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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ruger LCP update..

I had someone that was nice enough to post another comment on my S&W Bodyguard .380 vs. Ruger LCP post, which has become one the of the most read pages on this blog. Just out of curiosity since it had been such a long time since I looked at it on their website, I checked out the LCP at Ruger's web site.. Lo and behold Ruger is now offering the LCP with the Crimson Trace LG-431 unit already installed as a package. The pistol is called, not surprisingly, the LCP-CT and apparently also comes with an appropriate pocket holster. Obviously they are trying to regain some of the original "cool factor" that came with the launch of the LCP and has since diminished with the introduction of the Bodyguard .380 with its integral laser.

Ruger has the MSRP as $548 on the web site, but one place on line has it for around $450, which is actually a bit higher than what I think you can put the package together yourself in some cases. Still if getting it all at one time is important to you, and you are sold on the merits of the LCP against getting the Bodyguard .380 this may be an attractive option to you.

Ah, just saw that The Firearm Blog reported this back on 12/23, been taking some time off of the net for the holidays so I didn't catch that. Still, it means that this has happened only withing the last few weeks or so.

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