02:52 AM
By Jack Torry

WASHINGTON - Rep. Pat Tiberi was one of the few lawmakers who didn't sit with a Democrat during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday.

But at least Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, had a good excuse: He was selected as one of the House's "designated survivors."

That meant he had to watch the speech on television at what officials called "an undisclosed location."

During the State of the Union, a member of the president's cabinet is named a designated survivor in case of a catastrophic accident inside the chamber. Since 2005, members of the Senate and House also have been sent to undisclosed locations.

So just where was this undisclosed location?

Aides to Tiberi wouldn't say.

It was so secret that, on the day of the speech, only two Tiberi staff members knew he had been picked as a designated survivor.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was the designated survivor for Obama's cabinet.

I remember reading a Tom Clancy book several years ago called Debt of Honor. In it, A group of powerful Japanese businessmen stage an military and economic attack against the U.S. in retaliation for WW2. In the end the US is able to fight back and defeat the Japanese, but a rogue Japanese airline pilot kills his co-pilot and flies his 747 into the capital, killing the president, the SCOTUS and the majority of both congress and the senate. The books main protagonist, Jack Ryan (played best by Harrison Ford in the movies), is then sworn in as President, formerly being the National Security Advisor and the highest surviving ranking member of the government.

Flying aircraft into buildings....doesn't that sound familiar...and published in 1994 none the less.

Wonder where they were at? I doubt that they would use the old standby West Virginia bunker complex that is not a secret anymore...NORAD under Cheyenne Mountain maybe? Nuclear sub? It would have to someplace nobody would ever think of looking for them...maybe the original idea room at Ruger?...ZING!!

Doesn't surprise me that they have gone to a system like this to help protect the continuity of our society and government in case of an horrific incident. It does surprise me that they would openly acknowledge it or that it took them 4 years after 9/11 to implement such a plan.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Bad A$$ed Ghurka!!

"Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali" ("Glory be to the Goddess of War, here come the Gorkhas!")

                                           ~battle cry of the Gurkha warrior

friendly looking chaps…when they aren’t causing carnage on a massive scale to their enemies..


What do you get when you put one Ghurka soldier armed with a khukri on a crowded train with 40 bandits intent on raping an 18 year old girl?

Pure brass cajones badassery...thats what

Check this out……

Lone Nepali Gorkha who subdued 40 train robbers


POKHARA, Jan 13: Gorkha soldiers have long been known the world over for their valor and these khukuri-wielding warriors winning the British many a battle have become folklore.

A retired Indian Gorkha soldier recently revisited those glory days when he thwarted 40 robbers, killing three of them and injuring eight others, with his khukuri during a train journey. He is in line to receive three gallantry awards from the Indian government.

Slave girl Morgiana in the Arabian Nights used her cunning to finish off Ali Baba´s 40 thieves, but Bishnu Shrestha of Baidam, Pokhara-6 did not have time to plot against the 40 train robbers. He, however, made good use of his khukuri to save the chastity of a girl and hundreds of thousands in loot.
Shrestha, who was in the Maurya Express to Gorakhpur from Ranchi on September 2 while returning home following voluntary retirement from the Indian army--saved the girl who was going to be raped by the robbers in front of her hapless parents, and in doing so won plaudits from everybody.
The Indian government is to decorate Shrestha with its Sourya Chakra, Bravery Award and Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Medal and the 35-year-old is leaving for India Saturday to receive the first of the awards on the occasion of India´s Republic Day on January 26.
“The formal announcement of the awards will be made on Republic Day and on Independence Day on August 15,” said Shrestha, whose father Gopal Babu also retired from the same 7/8 Platoon of the Gorkha Regiment around 29 years ago.
His regiment has already given him a cash award of Indian rupees 50,000, and decided to terminate his voluntary retirement. He will get the customary promotion after receiving the medals. The Indian government will also announce a cash bounty for him and special discounts on international air tickets and domestic train tickets.
The band of about 40 robbers, some of whom were travelling as passengers, stopped the train in the Chittaranjan jungles in West Bengal around midnight. Shrestha-- who had boarded the train at Ranchi in Jharkhand, the place of his posting--was in seat no. 47 in coach AC3.
“They started snatching jewelry, cell phones, cash, laptops and other belongings from the passengers,” Shrestha recalled. The soldier had somehow remained a silent spectator amidst the melee, but not for long. He had had enough when the robbers stripped an 18-year-old girl sitting next to him and tried to rape her right in front of her parents. He then took out his khukuri and took on the robbers.
“The girl cried for help, saying ´You are a soldier, please save a sister´,” Shrestha recalled. “I prevented her from being raped, thinking of her as my own sister,” he added. He took one of the robbers under control and then started to attack the others. He said the rest of the robbers fled after he killed three of them with his khukuri and injured eight others.
During the scuffle he received serious blade injury to his left hand while the girl also had a minor cut on her neck. “They had carried out their robbery with swords, blades and pistols. The pistols may have been fake as they didn´t open fire,” he surmised.
The train resumed its journey after some 20 minutes and a horde of media persons and police were present when it reached Chittaranja station. Police arrested the eight injured dacoits and recovered around 400,000 Indian rupees in cash, 40 gold necklaces, 200 cell phones, 40 laptops and other items that the fleeing robbers dropped in the train.
Police escorted Shrestha to the Railways Hospital after the rescued girl told them about his heroic deed. Mainstream Indian media carried the story. The parents of the girl, who was going for her MBBS studies, also announced a cash award of Indian rupees 300,000 for him but he has not met them since.
“Even the veins and arteries in my left hand were slit but the injury has now healed after two months of neurological treatment at the Command Hospital in Kolkata,” he said showing the scar. “Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier; taking on the dacoits in the train was my duty as a human being,” said the Indian army nayak, who has been given two guards during his month-long holidays in Nepal.
“I am proud to be able to prove that a Gorkha soldier with a khukuri is really a handful. I would have been a meek spectator had I not carried that khukuri,” he said.
He still finds it hard to believe that he took on 40 armed robbers alone. “They may have feared that more of my army friends were traveling with me and fled after fighting me for around 20 minutes,” he explained.

Wow…just wow..

The country of Nepal is known for a few cool things…

  • The Dali Lama ( who has stated that if someone was trying to shoot you the logical thing to do would be to shoot them first)
  • Tenzing Norgay – The guy who drug Sir Edmund Hillary up Mount Everest so he could claim to be the first to climb it.
  • The Abominable Snowman
  • Abominable%20Snowman
  • and Gurkhas


Yeah, Gurkhas…these proud warriors have been a staple of the British and then Indian Armies since the mid 1800’s, even after having a little “spat” between 1914-1916 with the British Empire.  While everyone thinks of Gurkhas as a single people, they are actually recruited from several different tribes and ethnic backgrounds from both Nepal and India.  Known for their toughness (many grow up poor in the mountains gaining stoic toughness and self reliance living in the harsh mountainous environment of the Himalayas), loyalty and fighting spirit the mere work Gurkhas can install fear in enemies when they hear that is who in the trench across from them. 

Jar-Jar Gurkha….”yousa gonna die now!”


The characteristic weapon of the Gurkha is his khukri knife.  This large knife is a chopping and slashing masterpiece.  With a forward curved blade and balance that creates a natural pivot point at the pommel when held, it turns a simple flick of the wrist in combination with a proper motion of the arm into devastating carnage.  It has been known to take an enemy’s head with a single blow.  A large version of the knife was used by tribesmen in the sacrifice of a water buffalo in the movie Apocalypse Now (which is an actual live animal decapitation that the studio got hammered with calls to ban in the film by animal rights groups) so it is easy to see how a smaller version would be able to cut through the proportionally smaller diameter of a mans neck.  While many think that this knife is a terrifying tool of war, nothing farther could be from the truth.  The fact is, many of the recruits the Gurkhas get to fill their ranks have used such blades since their youth.  Chopping firewood, digging holes, cutting grass or vegetation or taking the head off or your dinner…all of this is done with a khukri.  It should be noted that the service kukri is a very utilitarian design, not made from expensive steel and provided with 2 smaller knives for skinning small animals, detail work and sharpening the larger blade. 


Tourist grade khukri I picked up in Afghanistan on deployment…the design is used there as well being right next to India.

What got me about this story is the hero’s nonchalant attitude about the whole thing.  He said “They may have feared that more of my army friends were traveling with me and fled after fighting me for around 20 minutes,” ..what the hell did he think they thought his friends were waiting for in order to join in..an invitation?

I look at it like this..if I had been on that train with my G19 in carry mode with 15+1 rounds in the weapon and another 15 in a spare mag and 40 bad guys hopped on my thought would be

“how the hell do I get off here, I’m 9 rounds short”.

This guys thought was probably like

“glad I brought my knife, now I don’t have to worry about running out of bullets!”

So in closing…life is short, don’t piss off a Gurkha!

One cool cruiser…

If you ever find yourself on State Route 33 West of Columbus headed West, you will run into the City of Marysville in about 20 miles.  There is a small finger of the Ohio Valley that was unaffected by glaciers that razed the Western part of the state in the last ice age and snakes up through the area.  It provides some welcome relief to what is otherwise a wide, flat and mostly featureless part of the state. The city is the capital of Union County.  Among other things, Marysville is known as the home of one of the country’s largest auto plants owned by Honda (my brother works there).  In addition they have another factory farther down the road in a town called East Liberty.  They produce the majority of Accord and Civics sold in this country.  When on the roads out there though, its not the Honda’s you need to watch out for…its the Dodges. 

Specifically the Dodge Chargers driven by deputies of the Union County Sheriff’s Department!

I saw this parked in Columbus today (doing what there I don’t know, but it was parked across the street from the city complex which contains the main police department) and was so taken back by not only the car itself but the yellow and grey paint job I just had to take a pic!  I generally do not care for Dodge/Chrystler products but they do have some attractive styling.  

So, needless to say if you happen to see one of these in the rear view mirror with the lights going..no sense trying to run!

sheriff charger

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bruce Willis has a big revolver...

As heavy as the Judge but useful.....(OK, last jab at that Taurus gun)

Styloe by Gorilaaz

Skillcraft qualified...

This would NEVER happen in the Army...

Sigh...unfortunately, yes...this has happened in the past...

This is a "Alt C" (alternate course C) target that is used sometimes in the Army to qualify soldiers on the M4/M16 when a regular pop up range is not available or practical. The targets are placed at 25 meters and scaled to approximate a target silhouette at various ranges from 25 to 300 meters. You get a set amount of time to place 4 rounds in each target combined from various firing positions. The total is you qualification score and is what determines what badge you wear on your dress uniforms. The standards are not that hard to meet. Its sad when people have to resort to a pen to qualify...as in poking holes in the target to improve their score.

Skilcraft is the name used by the Lighthouse Industries for the Blind made black ballpoint pens that the Army buys..everyone used to have one stuck in their BDU's in the loop of cloth at the top of the button placket of their blouse (shirt to you civilians).

The pen is only mightier than the sword if it has "Skilcraft" on the side...

Having done both, I can tell you that the "Rifleman" AQT target qualification for Appleseed is much harder than this. Much harder scoring standards and more positions to master including transitioning and reloading. I have yet to obtain that....but I will try and try again until I get it.

much harder..better training too...

Me want...ME WANT!!

I have decided that the firearm that I am currently saving up for is ....drumroll please...


Glock Gen 4 G26 9mm subcompact!

Yes...another Glock..

I am going to go with the Gen 4 just because I can. Its 9mm which brings it in line with my other 2 Glocks as well. This will probably not totally replace my G19, but but a supplemental piece of the CCW, just like the LCP is.

I was looking at several other firearms to buy, including trying to find an original M1 Carbine to compliment my M1 Garand. The Glock just seems to make more sense.

Going to be a few months before I can get enough cash together to get it. Really helps that Glock is still offering their "First Responder" discount to us Military/LEO/Firefighter/EMS types.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well I’ll be…The Judge finds a use for itself in my book….

The other day I ran a post about S&W coming out with a .410 gauge pistol to compete head to head with the Taurus Judge…

In the article I stated my rather blatant disdain for these types of pistols saying “…personally to me these are niche weapons that I find very little use for.”

Well, I now retract that statement. It seems if you find your daughters boyfriend beating on your daughter apparently this is the perfect thing for peppering his groin with birdshot pellets!!

william Russel Angry father shoots man in groin, uses 'The Judge'

Details of the story seem to indicate there is some family friction going on there…don’t want to get into that here. What I do want to point out is to support my original point about the somewhat limited effectiveness of this type of weapon is the fact this guy took a load of bird shot to the GROIN and yet…well. let me quote this…

“A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy investigating a noise complaint near Ridge Drive heard people screaming and saw a male and a female running toward him. The victim, Randall Carter, who was bleeding from the groin area, screamed that he’d been shot”

Yeah, that’s right, he gets his yam bag area peppered with bird shot and is still walking around. Hmmm, if I need to shoot somebody (and it looks pretty clear that calling this a justifiable shooting is going to be REAL tough) I don’t want them really running around and doing stuff like…well, shooting back at me or shoving a knife in my chest or something like that. A real 20 or 12 gauge with 00 buck to the groin would probably eliminate this little walking around problem. Hey the .410 is a round that starts with a “4”, it is better than nothing at all, yes I will give it that. A full load at point blank will give someone something to think about..maybe even make them sit down and rethink their evil ways (especially if they are birds)…..or they may run off grab a real gun and shoot you. Yes, I know there are self defense rounds for it..but a lot of Taurus’ advertising has been built around showing bright, colorful splash patterns on shoot-n-see targets using bird shot..so a lot of people have taken to using that stuff.

taurus judge birdshot WHAT?!!? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!! I JUST FIRED 2 .410 BIRDSHOT ROUNDS IN MY CAR…..OOOOH! LOOK PRETTY COLORS!!! That’s Dick Metcalf in the vehicle.. I generally love his articles..this is just one case in which our opinions differ.

Hell, back in 2009 a 5 year old kid in Texan even took out an 800 pound alligator with a lucky shot in the eye with a .410 (the article doesn’t directly state that but it was all over the net when it happened that a .410 was what he had…hell, he was only 5!). But then again, that’s Texas. A lot of folk down there can kill some wildlife just by throwing rounds at them without a firearm…its just like that down there.

From reading the article all I can say is the guy was lucky the dad didn’t have that .45 long colt under the hammer on that first shot..one of those to the thigh or groin will definitely ruin your pants and your day.

Well, the inner 12 year old in me can’t resist the juvenile humor in somebody being shot in the ‘nards and living to tell about it….I mean, seriously if somebody shot me in the groin I hope it would bring joy to someone..of course they would have to use 00 buck or sabot slugs really affect me..but that’s a post for an entirely different blog..

Ow! my balls form the move Idiocracy

and since we have breached the world of juvenile locker room humor, here’s Beavis and Butthead commenting on one of my favorite heavy metal songs from the 80’s…Accepts Balls to the Wall!!

he he…I said balls….

Humpty Huey sat on a wall...

2 walls in Afghanistan...coincidence....maybe....maybe not...

First me....Kabul, Afghanistan March 2007 (keep in mind it was cold and I had my winter fat on)

..now CPT Obviouski via Powerpoint Ranger...2010

two totally clueless individuals...on a wall....with mountains...in Afghanistan...

...a coincidence?

I think not!!

(and BTW, be sure to check out Powerpoint Ranger!)